Apply a total of 2-3 coats, allowing it to dry completely in between each one. Artist grade gel mediums, like Liquitex or Golden, are more durable than craft level Mod Podge. How to Mod Podge Pictures onto Wood. It will scrape off easily, and having running water to help it wash away makes it even easier. What do you think? I attached three pics of it, and I tried to get decent close ups of what’s happening to the design. I came across your blog here just by chance trying to Google search this question I had. I wanted to attach plastic rhinestones to my denture case. Do I need to seal vinyl? There is a large blank portion in the middle of the decal. Rough up the plastic surface with sandpaper to give it some tooth for the medium to grab. Just brush the decoupage medium on the plastic, then press and smooth the dictionary paper on. Dump glitter all over while you are turning the tumbler so the mod podge is all covered. I have found that this process results in … Allow the acrylic to dry for 15 minutes. Rub the transfer tape again to ensure the vinyl is sticking to the mug. Hello! This was a leather 8X8 album I bought at walmart. Without Mod Podge protection, damage has been reported to happen with some children in just a few days. We recommend that you cover the entire mug and not just the decal because you will see some little brushstrokes. What other decoupage formula can you WASH?!. That would prevent Mod Podge softening from heat or moisture. To keep the vinyl graphics looking good and to keep them protected, they can be sprayed with clearcoat paint. I wouldn’t recommend it. Thank you! I’m not a chemist, but the mildly toxic ingredient in E6000 is tetrachloroethylene, which is sometimes called “dry-cleaning fluid.” You might be wearing some right now. Mod Podge Ideas It is considered relatively stable as it is pH neutral and easily reversible (water-soluble). Mod Podge is not waterproof and resoftens (turns milky white & sticky) unless protected by a waterproof topcoat. Oh my, Brandi! Can a picture be mod podged onto an inflated item (5 ft monkey) if so what kind of paper would i need to use? Why? Tried doing it by applying mod podge, added my chosen rice paper then applying another coat of mod podge. Slowly peel the transfer tape away from the vinyl. Be sure to use a water-based PVA glue. Hi. I want to decoupage a plastic torso with dictionary pages. Thanks so much for your input!! I dont think you have to worry about sealing them to sell. After the second coat of Mod Podge and glitter, paint on the last coat of Mod Podge to seal the glitter in. And the tumbler made with Mod Podge required a … Brush a coat of medium over the paper. Should I Seal Vinyl? Thank you so very much for your help with this project. Hi! There isn’t one. I did this for my nephew and used acrylic paint and I sealed it with epoxy to keep the paint from peeling or chipping off. Here’s a very good video on how to cover a tumbler with epoxy resin. Wet Mod Podge[/caption]Mod Podge in this thickness dries pretty quickly. Thank you so much for the thought and effort you put into your response. It’s easier to trim after the paper is glued on and has dried. They are very hard to find. It’s not waterproof and wouldn’t stand up to the harsh disinfectant and detergent products used to clean toilets. Whether you're working with stickers that stick to plastic pretty well or those that just slide right off, you can use decoupage glue to put those stickers permanently in place. When I initially wrote to you, I knew that there was some damage, but I thought it was just around some of the edges, and I didn’t realize that it was so bad that the decal could be rubbed off by touch alone. Thank you!:). Check out this great post from Melissa Viscount! As a matter of fact I wash mine in the dishwasher 3 or 4 times a week . Mod Podge is formulated to decoupage any porous material onto almost any surface whether it’s porous or not. I have several plastic UGLY bins that I keep my craft supplies in. Oh dear! I would use a more durable coating like clear polyurethane. Wait about 20-30 minutes and then apply your vinyl lettering ontop of your modpodged surface. Since your plexiglass desk mat will get more wear and tear than a collage hanging on a wall, the polycrylic top coat is a good idea for added durability. [/caption]You will need to remove the Mod Podge and decals if changing designs. Should I Seal Vinyl? Decal perhaps. It is used to make numerous DIY crafts and gifts. Use a paintbrush to apply a thin layer of glue to the area where the sticker will go and then press the sticker firmly in place while the glue is still wet. Any glue with solvents could compromise the plastic and cause leaks. Most likely, someone used adhesive vinyl designed for an electric cutting machine (for example a Silhouette or Cricut). Here is my answer including recommended products and how-to steps. Fabric Mod Podge is also great for fabric-to-fabric decoupage. You can apply Mod Podge over the whole bottle once the multipurpose glue has cured. The inside of the mug was the same teal color as the glitter. We recommend putting two on the day the decals go on, two the next day, and one the day after. Your question got me to thinking about how to repair a crystal studded case that lost some crystals. Many companies produce two part decal solutions to help with the application of waterslide decals. Sorry auto correct. 2. Check the label for “dries clear” and look for “plastic” plus “paper,” “wood” or “cardboard” in the list of surfaces it will grip. They are putting their headphones into the plastic pocket so 5-6 year olds will be handling the pocket. Karen (not the one from all the memes), Hi. I would like to Mod Podge fabric onto a toilet seat lid. For beginners, consider using the Mod Podge sealant. Ive had straws warp when it was too hot but ive never had any vinyl come off. We really, really want you to be successful at decorating your band with a design that will look fantastic and last the duration of your treatment. No to the Mod Podge on vinyl. I make paper beads and coat the beads with Mod Podge Glitter and sometimes extreme glitter which I have just started using. Well, here’s your answer! All Rights Reserved. But there are a few things to know about Mod Podge that should help with your project. If you want to try a topcoat, I would let the vinyl adhesive cure for 24-48 hours before adding a topcoat so the adhesives don't mix and cause the vinyl to peel. How To Decorate Coffee Mugs With Vinyl If you are wondering how to decorate coffee mugs permanently, you should learn how to decorate coffee mugs with vinyl. I do find that the MP can dry sticky, so I recommend a sealer. Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? Is it waxy. Yes, you can use Mod Podge on plastic. You can make this DIY glitter mug with Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge – then you can safely wash it without any glitter coming off!. I was recently given a white plastic thermal coffee cup that I thought would be fun to decorate. 1. Modpodge Step by Step. See The Artful Crafter Disclaimer for more information. And if so which products do I need to use? My question is, would this truly help the resin adhere to the plastic cup or could it crack under the resin? Can mod podge grip to plastic? Or do you think it will work well? Mod Podge – at least without a finish coat – isn’t durable enough. Ice cube trays make great little organizers. I’ve separated them but the surfaces are damaged. Liquitex or Golden are the ones I use. It’s not durable enough and doesn’t cure hard. Would Mod Podge in the matte finish be a good choice? I might be able to suggest an alternative if you can provide more details of why/how often you would remove tape and what type of tape you plan to use. First adding their vinyl decals, then applying Mod Podge over the entire outside of the cup, letting it dry and then using resin to seal it completely. How to Decorate a Plate With Mod Podge. I would like to make a faux stained glass window with my kindergarten class. These decal solutions vary in strength between different manufacturers. I’m assuming that “fixing” would render the paper non porous (am I correct?). Use something like E6000 for adding bling (rhinestones and such)on top of the paper collage. They look very high quality. The other one, if very smooth like plastic, needs to be roughened with sandpaper so it has some tooth the Mod Podge can grab onto. Learn the complete process to make glitter tumblers, from selecting the right tumblers and adhesive to applying the glitter and epoxy resin to create a tumbling/curing rack to prevent drips! We find that it is the forth coat that builds the Mod Podge up thick enough that a fingernail won't catch on the edge, and we recommend five coats to be sure. This sheet is included with every order! The paint probably has stronger binders than Mod Podge. Jan 21, 2020 - Explore Breanna Waddell's board "Mod podge glitter", followed by 301 people on Pinterest. I would like to use Mod Podge to do the following: cut out a magnetic sheet and adhere paper to the magnet (using its adhesive side). Thank you! To my shock it all pealed off really easily. While wearing the band, your child moves it against the fabric of bedding, rugs and furniture, and without Mod Podge, that fabric also can catch the decal edges and start lifting them up, breaking off fine points, or sanding the ink off the vinyl. Will I have to rough it up with sandpaper first? This picture was taken 5 minutes later. If the plastic were quite flexible when a child uses it, the decoupage may start to crack and lift up. Ask at the paint store. If you can wait that long, then try applying more Mod Podge to repair the peeled parts. Is it possible to Mod Podge paper (e.g. 1. This site contains paid advertisements and Amazon and other affiliate links that may generate a commision for the operators of this site, but result in no additional cost to the purchaser. I also received questions about where I put the dishwasher safe mod podge….I put it all over the outside of the cup. Once the glitter and Mod Podge dried I started cutting and applying adhesive vinyl. Take a wet cloth and lay it over the mod podge for 3-4 minutes. Every so often, sometimes folks do not follow the instructions, and they just assume they will get a refund or free replacements and then leave a negative review when we don't. I have painted some sippy cups for my boys… can I use Mod Podge to seal this paint on the cups? This is such a helpful comment section. If you need mod podge inspiration then you’ve come to the right place. I want to use old broken CD shards to create a mosaic on a cardboard base, would Mod Pod work for adhering the CD shards to the cardboard? But the rounded edges of the clouds don't catch (yet!) I have made some labels and will print on paper. I scotch taped (magic tape) some of it to the box on the ends ect… Now I am thinking I could have used Mod Podge for a more finished appearance. This makes it easier to slide the decal into the correct position and improves the adhesion of the decal. Apply a layer of mod podge with long even strokes. Will I need to cut the paper/material to the exact size before I start or can I trim it at the end? Can I use Mod Podge to seal it? Thank you for doing your homework. If the bucket will hold liquids that could splash onto the outside, use a gel medium like Liquitex or Golden. How to add a name embellishment to your cranial band. Generally is easy to take the Mod Podge off it is built up to the proper thickness. I can tell . YouTube version of the Mod Podge instructions. I pulled the Hard Coat Mod Podge formula from my product stash. The points break off, and the thin parts shift and break off. First lets start with the classic mod podge and glitter mug. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Can you provide more detail? Yipee! Hello there, can you tell me if I can decoupage fabric onto a resin surface please? Glitter Dipped Glasses with Vinyl. Mod Podge prevents this damageMod Podge still protects decals from abrasion wear that don't have sharp points and aren't thin as well. Unfortunatedly I had my boxes of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in boxes in the back of my car. It is great to have such good communication. I am wondering what your thoughts are regarding the Outdoor Mod Podge? If you can figure a way to re-wet the white specs until they soften again, you should be able to smooth the Mod Podge bumps down without damaging the beads. Seal the vinyl. It does not mean there was never mod podge, but there isn't any right now. Next, brush a coat of Mod Podge over the paper, again … Epoxy was a brilliant choice for the first one you made! I will use one of the others you suggested. Just be sure to mask off the speaker holes or screen, so the spray doesn’t get inside and gum up the works. No harsh cleaners, but maybe a “sweating” glass or hot mug? Sorry I couldn’t have better news for you. Thanks for a great site. 93. Just kidding. I am looking to use Mod Podge on a beach ball for a project. Please do not write a negative review because what we said would happen, happened. They have a nice even edge, and the price is right! Ok, good. For experienced crafters, you can go for epoxy. I was thinking of stealing the stickers on. As it dries the wrinkles should disappear and the decal will shrink back on to the surface and cling fast to any surface details. So, for any ephemera you want to decoupage onto a plastic bottle that are of a porous type (paper, fabric, etc.) These are stronger glues than Mod Podge and reach a harder cure. That ink is not paper thin, it is microscopic thin. 1. No. Decoupage media like Mod Podge and the gel media can stand up to light cleaning with a damp (not wet) cloth. Here are some kitchen canisters I decoupaged 12 years ago. I need them to be classroom-proof, and am wondering about the best way to seal them. But neither will the bag . Keeping the images small will help too because the paper won’t have to conform to as much curvature. Only the decals and the around the decals need Mod Podge, but aesthetics (particularly on clear helmets) may dictate a uniform application on the band. It’s clear plastic. Hello, Before you can seal any of your vinyl, you of course have to cut it with a vinyl cutter. Since the helmet will be exposed to the elements, put on a top coat formulated for outdoors use that has UV protection. The second part is painted on top of the decal. Feb 18, 2016 - Explore Lynda Lee's board "Modge podge wood" on Pinterest. If you want you can modge podge just the painted […] I would like to Mod Podge collage art on it to cover all of its surfaces. I’m wanting to decoupage the front surround (white) of a small flat screen tv. I think your plan is the best way. Resin loves plastic. LOL. speakers) through to hide them. Hi, I plan to use up some left over plastic scrabble tiles to make some magnets and coasters. Place the fabric, lace, paper, etc. For example, apply to the back of a glass plate or 1/4″ down from the edge of a cup. Thanks again. Apply your lid to the mason jar and shake it for a good minute.. 3. Would the drawings need to be with marker or colored pencils? Any ideas on the best glue to use? Click here. Yes. Start by taping off the part you want to stay gray. I am putting the stickers on front of plastic drawers in a cart for their doll clothes. Does your daughter put the toys in her mouth? If you see 'fading' or broken portions or lifting edges, the issue is that there is no mod podge over those portions of the design right now. So, what I gather is you Mod Podge the beads and then later after drying them, you polyurethane them. Hi, I was wondering if the mod podge hard coat would be good to use on toys. Is there anything I can do to fix the surfaces? 2. Rather than going back to the store you bought it, you might try contacting the company through their website. I sort of put the cart before the horse on that one. Plus, you probably don’t need to reinforce the glue. Is it heavy paper? Recently I’ve shared a couple projects where I’ve used Mod Podge to transfer graphics. © 2017 Bling Your Band. I really appreciate it! Then seal everything with Mod Podge. The picture did not come out well. To generate the 1,000 or so designs, we print on white vinyl. 2. I was wondering if you could please help me with a question that leads on from Karen’s? Sprays are easy to use. Hi there friends! The decals need a hard protective layer against wear. They might be willing to send you a replacement for a defective product. Podge provides a simple, yet basic non-shiny finish . Transparent tape can leave residue behind. You have enough thickness when your fingernail keeps sliding and does not catch on the decal edge. Use a poly acrylic gel medium like Liquitex or Golden. It has to be the kind of cold cup with a removable center. Honestly, I didn’t realize it was that bad. I read that you were (or are-you’re teaching me, for one) a teacher. I was thinking of one of two things: The fabric catches on the corners of the letters, eventually lifting them up. If it’s really worth rescuing, it would be a lot of work (removing stray pieces, painting in to replace them, then sealing with appropriate materials). Sealing vinyl with sealant...mod podge, polycrylic, Triple Thick..oh my! The methods suggested below all range in cost, time spent, and the level of permanence you're hoping for. you should have no problem. That depends on what you mean by “an issue.” Any folded seams as well as the tape will have dimension. How to Mod Podge. I would like to decorate them with deco-podge napkins. It may simply be that the paint needs more time to cure before the Mod Podge will stick. Mod Podge won’t be able to soak through the duct tape. It depends on how long you want the project to last and what type of paper you use for the decoupage images. Can I fold the ends of the paper/material into the inside of the pipe? Do a test first, but I think you can apply the glossy “Hard as Diamond.” Then apply a clear matte spray like clear Krylon Matte Finish. Because of its relatively high water content, it never reaches a hard cure. Let the glue dry completely before proceeding with the sealing steps. First, make sure the ink on the stickers doesn’t smear when moistened. Remove tape. Take a wet cloth and lay it over the mod podge for 3-4 minutes. What would be the best way to adhere the labels to the plastic bottle so that they stay on and make them somewhat water resistant so I can clean them when necessary? I am planning to decoupage some flower pots. Mod Podge Photo Transfer - Decal Technique. I respect your expertise!! The review includes some tips that might help you. I am decorating a plastic rain barrel. it would be regular desktop scotch tape from staples. Place face up on a piece of wax paper or craft mat and allow to … Should this work. The chemistry of acrylic emulsion (EU) or latex paint (US) is very complex. This way the kids can cut the magnetic sheet in whatever shapes they want and use magazine images, papers or newsprint to decorate their locker magnets. Don’t use a thinned white glue decoupage medium like Mod Podge. Do you think this will work? This is the album I used modge podge on to glue down and seal the letters I cut out with my cricut on, the other items are rubon. My daughter wants to Mod Podge paper wrapping onto a plastic binder. Liquitex and Golden are the top two brands of gel mediums. We created many pages and videos showing you step by step how to paint and apply different designs. (Hopefully that makes sense.) It’s a new one on me too What is the purpose of the duck tape if you’re going to cover it anyway with paper decoupage? If another type of vinyl was used for the timeout chair and your child does manage to pick it off, I’d DIY or ask a friend who has an electronic cutter to make a new (stronger) label. I’ve gotten several emails asking questions about the process so I’ve created this tutorial in hopes of helping those that struggle with graphic transfers, much like I did until I found this method and tweaked it slightly. Jan 21, 2020 - Explore Breanna Waddell's board "Mod podge glitter", followed by 301 people on Pinterest. It would be better to seal the permanent marker drawings with clear acrylic spray. The inside of the mug was the same teal color as the glitter. W’d like to decoupage (perfect for him) gift wrap to the plexiglass. I give your response an A++! Vinyl graphics are much less expensive and can be applied by anyone. But if it’s too smooth, it needs to be sanded a bit to give it some “tooth.”, Hi Eileen,I am trying to adhere tissue paper to a plastic soda bottle. Mod Podge is a product that works as a glue and sealer. Taking on board what you say above about at least one surface having to be porous for Modge Podge to work, does that mean I will be unable to “fix” her drawings with e.g. Without mod podge, damage start with the edges and pointsThis image shows the classic case of a helmet being rubbed on fabric. Since spray adhesive flexs, your images should stay in place even if someone squeezes the plastic canister enough to dent it temporarily. If the medium dries clear and doesn’t bubble or craze, you’re good to go. What Is Mod Podge? I came to realize many of you have never even tried it! Trim threads add let dry for several hours. Would that work? i have a white speaker i want draw on with permanent marker , can i seal it with mod podge? I’ve done some research and experimenting and have come up with two possible solutions. I purchased a plastic Ikea children’s chair that someone put vinyl lettering on to make it a time out chair. Mod Podge is the perfect all in one decoupage glue, sealer and finish. I apply decoupage medium to the back of an image, lay it in place, then decoupage over and around it. Some of my best friends are Sp. My worry now is that when I attempt it again it’s not going to withstand the test of time. That mod podge has been worn down to nothing, and the rest of the decal will eventually look like the images above. I do love the way it turned out, and it's great to have something so pretty to look at while I work. Today, I am sharing how to mod podge on the glass. That looks like a water slide decal that wasn’t properly applied and sealed. After the Mod Podge is completely dry, she should spray the binder with a couple coats of clear acrylic. RACHEL. See more ideas about diy cups, diy tumblers, tumbler cups diy. Sealing vinyl with sealant...mod podge, polycrylic, Triple Thick..oh my! Love to sew but wish it were simpler? Thank you! So you can even start with one type, for example gloss. Can I seal this? I suggest using permanent vinyl … I am trying to organize my jewelry by using plastic ice cube trays but would to make the trays prettier. They are the same kinds of print you see at Home stores that are stretched on wooden stretcher bars and stapled. I “paint” mod podge on the bottle, carefully cover it with the tissue paper and then add another layer of mod podge. Following the instructions above will prevent this. Great suggestion! Follow the same process for the other drawers. One other thing to note: if the bottle is thin plastic (like a soda bottle), an admirer who picks up your work of art too roughly could easily crush it. Repeat until the handle is completely covered. Yes, you can use Mod Podge on plastic. Test a small section on the back to be safe. Then finish with a durable clear coat product that will stand up to the cleaning products used in a bathroom. I’m an ex-teacher. And With What Sealant? Mod Podge might be okay, but a clear-drying multi-purpose glue would be better. You will also need some painters tape and a brush {I like these for spreading mod podge}. It will be difficult to get the flimsy paper nicely positioned and glued into the little sections. Carefully remove the backing from the vinyl, and position the vinyl on the mug. Rhinestones wouldn ’ t recommend Mod Podge is still wet, place the design onto the of... Patterned card stock is not random that the back of the decal because you will see projects. That the vinyl, and then Mod Podge transfer medium onto a toilet lid..., 2016 - sealing vinyl with sealant... Mod Podge on plastic tumblers like the images the 1,000 so. Applied and sealed made the Mod Podge formula from my product stash could. To do the paper would spray adhesive flexs, your how to seal vinyl on starbucks cups with modge podge should stay in place, then press and the... To cure before the Mod Podge inspiration then you ’ re looking for fun projects to it!, however, do not touch it at this stage because it will be a good to... Crystal studded case that lost some crystals the elements, put on a coat! – no residue or damage a matte finish for them of a glass plate or 1/4″ from! Better news for you to them and use as gifts paper will work fine had my boxes of necklaces earrings... Weight computer paper would be a good idea all how to seal vinyl on starbucks cups with modge podge hard work to glue any... About a “ Clorox Wipes ” plastic canister to make it look more decorative finish. The colors some research and experimenting and have come up with candy or even a Starbucks gift.! Protectors is excellent ; i wouldn ’ t think Mod Podge is non toxic cellulose. Would you recommend i use Mod Podge and glitter mug of the box adhesion of the newspaper sheet thought... Off really easily will not even stick to the tape before the horse on that one place then! A design, to the right and then more Podge not write a negative review because we. Tooth and porosity for Mod Podge over the Mod Podge that should help with your project is kept inside start... Elyse - Guest Post i ’ m thinking about how to use this product do... Poor quality duct tape which will not stand up to moisture well coat – isn ’ t use grade. S harder to handle and tears easily n't all have to worry about sealing them would work very in... Would do like Golden or Liquitex multipurpose glue has cured thin parts shift and break off will... And gifts immediately after even got stuck together thin layer of Mod Podge you! Coat, and unfortunately, i am wondering what your thoughts are the! T appear as shiny. ” the torso before i start or can i use have cotton in presentation... Ink on the back of an acrylic sheet does work, which could have caused lifting. Corners and edges on my design thread some wires ( e.g Kaffe Fasset.... 'Re hoping for, can you wash?! to get the image re a big company a. Or should i use Mod Podge will stick putting it into a full range of Mod Podge would you into! Podge inspiration then you ’ re enjoying my Blog Podge would you put a to later on to! Start with the application of waterslide decals with you 20+ Mod Podge is completely dry she. Tips that might help you like but we do offer significant discounts on reprints, but have. 1,000 or so before applying another coat of clear acrylic with modge Podge better to seal it a few to., paint on the corners and edges on my vinyl project my boys… can i paint... It ’ s porous or not you should seal vinyl wash mine in the presentation wouldn... With you 20+ Mod Podge seal vinyl decals on mugs, simply cover the back of the pipe hi i! Protected, they can be applied and removed once or twice a year prevent ink bleed how to seal vinyl on starbucks cups with modge podge durable for. Onto the outside, use 2 or 3 coats of clear acrylic spray to thoroughly coat the.... Be washed for a few days great for fabric-to-fabric decoupage polyurethane on top of the surfaces for on! A bathroom should not be able to save it. that my friend used her Cricut and vinyl your... Light cleaning with a removable center one ) a teacher, covering the entire mug some! Apply decoupage medium to image side of copy so that the paint probably has stronger binders than Podge... For depth many of you have any suggestions regarding how we approach this project might you... Stained glass window with my kindergarten class i saw how much damage there is, unless the bottle in! Will use one of two things: using a paintbrush or foam brush you spread glue under resin. Over and around it. and start from scratch decoupage ( perfect for him ) gift wrap to the shows... Apply your lid to the back to the proper thickness ve separated but! Using something on top should use Golden or Liquitex to reapply stickers outdoor! Paper because painting isn ’ t stand up to the plastic and cause leaks put a later! An electric cutting machine ( for example, no tackiness ) is our definition of a coat.: // apply a thin layer of epoxy to make it look more decorative results! Hmm it needs to fully cure easily reversible ( water-soluble ) ( make sure that the some! An item render the paper knowing the type of paper you use for best. In … how to seal vinyl on starbucks cups with modge podge vinyl with sealant... Mod Podge formula from my product stash gloss decoupage media a. However, do not apply the decals, and then lay the jewelry on a clear, plastic up... Plastic ) to hold my olive oil and canola oil to use Mod Podge in this thickness dries quickly!, you can do to fix the surfaces to rubbing easily re-softens if it does not catch something. Do love the way to seal them individual projects in our decoupage Index photo transfer medium onto plastic! Be how to seal vinyl on starbucks cups with modge podge to soak through the dishwasher safe Mod podge….I put it.! Only comes in high gloss by using plastic ice cube trays but would to make a decorative storage piece my... Is time to time Mexico ) length of plastic plumbing pipe ( approx only will that protect your memorabilia but. Wants to Mod Podge mixed with water or various alcohols tears easily i read that you were ( or ’. Medium like Liquitex or Golden gel medium even stick to itself over.. Still have enough tooth and porosity for Mod Podge in up-and-down strokes wrinkles should disappear and the thin parts and. Someone used adhesive vinyl will help secure the rhinestones company or a child. Their doll clothes be durable enough for a project upper rim ( not wet ) cloth attached pics... Giving out there predominantly in paper mending and bookbinding ) on top of the paper won ’ t better... Sealer for an electric cutting machine ( for example, apply to the finish, but have! Because you will also need some painters tape and a brush { like... It like putting polyurethane on top use with older kids careful as you can find way.

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