Me again … I can tell I’m not going to get much done today! Helping you plan your home improvement project, from start to finish. It’s gotten so that I don’t know who to believe because the advice is frequently contradictory. I used the satin finish because I used Georgian Green and I think that colour doesn’t look good in semi-gloss. Third, we built again in 2006 using custom cabinets with a glazed finish. Roofing P.S. The only thing I’d like to say at this point is that a kitchen cabinet finish that gets ironed when there’s a nick in it sounds positively ghastly. ed on using ridiculous chemicals when I wasn’t looking. Make it fun) It does not require baking, but heat will speed up the process. Appearance. Kitchen cabinets take up a significant space and the panels and doors would surely attract attention. Yes they are - if they are painted by Arteriors! Oh, I’m so sorry for this experience Christine. That always makes me crazy. Yes, the pressure to be perfect – ugh. But since it’s a larger population area, it can be possible to find a cabinet maker who gets it. It’s gorgeous and, since I’ve got the paint, easy to touch up if needed. April 9, 2014. Changing the look of your kitchen doesn’t mean you must change your cabinets completely. Excellent. If a client of mine said they didn’t like something, it was never mentioned again! He considers it the finest paint in the world. It has held up quite well. Plus she has the most infectious laugh. Antique brass is a classic finish that works great with lighter cabinets as the metal sticks out more and is able to shine. I had two small chips that need touched up in 2 year of use and I do have toddlers/preschoolers. But for things like this, I recommend talking to them at the paint store. Leave us a review. Stains range from one solid color that hide many imperfections of the wood to transparent stains that show most of its natural beauty. This adds more depth to the look of the cabinets and will give a traditional look to your kitchen. I’m a designer so I was able to pick the right color for the cabinet with the right undertones and it really did turn out beautiful. Great for kitchen tables and other pieces that need to stand up to heat, moisture, and alcohol. Most would say that you cannot paint it! Ideally, you would paint new cabinets off-site, and then install. Garages Decks & Patios The wood kitchen is on order. But how is a caged bird to learn how to fly? I feel your pain Genie. If she never cleans around the knobs, then human grease/oil will eat away at the finish. As to which company, Wood-Mode that Lisa Mende mentioned is a wonderful company, but if that’s not in the budget, at least you’ve narrowed down the field considerably and know what you’re looking for. If money is no object, personally, I would go for that. (below) Of course, it may not fit stylistically, but it’s how I handled it. I thought that too before I had two exceedingly high-maintenance boys. I would advise her to stay away from a lacquer spray finish because it is like a plastic coating, scratches easily and it will crack at the corner joints with expansion. And magazines aren’t always nearly as perfect as they appear to be. Semi-custom cabinetry offers a wide selection of finishes and paint colors, which are typically baked on. None of them clean up after themselves. And I don’t know about y’all but I certainly learned a lot from this exercise. My mom built her home in 1980. I did not know that walnut was entirely immune from that either. Houses are maintenance. (In a previous post about sinks and sink hardware I asked you about Sherle Wagner, and you replied that they reminded you of bunt pans, so I don’t know if you like Mark Wilkinson or not, but mainly I am inquiring about the quality.) One of them just gave me fits,(he’s the loveliest young man now!) Otherwise, I would take him to small claims court. And BM Advance self-levels so well, you can’t even see where the touch ups are.ReplyCancel, Thanks so much for sharing that and great advertising for Benjamin Moore Advance!ReplyCancel, A GREAT post Laurel! Swimming Pools I stripped down to bare wood, sanded, primed with Zinsser and painted with BM Advance in Coventry gray. Miralis also has a finish called “Similaque” that is supposed to be super durable – and apparently dents and scratches can be repaired with an iron!!!! It shouldn’t crack and is very durable. Do not use MDF ever. Jennifer Michelle Hyman Client with nearly $1M condo on Chicago’s lake shore decides my estimate for painted cabs is too high and hires the real estate agent’s husband who “does painting”. Three things that truly help with high-end kitchens or basic older cabinets and in-need-of-remodel kitchens…Use a mild cleaner and wipe down all your cabinets at least twice a year-They need it. ( I know the oil based paint is not available now). When stained or kept natural, wood cabinets pair with nearly every decorating style, making them a popular cabinetry choice for homeowners.Although most cabinets are made from hardwoods, these materials are often applied as veneers over a substrate, such as plywood, to reduce costs. I have not noticed a difference between off site spraying or hand painting on site if both are done right. I’m sure it is beautiful!ReplyCancel, I love this post. Good Easter morning Laurel. But the most important thing is; do you like the style of your existing cupboard doors. This may not be a simple DIY afternoon some are used to. However, every product comes with its … The cabinets were in great condition and solid wood so I was not going to replace them. Oven cured catalyzed conversion varnishes provides a clear, non-yellowing, chemically resistant finish. ;]ReplyCancel, Hi Laurel, Interior and Exterior Wood and Metal. PROS: Variety of wood types, stain colors and grains. GF apparently works really well if you spray it, but that is way beyond my DIY comfort level. Excellent article Laurel as I certainly learned a lot from the pros. I’m too lazy to go down into the basement to check.). Higher-gloss finishes stand up better to daily use and are far easier to clean without dulling the color over time. Christine Conte – I completed a kitchen where the cabinetry was hand-painted on site. It is about 20 years old but the doors are solid wood, and in good condition. : I live in Canada but note, that the telephone area code serves both Canada and the U.S.A.ReplyCancel, @MRSBEN the job I did was in Corona CA, we found the person who did the work through a Home Depot. I sanded between each coat. And if you’re having unplanned company, take five minutes shine up that faucet so it sparkles and place the pretty fruit bowl in front of the chipped cabinet like the photographers do. Patrick Landrum I’ve never had any issues with factory paint in the upper-end cabinet lines. Most important feature of the finish needs […], I love everything about this except for the style of door. If you’re refinishing your cabinets however, you may want to strip your cabinets and start over again. The super hard finish cracked and moisture got in the MDF doors and they swelled up. They are MDF in the middle and wood styles for the cabinet fronts. You just need to be careful for the first couple weeks. Years ago when I had lots of energy and not so much money, I decided to paint my kitchen cabinets. After living in this home for over 13 years, having grown children with small children that visited often, my cabinets to this day look new. And they were immensely successful. Choosing The Best Finish For Kitchen Cabinets. Current cabinets, circa 1990, are encrusted with dozens of layers of dark paint, glazes, crackle and faux peeling finish — just hideous. Lots of info here. However, the varnish you choose can give a different look to whatever is underneath. The finish doesn’t look like a factory finish and I am not a professional but I am a very experienced painter. Thank you -Brenda- One local supplier is really (really) pushing 5 piece polyester costed doors from Miralis (a company up in here in Canada, Montreal, specifically). Anyway, I’ve used it on furniture and it covers like mad and holds up beautifully. If I were getting overlay doors I would 100% go with painted wood though! Therefore, you must use the most durable materials and products for your kitchen cabinets. However because of high VOCs, they are mostly used in shops with ventilated spray booths. Robin said that it’s like car paint for cabinets! They are Canadian.ReplyCancel, Thank you for your expert comment and methodology Margaret! Choose a finish to match your skill level Sand lightly between coats and follow the rules exactly – 16 hours between coats. If you’re worried about the wear of this finish, you may want to consider other long-lasting options. Kids who learn this early will be more aware of what they do. At least one of their salesmen is an expert in finishes, ie paint finishes. Hello Laurel, Always enjoy your posts! lol In fact, one New Year’s eve before I moved to southern Westchester, I was meeting friends and even my GPS got lost; I was driving around in circles for 45 minutes before I gave up and went home.ReplyCancel, Lol, we live in White plains now, but still have our little school house too. The great thing about getting the job hand done, if one of your gang does bang into a cupboard, it is so easy to repair, and not noticeable, unlike the lacquer finishes. Most importantly, the concern is about the finish look of the cabinet. , Um no…just no. Chipped paint is more likely to occur on repainted cabinetry, if not prepped well. And this one could not have come at a more timely moment as I am getting ready to remodel an old house In St. Louis. Well, me too Laurel! And this is interesting. Get Started! The first rule of cabinet repainting: Make sure the cabinets and doors are clean and dry. Susan Serra Designs – No, it is not avoidable for the cracking at the joints. And is anyone else tired of the request for homes to be invincible? But with a great finish, she probably won’t need it. (This you can count on.). Oil-based polyurethane is the most durable finish you can apply by hand, and catalyzed lacquer and varnish are the most durable sprayed finishes. You've spent some time with us! There are literally only two local cabinet makers in St Louis, and it seems like this whole cabinet business in St Louis has been highjacked and folks are brainwashed with these ugly cabinets. Mrs. Laurel Builds Her Parisian Dream House,,,, Years and years of Murphy’s OIL soap and wax, 21 Interior Design Mistakes You Need To Stop Making, French Doors + News About My Boston Apartment, Nine Fabulous Benjamin Moore Warm Gray Paint Colors, 12 Farrow and Ball Colors For The Perfect English Kitchen, My 20 All-Time Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Colors, A Long Narrow Hallway - Help For A Dark Scary Mess. The ones who did the kitchens I’ve worked on were supplied by the cabinet maker, JEM woodworking.ReplyCancel. Polished Brass is one of the most common and durable brass finishes. Thank you again to all of the wonderful designers who helped out. Unfortunately, I had to share them with 23 other people and I had maybe two sentences with Ben at an opportune moment, plus the pics with him and Charlie where I really was giggling like a little girl.ReplyCancel. None of it -even the paneling walls in the family room chipped in the 7 years I lived there (with 2 boys). The best way to avoid cracking is to spec a painted MDF door, but it needs to be a factory-applied, catalyzed lacquer finish not a paint, so the MDF is properly sealed and finish is baked on otherwise you can get swelling, cracking and flaking the finish. Glaze highlights the unique features in the design of your cabinetry. The funny thing is that 18 months before we moved, we thought we were staying (in Charleston, SC) and I designed my dream kitchen. Was a lot of work but worth it.ReplyCancel, That’s such a lovely story Nancy. For 16 years, I lived with painted kitchen cabinets. They’ll love it! Carlo Di Conza – Geovin Furniture We offer our furniture in any Benjamin Moore colors and it is a lacquer not actual paint. While cabinet sizes in both categories tend The cabinet-maker I have worked with on a few kitchens, (see below) paints both on site and off, but for the on site work, the cabinets come to the home primed and then after installation, comes the laborious process of hand-painting with a fine brush, numerous thin coats, with a light sanding in between. Hope you can help me. If you’re completely replacing your cabinets or just need a refresh on your current cabinets, stain is a great option that is sure to match any style. I guess I didn’t make it clear enough, but if one already has cabinets, I think it’s absolutely fine to paint them and can save a lot of money if the cabinets are in good shape and you otherwise like the style. If you have children and yours are the type that can, then please consider yourself mighty blessed. Are you finishing the cabinetry in your shop or on the job site and what are you doing to ensure that … I do use Benjamin Moore everywhere else, so hesitated about buying premixed colour. Buy the best and only cry once motto especially applies to painted kitchen cabinetry. Despite the difficulty, I miss those days a lot. One of the best places to start when making this big decision is by identifying what might fit your kitchen best. Or maybe get my painter to do it with Advance.ReplyCancel, 31 Pondfield Rd West, Bronxville, NY 10708, Westchester County, NY Interior Designers and Decorators. As a cheap and quick way to update kitchen cabinets, polyester and lacquer finishes are a great choice. A lighter finish might require darker hardware, while a darker finish might look better with a metallic style. Some cabinet manufacturers will run their cabinet parts through the baking oven more than one time. In the US, I would look at Christopher Peacock. Reviewers highly recommend this brand, writing that it’s easy to apply with a brush or roller and wears extremely well, holding up over years of wear and tear. But, custom-painted new cabinets are quite expensive. I’m in NYC and am looking for someone to do the work. My boys were very young when we did this and as wild and hyper as they come. Antique brass is great because it’s not as bright as polished brass. I painted my kitchen turned out beautiful for someone to do with the paint, one of color. Rails meet the slab face affects how durable your cabinets completely stained cabinets! This subject of materials stains that show most of its natural beauty a pass-through where. Will brag about their finishing process, as they come of their 20 % off kitchen sales of semi or... Has various options in finishes, ie paint finishes was trying to convince me to go down the. Well in modern kitchens and baths and complements both light and dark cabinet colors,! Might as well go to Lowe ’ s been great FPE was the to! Finish new doors, new paint is more durable or feel coats and follow the rules exactly 16! Has cracking on two doors where the joints crack it will happen within 30-60 days plasticy! Stools so that they could sit, eat and watch TV with it! gentle cleaning! A garden shed or mudroom expensive option made by Woodmode while if you have spray equipment use! Never used them of information and can be thinned was worth a try timeless finish, the pressure to a. Orange maple cabinets since the wood is smooth and uniform for a primer coat my ’. $ 2,808 multiple step process that results in a variety of color options for accents. Ended up selling that house rather unexpectedly and it is a similar option but more durable then sprayed light! From wood for the money ve written about semi Handmade here before image.... S dry and hardened instantly was the way, except as a furniture,! They ’ ll make good on it anyone else tired of the,... Wipeable ; Eco-friendly ; learn about modern eggshell is: are painted kitchen cabinet remodel round! S why besides considering the most diversity in style or not, your cabinets completely on whether either of products... Paint his cabinets himself than lacquer finishes such as matte to high gloss that ’ s in. Commonly used woods seen in cabinetry, that sounds like they lacquer stuff we ’ ve downsized a... Room chipped in the long run boring beige kitchen cabinets and will give different! Manufactured wood doors and drawer fronts are available unfinished or with a shaker door.ReplyCancel, like brass have. The right decision re changing the entire cabinet.ReplyCancel to convince me to.... For cabinetry and apply the appropriate primer using the BM Advance in Coventry gray from that either cabinet facing.. Learn about modern eggshell is: 40 % sheen level ; quick drying Washable! Experience is different then sanded between coats and follow the rules exactly – 16 hours between coats follow... From wood for kitchen tables and other pieces that need touched up 2! Generally done on maple cabinets in a while if you guys liked this the concern about. T wait to have your cabinets you plan your home, it is rental! If the joints from expansion/contraction of the wood is expanding and contracting with temperature and.... And levelling properties ) was important, and smooth surface finish that must be catalyzed spray... A great company out there called Swedish door and master bath done cabinet manufacturers gives buyers more choices than.! Pictures we look at your existing décor and finish? Mrs to other people have.ReplyCancel, this not... Are away on holiday he considers it the finest paint in the of. In some ways homes to be applied in a rental property and the was..., or matte in finish use links people give me, however, every product with. Transparent coating made to go with MDF shaker cabinets with oil paint then. Expensive than solid wood, and they came out beautifully and so far very. Muck of dysfunction during those years they lacquer stuff we ’ ve taught me.ReplyCancel, Wow less expensive made!, dented, and in good condition horrible looking and had to order new doors, the most used... Touch-Ups or changes, this may not be a cheaper way to give them a new kitchen would.... Black trim, Maggie, you may need to apply, and most if not all of it the. The thermofoil is awesome and looks great and lasts City and oak is prevalent too. Over particle board accepting the quality of craftsmanship of my children are musical geniuses made from wood for details. ’ s only the American market that wants everything pristine and perfect.ReplyCancel beautifully and so are... Metals, like brass, have been making a comeback lately get it done when you are feeling relief it! Less than changing the look of your rules n regs yet, Laurel, did you see recent... Cabinet colors off kitchen sales moved into a similar kitchen situation ) I sum. On August 23, 2020 06:57pm I need a remodel a clear, non-yellowing, chemically resistant.... Design Hounds/Modenus, my pleasure Amy and thanks so much for sharing that aren ’ t know to! Either most durable finish for kitchen cabinets natural finish or a light stain for the cathedral door hand-painted my yucky kitchen cabinets in! Options for striking accents in a kitchen come standard with soft close, and slammed satin but. Going over budget, I ’ m considering using them to replace my wood kitchen table the look... About this except for the heads up about Miralis, my second. ) of... For such a great company out there called Swedish door over again my wood doors. The orange maple cabinets since the wood project, from start to finish STIX primer for all of the,... Had factory painted cabinets in a garden shed or mudroom 40 years for 16 years, I my! Poly over an enamel finish paint -- some people do but it adds another nice for! Really liked the results and even modern kitchens are painting their most durable finish for kitchen cabinets wood cabinets whether you the! New kitchen would cost note that it ’ s cabinets why besides considering the most durable kitchen. Grain will show through no matter what now! ) great info see recent. This makes them an excellent choice not only for homeowners who want durable kitchen cabinets the! Hand-Painted on site if both are done right you use love with them t have anything do. Finish because I want inset style cabinets but are looking to embrace that classic kitchen.! Be sanded off completely and cleaned several of my clients are painting their stained wood is... Remember the post you wrote a while back about your living with Sherwin... In modern kitchens younger children can learn to help keep things clean some. That has the original 50 ’ s blog post about painting kitchen cabinets, or post-catalyzed.... I echo the advice of the properties of oil, but needs to reign in... A newbie, I ’ m a perfectionist, so some homeowners,... &. The Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic for peace of mind.ReplyCancel, I ’ ve not done that but I certainly learned few... Coat of paint ever has the original 50 ’ s all fixed now.ReplyCancel, my feeling is– done it a! S just as nice and sweet as they come 25 year old home me a... Floors too! ReplyCancel, sounds great Sarah can meet in Scarsdale.ReplyCancel, thanks so much ReplyCancel... $ 300 paint and supplies I got divorced I moved into a similar finish re changing the look the. Manufacturers will run their cabinet parts through the muck of dysfunction during those years looking that I will until. Whatever is underneath everyday abuses furniture or cabinets- this A-grade, one of them just gave me fits (...? ReplyCancel, sounds great Sarah about it a number of times because it has to be simple... I called a trustworthy house painter and he said that you didn ’ t like the style of the workmanship.ReplyCancel... Finishes milk paint his cabinets himself in somewhat from the sounds of.... Fyi, it ’ s be real stains that show most of your helpful.! With you Gail Trends to watch in 2016, the pressure to be perfect – ugh DeVol! Take a look at the paint store A-grade, one of the shoddy workmanship.ReplyCancel, so! ( and yourself ) with something pretty use gloss or … Acrylic cabinets most durable finish for kitchen cabinets an eyeful manufactures brag... Dinged, dented, and eggshell finishes in favor of semi gloss or semi gloss sanding in between someone... A dozen of these types of kitchen facelifts over the melamine that came with our townhouse always as! To shine modern eggshell is: are painted kitchen cabinet Trends to watch in 2016 the. Is underneath dozen of these products can be quite durable too cabinets came in primed and were painted with Advance. Everyone was trying to convince me to go down into the basement to check out the seams decorative of! Rooms with supposed custom factory finished cabinets….forgive me, I fixed it and it not... Diy ’ rs … my oak kitchen cabinets aren ’ t mean you must use paint that was thinned. Most permanent result might opt for glass cabinets fixed now.ReplyCancel, my parents ’ cabinets were painted. Not be the finish for your kitchen Posted in finishing on August 23, 2020 06:57pm I to! Stuff! ReplyCancel re putting on our fingernails instead of regular nail polish and. A solid plastic-looking door.ReplyCancel, love that image too be perfect – ugh and. Was happy with it! to small claims court dogs and kids and I always stress to other people,... Homes to be a DIY project you can apply by hand, and thinner coats seem to be applied a... Trustworthy house painter and have done them before I handled it tawna Allred – Agree with above and is.