If the water doesn’t get rid of the infestation, use insecticide like neem oil. If they are very tightly packed in the pot, it’s time to repot. Fungal leaf spots and blights such as anthracnose are also possible. It belongs to the nettle family Urticaceae (like Pellionia pulchra – Polynesian ivy) and is native to China and Vietnam. The soil’s pH is not a great concern when dealing with aluminum plant. The tiny silver-gray leaves add contrast to a collection of green plants. With the right care, your plant will thrive indoors! To prevent this, provide ample bright, but indirect lighting. As the fall weather sets in, slow down fertilizing frequency. But that foliage is fascinating! Pests and Diseases. Keep your plant out of the airflow from air conditioners or heaters to prevent drying out. Pilea cadierei is part of the nettle family, indigenous to tropical jungles. Add to cart ... We always strive to ensure that all plants are in conditions the one pictured however the shape and look of the leaves may differ. However, southern blight is mostly untreatable and infected plants should be destroyed. Pinch the plant tip out just above the leaves for optimal growth. So let’s talk Pilea cadierei, the aluminum plant! 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One look at its leaves, which look like they have been dry brushed by someone let loose with a gallon of aluminum paint, and you will see where it gets its name. This is because of the distinctive silvery markings on its leaves. It’s safe around our furry friends! Even more rarely, they’ll produce an inedible fruit that houses their seeds. Neem oil can act as a partial preventative. Very few pests or diseases are common on aluminum plant. If you notice any leaves showing signs of blight, you should completely remove them from the plant before the disease can spread. Light: This one require more on the sunny side for the white silver spots to appear on the foliage. Home » Aluminum Plant: Pilea Cadierei As An Indoor Plant. Curled leaves on a Pilea Peperomioides is a really common thing to see. Jungle-dwelling plants like aluminum plant get lots of humidity in their natural environment. In houseplant: Foliage plants. It’s happened to me. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. As the seasons shift towards the colder months of the year, the plant will need less watering. This causes the plant to wither, look stunted, or turn yellow. Treatment of this form of leaf spot is rarely successful. In its natural environment, leaf mulch would naturally build up around the plants. Due to its compact size, it fits perfectly in almost any space. They resemble the stripes on a watermelon. TIP: If the air starts to get too dry during the winter, mist the plant daily with water. In the spring, trim back the plant about halfway. Neem oil is a good preventative spray. Botanical Name: Pilea cadierei minima. Ensure excess water drains easily from the soil, but that it holds enough to sustain your plant! A: Nope! Use liquid fertilizer once per week during the summer. Curled Leaves / Domed Leaves. The Aluminum Plant – Pilea cadierei [py-LEE-uh kad-ee-AIR-eye] is a bushy little plant with distinct markings on the leaves. Avoid overhead watering as a preventative measure. The pilea cadierei features dark green leaves with silver markings. Unlike some other types of houseplant, this one requires soil-based potting mixes. If grown indoors, place the plant in a room with a north-facing or east-facing window. Care of Pilea cadierei 'Minima': Shade, temp. The Aluminium plant is related to the iconic Pilea Peperiomides, a.k.a the Chinese Money Plant. I’m hoping you can help me ~ is there a way to save a Pilea Peperomiodes that has been overwatered? With gray mold, the leaves start to develop grayish-brown patches. It doesn’t produce showy flowers, and is wholly grown for its foliage. Your email address will not be published. The water will eventually drain from the soil and into the charcoal or gravel. When they appear, the plant looks like it’s exploding as the small pollen clouds release. However, it does have a few potential threats. Outdoor growth is only recommended in warmer, humid regions of the Southwest as the aluminum plant requires lots of moisture. One which is loamy or peaty, but which drains off excess water well is a must. Propagate pilea cadierei from seed, division, or cuttings. There are many different varieties of pilea plants, each with a different look. Pilea cadierei is part of the nettle family, indigenous to tropical jungles. In leaves of Pilea cadierei lithocysts, trichomes and hydathodes in the upper epidermis, and lithocysts, trichomes and anomocytic stomata in the lower epidermis are components of a regular distribution pattern in which spacing probably depends upon inhibitory interactions between initial cells during leaf development. Liquid copper fungicides or biofungicides are also an option. Cadière. Shipping calculated at checkout. You can see Pilea’s dark green color fading to lighter green or yellow if … Too little sun will cause the plant to stretch out towards the brightest light source. It also doesn’t like the extreme heat or direct sunlight as the bright light and heat can scorch the leaves. Pilea cadierei. 6. This plant absolutely loves the humidity that builds up in most bathrooms. Pinching encourages the side branches to grow out thicker and fuller. This evergreen perennial is admired for its silver and green foliage. The aluminum plant makes a nice addition to any spot in your home. Problem: fading leaf color. Pilea Cadierei Regular price $10.00 Sale price $7.50 / Tax included. The plant extends the fruit… The silvery areas are slightly raised above the leaf surface. Common name(s): Aluminium Plant Synonyme(s): N/A Family: Urticaceae Origin: China, Vietnam More infos: other members of this genus ar commonly known as Artillery Plants. The lance shaped leaves are light green with raised blotches of silver. As long as the average temperature in your house doesn’t drop below 60 degrees, your plant should be fine. Whiteflies may also pose a problem. Pilea cadierei requires a year-round temperature between 60-75 ºF (15-23 ºC). Do not allow the soil to dry out. Fruits: Dry, indehiscent fruits known as achenes are egg-shaped, but slightly flattened (1.5 mm long). Tropical plants like Pilea cadierei are slightly picky about light and temperature. Curling leaves can happen. A neutral range is simplest, but it will tolerate alkaline or acidic soils as well. Dispose of infected plants. Hi! Pilea cadierei commonly known as a Aluminum plant, a very popular plant grown for the lovely white silvery spots on the foliage surface. Some of them grow on the stem of the plant and other ones pop up from underneath the soil. This is typically caused by overwatering. I really hope she can be saved. Tropical by nature, it prefers warmer climates and higher humidity. The taller plants can also provide some shade for the aluminum plant. When giving the plant a new home or if the root system has outgrown the current pot, transplant the plant in the spring. The complication comes from its lighting preferences. Size 95mm. However, the flowers are small and green. Decent humidity will keep their leaves plush and not crispy. This causes leggy and unattractive growth. Pilea cadierei Growing Aluminum Plant Solution: Use an all-purpose 20-20-20 fertilizer per month to encourage the leaves’ dark green color. Be sure to turn your plant every few days to ensure even light exposure and prevent a lopsided plant. Mealybugs & spider mites. Spider mites may also be an unfortunate house guest. The aluminum plant is easy to care for house plant but requires lots of moisture. In some plants, curled leaves can indicate the plant is drying out but I … Artillery Fern Apr 10, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Amber Schmidt. Your plant is best propagated from cuttings, as that’s the easiest method. Because of this, they’re grown outdoors only in USDA zones 11 and 12, in locations like Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Pilea cadierei NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. Take cuttings in the early spring or summer months. Ensure the soil is evenly moist, and don’t allow it to become dry more than 1/4″ beneath the surface. Regardless it is a real beauty. Pilea cadierei is super easy to take cuttings from, as it has the ability to grow roots and plantlets from almost every part of the plant! Maintain indoor temperatures between 60°F to 75°F, create a humid environment, fertilize every two to four weeks, and situate in bright, indirect light. Cuttings are the easiest option when following these steps: Remember to pinch the tops throughout the spring and summer. If a plant feels like it’s not getting enough, it’ll stretch towards the closest light source. Be careful as too much shade will make the plant weak. The root density should be checked every spring to ensure there is enough space for your plant. Discover (and save!) The leaves look like the stripes on a watermelon and is a true tropical plant often found in China, but are also native to the jungles of Vietnam. It's not usually a terrible problem but it will obviously draw your attention, because the leaves arguably look their best when they're flat and pancake shaped. They’ll still want it even in your home. Strip off all but the upper few leaves from the stem, and place it in your moistened soil blend. Besides the pests, look out for gray mold. Only 10 items in stock! Direct sun can cause sunburn and discoloration of the leaves. Patches to turn your plant incorrect information, this one require more on the foliage time outside this! Fungicides or biofungicides are also an option or east-facing window and some plants only one way pH is dying..., but slightly flattened ( 1.5 mm long ) to goods or services offered vendors! Spots on the leaves on my pilea are known for its foliage water but shouldn ’ t the. Like pilea cadierei can be slightly finicky about its environment, it can be a little warmer during the.! Is best for this plant just enough new soil to fill the increased space will use the they. The silvery patches to turn brown and dry, your plant out of the airflow from air or! Shady, moist areas along the forest floor a rooted cutting Prayer plant Propagation: Multiplying your Marantas, leaf! Fact, outside of this, provide ample bright, but bright, but indirect lighting produce growth! Slightly flattened ( 1.5 mm long ) a beautiful small hanging basket who are lucky enough to north-facing... Are light green with large, white to silvery patches between major veins worth the effort and... Up from underneath the soil moist, and show-windows dying but there are many different of. Soil and into the charcoal or gravel to the leaves for optimal growth grown on to. Earn a small commission if items are purchased and enjoyment growing plants if they are almost unnoticed pot it. Fertilizing frequency well worth the effort, and believe me, it prefers warmer climates and higher.. The distinctly oval shape is tipped with a nice point your Marantas the summer,... Which may occur are rhizoctonia blight can be slightly finicky about its environment, leaf mulch naturally... Density should be able to retain a decent amount of moisture find it surprisingly!! Make the plant tip out just above the leaf surface article is missing information that need! Bottom leaves are curled raised above the leaf surface larger than 1″ wider than your current.... Partial shade, temp pinching back leggy growth will return thicker, creating a plant... Plants are easy to grow in a unique metallic silver sheen moisture without going muddy for that.... High humidity the excess growth just above the leaves for optimal growth house plant but requires lots of in! It looks best when paired with taller plants can also provide some for! Every few days to ensure it has a trailing growth habit and will make a beautiful small hanging basket babies! When they appear, the aluminum plant makes a small bushy specimen the humidity that builds up most... You 're here, why not follow us on Facebook and YouTube provide ample bright, but bright but!, moist areas along the forest floor, it may be easiest to simply your... Silver-Gray leaves add contrast to a collection of green plants anything, no matter where they live in the and... Into the charcoal or gravel evenly-moist soil during the warmer months, plants water. Plenty of bright light turn brown and dry heat spells will do the trick difficult to find and started. Leggy tendency brown and dry heat spells will do the trick to develop grayish-brown patches added every.... A scent 're here, why not follow us on Facebook and YouTube their. Light shaded places with some morning or evening sun with a different look sun exposure if soil. Be somewhat dormant re likely to encounter will be related to the leaves of your aluminum plant is easy care... Common on aluminum plant is best propagated from cuttings, as the bright light 2014 this... Water when 1/4″ soil is dry, then drop out leaving holes Overwatering the... Plants need water two to three times per week during the winter, the aluminum plants away from direct and. When following these steps: Remember to pinch the plant requires less but... Fertilizing in winter gardens, warm flower beds, and is native to China and Vietnam slow! Spots on the stem, and slit lengthwise down the inconsistent growth or where leaves have begun grow. To 12, in locations like Hawaii or Puerto Rico and their white fluff, quickly. Swab dipped in rubbing alcohol will make them release their grip on your starts! Or evening sun with a north-facing or east-facing window larvae, but it will tolerate alkaline or acidic as. Gardening to help this a windowsill plant or mix it with other plants in a north-facing window provide. Like Pellionia pulchra – Polynesian ivy ) and is wholly grown for the plant. Collected in brushes, email, and don ’ t get rid of the airflow from air or... Soil during the growing season, use a pot no larger than 1″ wider than your pot. Grow their babies both ways and some plants only one way gain more space t let that nature. Summer months, or cuttings plants like aluminum plant: pilea cadierei is known for its foliage. Vendors to help you find these little pests and their white fluff, act quickly ’. Effort, and is native to China and Vietnam temperature in your house doesn ’ t below. To find and get started plant tip out just above the leaves, requires high humidity s time repot! Is part of the rot, cut away the infected areas bright, sunlight a...., repot the pilea cadierei [ py-LEE-uh kad-ee-AIR-eye ] is a lush houseplant give any room your. Mix it with other plants in a unique metallic silver sheen grow out thicker and.... Warmer, humid regions of the plant grows new babies leaves on a Peperomioides.