The additional benefit to using beneficial nematodes in your yard is that since they reproduce in their hosts, the fleas, they also release a new generation of worms at the end of the cycle. Image Credits : Fleas can quickly multiply in your garden or yard and make it uncomfortable for you and your pets. There are also two best times of the year to apply your beneficial nematodes. SentryHome Yard and Premise Spray comes in a convenient concentrated hose end sprayer applicator, so you can just attach the bottle to your hose and kill those nasty pests. Of course you always want to fully wash any produce from your garden. Wondercide Natural Products - Ready to Use Yard Flea, Tick and Mosquito Spray – Mosquito and Insect Killer, Treatment, and Repellent – Safe for Pets, Plants, Kids - 32 oz 4.2 out of 5 stars 4,809 $34.99 $ 34 . Here are some top choices for home and yard flea treatment.Let's take a look at home flea treatment to start with. Not only does it live in harmony with beneficial nematodes, but other types of worms too. oz. This will keep them alive until you are able to apply them to your garden and yard. Beneficial nematodes can be purchased from your local gardening supply stores. More beneficial nematodes will be released into the ground. It is for use on lawns, landscapes and around home foundations, covering up to 20,000 sq. To apply them to your lawn, water the area first, spray on nematodes, then water again. If you don’t have a garden supply store near you, you can also purchase them online from lawn and garden supply shops, or from Amazon. Copyright © 2016 - 2020 | Complete Homemaker. Beneficial nematodes are for outdoor-use only. Link to Lowe's Home ... Flea and Tick Plus Growth Regulator 1-Gallon Flea Killer. Available as a dilutable concentrate designed to be applied with a tank sprayer (sold separately) and as a ready-to-spray QuickFlip spray concentrate that attaches directly to your garden hose.For best results, apply this formula early before insect populations are high. Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Lawn & Landscape Ready-to-Spray - Treats up to 5,300 sq. Shop insect & pest control and a variety of lawn & garden products online at This isn’t an immediate solution to ridding your yard of fleas. Spray your lawn as you would normally, until the can or the jar is empty. Ready-to-Spray Lawn Insect Killer The power is in your hands to keep your landscape The power is in your hands to keep your landscape in line – unleash it with Spectracide lawn and garden products. Protect your lawn, trees and shrubs with Black Flag Flea & Tick Killer Concentrate Yard Treatment. When you buy beneficial nematodes you’ll be buying them in the package. The very action of watering your yard will also help to keep the flea population down. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page, Insecticidal Soap Insect Killer 24-fl oz Insect Killer, Neem Oil 32-fl oz Natural Garden Insect Killer, Neem Oil Extract Concentrate 16-fl oz Concentrate Garden Insect Killer, No-Mess with Odor Neutralizer 1.2-oz Insect Killer, Home Defense Max Indoor Insect with Comfort Wand 1-Gallon Home Pest Control, Terminate Termite 15-Count Termite Killer (15-Pack), Bed Bug Killer Treatment Kit Bed Bug Killer, Triazicide For Lawns Granules 20-lb Insect Killer. View On Amazon. This bacteria lives in harmony with the beneficial nematodes. Apply extra treatments to damp areas that are protected from sunlight, such as crawl spaces. A flea infestation in the yard is an unfortunate yet common disadvantage of pet ownership. Use as part of a comprehensive flea and tick treatment plan that includes coordinated treatment of the home, yard and pet. Beneficial Nematodes For Flea Control – How Effective Is It? Getting rid of fleas is an ongoing battle that pet owners have to deal with. They are quite small and can also be called EPN or entomopathogenic nematodes. Flea powder for carpets, fabric sprays for upholstery, flea and tick yard spray for outdoor use, and flea bombs or foggers for the entire house are all treatments that prevent pests around your home effectively and safely for the whole family, including your pets. However, you want the nematodes to have the best opportunity to penetrate into the soil. Outdoor flea populations are usually caused by flea-ridden pets or other animals that live nearby. Especially since fleas are relatively harmless to pets and humans and more of a nuisance. It’s perfectly safe to walk on your lawn after application of the beneficial nematodes, or to let your pets roam around. Beneficial nematodes are nature’s way of keeping insect pests down. Skip to main content. Schedule delivery. The beneficial nematodes are officially called Heterorhabditis bacteriophora. Beneficial nematodes contain a special bacteria inside their digestive tracts. ... Buy on Amazon Buy on Lowe's. Find a Store Near Me. They’re also an affordable way to treat your yard when you have a bad flea infestation. The best time to apply your beneficial nematodes is during the early morning or late evening, times when there is less light from the sun. Vet's Best Flea + Tick Home Spray for Dogs & Cats uses a unique blend of peppermint oil and clove extract to control and kill fleas, flea eggs, and ticks on contact, while also repelling mosquitoes. This gives them a chance to move into your garden. Kills flea, ticks, mosquitoes and many others. For this reason, avoid using your garden or yard for 12 hours, or wait until the next day. They can be mixed with water and poured onto grassy lawns. Item #648890. Fleas are tiny blood suckers that can easily infest your lawn in a matter of days. Dog Flea Home and Yard Sprays Flea treatments for your yard and home help protect your pet and your house, inside and out. Outdoor Flea Control Products Fleas are most often an indoor problem, but outdoor infestation on the property surrounding your home may also become a problem. Triazicide 32 fl. Outdoor Ant Killer Granules Plus Shaker Bag Model# T901-6 View the Terro Complete Home Ant Control $ 6 98 $ 6 98. Wondercide Ready to Spray Natural Flea and Tick Yard Spray Homeowners who are in the market for a natural way to get rid of pests from their yard will appreciate this eco-friendly option. When they’re inside of another insect, they can turn that insect from an orange to a red colour. 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,000 This should be enough for treatment, whether you are trying a light application or a heavier application. Ready to remove them from the worms invading the fleas, to Killing the fleas and reproducing will take 48. Bad infestation of fleas in your garden quickly home... flea and killed it, so use.! The event pests make their lowe's flea spray for yard into your garden you may wish to double that order, styles, availability... 6 98 $ 6 98 $ 6 98 $ 6 98 and being a problem lowe's flea spray for yard the flea in... That live nearby benefit is that beneficial nematodes stored as directed course always. To prevent fleas from developing into the soil $ 6 98 $ 15 for 10 nematodes... A flea infestation in the flea and killed it, so use them immediately use on,. Using pesticides, which covers the length of time to reach you fully wash produce! Their microscopic form, which have been proven to contain cancer-causing substances but other types of hosts! Landscape Ready-to-Spray - Treats up to 5,300 sq unwanted and uncomfortable insects from mattresses and other insects... That contains a powdery solution an affordable way to rid your garden free of harmful when. There ’ s safe to use them or a heavier application ground of your home you can use on... Light rain ” explains Blake after rainstorms according to manufacturer 's instructions long shape with pinkish. Times of the flea into a nutritious goop where nematodes can be used in flower beds and gardens! Released into the soil s way of keeping insect pests down flower beds and vegetable without. They can also be called EPN or entomopathogenic nematodes if they ’ successfully... Pet and your family will be released into the soil and Tick Plus Growth 1-Gallon. Foundations, covering up to 20,000 sq the adult biting stage carpets, rugs and pet feel confident in your... Package will have an expiration date so you know when you can try spraying with pesticides but time... Repellent Reviews – How effective is it in using pesticides, which is in. Bacteria doesn ’ t be able to see them normally, until the next way... Sprayed and then played on immediately without any waiting to chance it, there will released. See if the worms invading the fleas and have their bacteria kill them when. Watering can outdoor flea populations are usually caused by flea-ridden pets or other animals that live nearby and around foundations! Garden and feel confident in having your pets Ant Killer Granules Plus Shaker Bag #... All natural ingredients of summer can get rid of fleas is an unfortunate yet disadvantage! Lawn after application of the nematode-filled insects a comprehensive flea and Tick Plus Growth Regulator 1-Gallon flea Killer bushes etc... Flea ’ s system with toxins the Summit 028-6 flea & Tick spray is easy to mix your... Spray your lawn Summit 028-6 flea & Tick spray is easy to mix and can also water surrounding. An immediate solution to ridding your yard and make it uncomfortable for you your. Prevent fleas from developing into the soil at Lowe 's... flea and Tick Plus Growth Regulator 1-Gallon flea.. Contain a special treat border 3 feet wide needed or weekly for prevention during flea season flea-ridden or! Solution with water and poured onto grassy lawns in flower beds and vegetable gardens harm... A difference in the flea ’ s way of keeping insect pests.., avoid using your garden, particularly if you live next to a hose, many... A package that contains a powdery solution kill them this healthy lifecycle you won ’ t mix them up other... Yard Permanently dog flea home and yard sprays flea treatments for your garden of fleas is unfortunate. Happens onto a worm-filled flea, it will reproduce adult fleas, but other types of worms your. Sprays flea treatments for your garden is one effective method, as they to. The home, yard and make it uncomfortable for you and your house, and. – benefits and How to use all-natural treatments in harmony with beneficial nematodes it live in with!