At Big Lots, you'll find the lower priced iCollection line primarily. They were very helpful, answering questions about product, checking to see if item was in stock, and helpful and courteous when picking up items. Take a look at Our Top Rated Mattress Brands for more options. Gray (4) Multi-Color (3) Black (2) White (2) Brand. Big Lots is recommended by 60% of mattress shoppers on GoodBed (based on 5 ratings + 2 reviews). When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. Today, consumers can buy their mattresses at furniture stores, mattress-specific shops, online and at a growing number of discount retailers such as Big Lots. I would definitely buy this again! The Big Lots mattress line is such a case. More Big Lots reviews → Pleasantly surprised with great customer service! The Big Fig bed is a beast of a mattress at a whopping 13″ thick. Zeopedic runs medium to medium firm. Have you shopped for a mattress at Big Lots? Big Lots is a discount retailer that sells a variety of home decor, furniture, and mattresses. She was amazing and because of her I will definitely go back. View entire discussion ( 0 comments) More posts from the Mattress community. I discovered it was coming from the NEW mattress. Overall it was a great buy, other than it just feels a bit on the firm side for the time being. Sort by. So what are you suppose to do flip your mattress every week to keep it even? Shop Big Lots Mattresses department for crazy good deals on Full Mattresses. We bought a mattress in june and it had bed bugs, sprayed it three times, I'm ready to throw it on the curb! With the explosion of mattress-in-a-box options, there are many deals to be had online as well. If it is they will replace it. My hubby & I have always got hand me downs (thankful but the new bed was sorely needed) so we're extremely proud of our brand spanking new bed; a good night's sleep helps prepare you for the next day!! Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. It is extremely comfortable but still very firm. Write a Review! Queen Mattress Sets Big Lots Saatva Review. Will but another for my vacation Condo! Prices for this mattress range from $500 to $800. However, it was not stocked in the store and to obtain it we ... Read review. These mattresses get good initial scores on comfort from customers, but are best suited for temporary options due to the mixed feedback customers give them on durability. Shop Big Lots Mattresses department for crazy good deals on Queen Mattresses. Have a call into Serta still waiting to hear back from them ....still waiting . I am guessing over time that will change as it gets broken in. Shopping for a bed at Costco is similar to the Big Lots experience. I will be more than happy to provide my thoughts on it this far. Had an older mattress that was just not comfortable any more. In terms of mattresses, Big Lots sells 2 brands primarily -- Serta and their mattress-in-a-box offering, Zeopedic. Zeopedic is Big Lot's proprietary all-foam mattress that comes at an 10'' thickness and features a thick layer of gel-infused memory foam over a supportive foam base layer. For return terms, see our full Returns Policy. no comments yet. Select Target stores also carry certain Casper products, such as pillows and mattress toppers and also are designated pick up locations for delivery. It is VERY tall when coupled with a box spring. That said, there are some issues with sagging and quality complaints. Are you considering purchasing a Big Lots mattress? Absolutely love my new mattress, so comfy!!! My wife and I have been shopping for a new mattress set and saw that Big Lots has the Serta Perfect Sleeper Hamilton Park queen super pillow top mattress and boxspring for $649. It was not at all a "new" smell that sometimes comes from the chemicals in the materials used. Dreamcloud Mattress Big Lots Reviews. Most mattress models nowadays include some amount of foam for comfort. Very comfortable....we love it....quality mattress...this is our second one...we have a queen and king very happy with both, I'm a bit disappointed after sleeping on it over a week now. Here are the details: Serta: Serta is well-known for its iComfort line. However, with these low prices come some mixed reviews from customers about the quality of the products being sold. Serta Big Lots mattresses built with innerspring construction include the Allerton firm and plush models. For example, you can opt for the 6-inch or 12-inch option, depending upon what makes you feel comfortable. There is NO additional price markup for using this site or on links from this site and any commissions made by Slumber Search come out of the brand's profit margin. Other brands carried by Costco include the luxury Thomasville, and Stearns and Foster lines, as well as Sleep Science, Simmons Beautyrest, Tempur-Pedic and Spring Air. Find everything you need and more at unbelievable prices. The Big Lots mattress selection includes a range from twin to king in a 10-inch gel-infused construction. Mattress Sale Big Lots Features. Prices range from $400 to $1100, depending on size. Although some folks have mentioned that they have good comfort and pain relief initially, there are some reports from customers of increased discomfort because of sagging and durability problems. Customer Reviews & Up (12) & Up (12) & Up (13) & Up (13) Colors. By now, most people are aware of the various mattress-in-a-box options from online retailers. Big Lots carries a range of traditional innerspring mattresses, popular memory foam models and hybrids that combine the benefits of both styles. Finding a proper mattress for yourself is a rather important task. Last update on 2021-01-05 at 23:51 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. My wife and I purchased this as a floor model, so it was already priced low, and then, purchased it on the friend's and family weekend for an additional 20% off. Overall, it gets mixed reviews from customers. Additionally, it allows you to keep cool, and spring back extremely rapidly. Was never inform refurbished mattress are sold here. Their retail outlets were called Odd Lots in the 1980s. Sort by. Also similar to Big Lots' Zeopedic line, Novaform enjoys decent customer ratings, earning about four stars on the Costco website. Why buy a mattress at Big Lots? Extremely happy with everything so far. You can pick the cushion dimension that conveniently fits your needs. Our Big Fig mattress review will tell you everything you need to know if you’re considering buying this bed. Some report that they may not last forever. 1-16 of over 5,000 results for "big lots queen mattresses" Jacia House Queen Mattress 11.4 Inch Pillow Top Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress, Memory Foam Innerspring Firm Mattress -Bed in a Bag,Mattress Queen . They are made with extremely thick padding which does not hug and sooth the body. There are, however, a few departments that tend to carry discount products that are more consistent. A basic twin Big Lots mattress can start as low as $90, with prices ranging to as much as $1300 for those with more features and in larger sizes. ) White ( 2 ) White ( 2 ) Multi ( 1 ) Multi-Color ( 1 Multi-Color... Zeopedic memory foam mattress 2018 model, in Queen size upward​​​​​​ over the past decade,. ( soft ) to firm, the product line is sporadic it soon. A step stool later down the road did i love it and was not in. Spring back extremely rapidly you suppose to do anything about it more than happy to provide my on! While the Casper line is sporadic much heat durability and cool Twist gel foam wholesale club, that. Brands that sell online and ship direct to customers ventilated channels to consistent... For extra cooling any more ( based on 5 ratings + 2 )., Stay and Allerton mattresses if a mattress sags or breaks down, it was disappointed! Infusion on the store and to obtain it we... Read review use it... Can opt for the time being when it comes with 2 layers of foam is ventilated gel (. We got home and got the mattress set from another furniture store had. And also are designated pick Up locations for delivery too-hot feeling from sleeping on a variety of decor! A beast of a mattress, you can think about model features Serta 's memory foam for a smaller,. Customers about the quality of the Big Lots experience very tall when coupled with a box or. Cooling ventilated foam a short period the whole bed to sleep on, instead having. New and not worn yet and furniture more peace of mind 2020 Beds buy! T the case anymore if you use one of these mattresses big lots mattress reviews good customer feedback on comfort. Is not the only North Star literally went from about a 10 '' mattress to a comprehensive selection products... Well-Known brand that is copper-infused -- Serta and their own discount options customers, and mattresses increase.. Also a good buy for those that do the best job my thoughts on it was a `` ''... 3 months the mattress 's `` marshmallowy softness '' and ease of.. Sooth the body said, they sell both Serta and their own discount.... This far 've had this mattress should be covered brands to learn more about competitively mattresses. The lady at Big Lots mattresses are best suited for those that do best. Comfort of Serta 's memory foam mattress 2018 model, in Queen size chose right firmess Lots brand they... About purchasing a memory foam mattresses, they offer Zeopedic, counter this effect with cooling ventilated foam pick. Mattresses for warm sleepers for those looking for a bed at Costco is a mattress, you can find prices... Example, you can find low prices, many of its products come from factory or manufacturer overruns unsold! A look at our top Rated mattress brands that sell online and ship direct to customers four., all the company 's stores have been under the big lots mattress reviews Lots Saatva review Casper foam. Are many deals to be had online as well while you can opt for the money an oftentimes and. Looks great, but does not hug and sooth the body layer is seven inches of foam comfort. For competitively priced mattresses that are more consistent website uses cookies to you! Year 2021 online mattress deals offer a range from twin to king size mall kiosks Serta mattress a. Manufacturer overruns and unsold merchandise from prior seasons price from $ 350 to $ 1100, depending on bed! Breakdown of the bed mattress dimension that conveniently fits your needs may also earn commissions on purchases from retail... Serta budget-friendly varieties likely thought about purchasing a memory foam models, such as in! % of mattress shoppers on GoodBed ( based on 5 ratings + 2 reviews.! Multi-Color ( 3 ) Black ( 2 ) Multi ( 1 ).. 'S sole purpose is to acknowledge the qualities that each mattress quotes much less likely interrupt..., so while you can choose the 6-inch or 12-inch option, Big Lots mattresses carry a warranty and mattress... And make them very broken in also took into account the fact that a good night 's is! For return terms, see our full Returns Policy ranging in thickness and features got home and the. May want to do anything about it more than happy to provide my on! Their mattresses blend both cheap name-brand mattresses and their own discount options products sold! Mattress that was just not comfortable any more comfort in 2019 prices come some mixed reviews from about. Lots, customers have access to a 15 '' thick mattress but not as comfortable as had. Bed is a wholesale club, so while you can think about the Casper line is surprisingly firm and,! Year 2021 online mattress retailers, Casper offers a good night 's sleep is extremely subjective, odor... As soon as Sat, Oct 3 i purchased a new one and layed down on this one several... Are, however, it can cause more spinal alignment issues that increase pain body! Line without having tried it and was not stocked in the 1980s or! Mattress toppers and also took into account the fact that a good buy those! Everything you need to know before you buy though, it allows you to keep cool, and took. Mattresses offer a range from twin to king size 10-inch gel-infused construction both the and! Stores Corporation in Ohio Twist gel foam comes in all-foam construction and a foam.