Discussing this has made me want to play StarWars for the first time in a long time, and mentioning that in my gaming circle actually netted me an invite to a forming Starwars game, though my schedule didn’t mesh so I had to pass. To me what this article addresses quite well is the problem of when a GM assumes that the players are as interested in the source material as the GM is. Cinematic RP Sometimes you just save a town. Agreed And a machine form force wielder that’s always being mistaken for droid. Having a vast knowledge of any setting doesn’t automatically make you the hugest jerk to walk the face of the earth. I describe the flavor of a locale and any pertinant plot points related to character knowledge from the character’s perspective. When a gamer regularly finds himself thinking, “Dude, just grow the fuck up, already,” it’s a problem. Solo Play (Each episode in that series was something like 4 minutes long, so this didn’t take much time.). 😉 ”, Also to be clear, I agree wholeheartedly — working hard on the thing isn’t a reason why other people should like it. Adventurers! Encounters October 2018 Players can truly create any character they can fathom, and the tools exist within the pages of this edition to make the process manageable for everyone. Or Boba Fett. Yes, I love Star Wars (at least, the original movies). For the record, as a Star Wars fan and a Star Trek fan, Star Trek fans are the more fickle of the two. But should such a great setting be killed off in a fire, just because there is a small amount of Star Wars geeks that can hinder the fun? July 2018 February 2019 Through our partnership in the G.E.M. 😀. But your right, the same thing can be done in tangency stories as well. Art by Matt Morrow, Characters By Encoded Gnomes, Gnome Phil Vecchione's Dungeon World Hack About Water Rights, An Only Slightly Gushing Review of WarLock Tiles. That can’t happen because in episode #45 they introduced the photon sensory imaging receptacle!! A couple of final points I wanted to add to the discussion: 1) I — obviously — know a ridiculous amount about Star Wars, and that comes through in my own campaigns. I wanted to play a grizzled Ewok Pugilist/Rogue named Tai N’Tunchar, This isn’t a phenomena exclusive to settings like Star Wars. The problem with Star Wars roleplaying games. I can’t stand playing in a Star Wars RPG. I consider myself a serious fan or at least I used to, but the folks who ran the games towered above me in their SW geekdom. * I did help to playtest a ruleset that used Star Wars technology and society, simply as a common starting point for diverse players. I don’t hinge game-changing plots on minutia Acquisitions Inc Pulp ** Sad how our hobbies can be summed up, isn’t it?  Zooooom! What follows are epic battles where Force adepts spew red lightning throughout imploding space stations, master mechanics cobble together spare parts to create superweapons, and huge Wookiees spray myriad blaster bolts into hordes of Imperial Remnant Stormtroopers. Star Wars has a great setting but, as a roleplaying game, that makes it fair game for divergence. Social Combat Modern Adventures RPG That’s an issue of knowing proper gamer etiquette and being a decent human being. Ravenloft As a Star Wars geek and GM of Star Wars role playing games, I almost don’t know where to begin. The PCs are the iconic characters of our Star Wars games. You don’t want to face Vader? There are some settings that don’t ply as well in the RPG scene, regardless of your knowledge (Firefly and Farscape were two of them), though. But the gameplay was far more like Traveller or even Shadowrun. Let me clarify my position: the Star Wars setting and concept is a good one, and makes an excellent setting for RPGs. How could I have known that? 1. Why? I’m glad that this panned out the way it did. That basically shot the entire expanded universe canon out the window, and we had quite a fun game with it. Golden-sky-stories That problem is fighting in space! It is a “go to” source for information on the setting. Monsterhearts 3. Australian … oh, yeah, in Greyhawk games, that was it! Kickstarter I play with a “mature gamer” group of folks who’ve been SW fans since 70’s – I’ve never had this problem, as a GM, and I kind of think it’s a player management and GM management issue. **, the #1 contributor to this problem is poor communication and there’s steps that can be taken to correct the problem no matter what role you play in it. LexOccultum Pathfinder 2.0 Standard Roleplay System LOTR Love it or hate it, everybody knows about it and has feelings about Luke, Vader, the Force, etc. I’ve experienced some of these issues in Forgotten Realms games, Dragonlance games, and especially Star Trek games. Would you avoid describing the bustling streets of Waterdeep? Nobody likes a player who is too busy being an “expert” to let the game flow smoothly. Dread Someone with intimate knowledge and that sort of authority can easily use that detail to his advantage. But take a look at what it’s actually SAYING and you’ll see he made the same points you do, only a lot funnier. I was shocked to see your headline as I’m prepping my groups’ first Star Wars campaign. Did an Ewok punch you in the taint this morning? Enjoy thrilling adventures in the Star Wars universe with any or all of three different Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars roleplaying systems — Age of Rebellion™, Edge of the Empire™, and Force and Destiny™.. All three systems utilize the same dice and core mechanics. I set it in the Rebellion era but put it in an autonomous cluster of systems at the edge of the Empire. While their hair varied from brown to gray, their eyes were always dark. I had Star Wars sheets, birthday cake, toys, books, posters, magazines, bubblegum, stickers, etc. The best place to follow the creator is his G+ page, https://plus.google.com/u/0/112018748732789305834 . Dnd being a huge Star Wars nerd, i take a bit of exception to this. 3) It occurred to me that we’re talking about the subject too narrowly — it’s not just Star Wars, nor is it any well-developed licensed setting. Villian This is why I have been turned off to many a session of SWRPG. And… I tried too hard to make everyone else do exactly what I wanted… yup… I have learned to chill out and have a little fun. Dragonlance), but you continue to focus on Star Wars as the almost-exclusive target of your ire. Also as a GM, it makes me feel like I have to defer to a player who knows his SW trivia. I’ve had the issue more with white-wolf games. The Great Long Dark Hell, play in a modern setting with someone who’s into firearms (NRA, law enforcement, avid hunter, or what have you), and you can get plenty of bitching about what a given weapon can or can’t do. Numenara You should be able to have fun and play how you want to play. I ran a great V&V game during that time, and my knowledge of the comics didn’t hurt the game. Also SWRPG is nice but I think I would much rather play in a generic universe. The central point of Mathew’s argument rings true BUT it applies to every licensed setting ever created. Final Fantasy GMs will be able and encouraged to create deadly adversaries with amazing abilities so as to challenge the player characters. Make every one a jedi or spartan and you lesson the specialness of such characters. One of my early D&D games had a lightsaber in it. GURPS I was ten years old when Star Wars came out. Like several others here, you’ve put forward some great examples of how GMs, can use their expertese to enhance, rather than detract from their games. I’d shared my outline with Martin and he made a post on it back then: http://www.treasuretables.org/2007/07/create-a-campaign-framework-by-filing-off-serial-numbers, I did end up finishing that campaign and I still rank it as one of my all-time greats (especially since it helped my .300 average :)). Settings More Buying Choices $39.95 (5 new offers) Ages: 12 years and up. My approach to DMing Star Wars has always been to make sure that I know the setting like the back of my hand AND that the players know they can ask me about anything and get a clear, direct answer. If you miss the original game or wish to see support for it continue, I encourage you to check out this supplement for yourself. Lately, I’ve even made more extensive briefings in PowerPoint, which I usually deliver in-game via a superior officer, ally, or what have you (e.g. Matt focused on Star Wars, from the sound of it, because that’s where he’s had his worst encounters with licensed property-obsessed fuckwits — an experience I’ve shared. Invisible Suns Tenra Bansho Zero March 2018 By way of clarification, let me say that I was *not* trying to call Matt a dick, and my tone obviously was pretty ticked off. collective, many of the Gnomes are affiliated with creating products through Encoded Designs. [Insert requisite prequel joke here.]. . A Boba Fett Hating bounty hunter (claims boba copied him…). Corvus Belli: Infinity Add Jedi and Mon Calamari to Traveller. Try asking friends you trust. Degenesis … in a Star Trek game? But how often do you find yourself having to do or say that every single time in other milieus? The issue here is not the setting, but a kind of fan who tries to GM from the player’s chair. June 2016 Cheers! I left that game. It was a fantastic sci-fi RPG, and enough of a hit to spawn a sequel and form the underpinnings of EA's hugely-hyped, monumentally-expensive MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. As a GM, I deal with the issue by telling the obsessives to get bent. Chadra-Fans also had sensitive hearing. A Renegade Jedi. Dude, take this. August 2019 r/swrpg. First introduced to RPGs through the DnD Red Box Set in 1990, Matt fights an ongoing battle with GMing ADD, leaving his to-do list littered with the broken wrecks of half-formed campaigns, worlds, characters, settings, and home-brewed systems. Look, I love Star Trek, and so maybe that makes me one of the 20% crowd…but the world just doesn’t work for RPGs — not without suspending so much of the flavor that makes it what it is. Star Wars rpg products are something I love to read, but when it comes to running a campaign I find ideas become either totally derivative or so unlike Star Wars to make it pointless. Back to monster hunting for me! It helps if you explain that your campaign takes place in an “alternate timeline”; in my last Star Wars RPG game, we did an alternate time line starting at R2-D2 and C-3P0 being shot down right after the opening crawl of the first Star Wars movie (Ep 4 for the obsessives). Board Games This is a warning to reign it in a bit — “First guy banned from Gnome Stew” would be a silly badge to wear when you’re really just passionate about a game you love, no? FATE June 2018 October 2017 — and then it gives the Knowledge DCs to know a particular piece of information. Just running into a Black Rider and surviving a fight with it felt wrong. Want To Be Interviewed On The Gnomecast @ Gencon? Available in print and PDF. Modiphius In the future, please keep in mind that someone, somewhere, spent an absurd amount of time (at insanely low wages) to make that game. Characters can take advantage of advanced martial arts skills with multiple levels of mastery, lightsaber forms that provide unique benefits and special moves, and a huge list of Force powers. 😛, “…and just because you spend an absurd amount of time and effort on something does not mean that it should be welcomed by everyone. Blades In The Dark Call Of Cthulhu While it is the simple dice system that made the game so easy to play, it is the expansive options and settings that make the game so much fun to play. Twitch July 2016 where the GM’s vast knowledge made the game better and not worse. August 2017 I’ve had some experience with this in Star Wars role playing games, but it is certainly probable given the sheer amount of EU out there (most of which I happily ditch). Not to be ignored in either case is the inevitable encounter with iconic heroes – “you see Frodo – Gandalf – Han Solo – Ben Kenobi – etc. Chadra-Fan had seven different senses—sight, touch, taste, sound, smell, infrared sight, and chemoreceptive smell—all of which were much more acute than Human senses. Trial Of Cthulhu Don’t let the Übergeek know you’re playing. Critical Role Rifts HERO System Book Of Exalted Darkness If the 20 percenters can’t accept that premise then they can go watch the movies or read some of the horrible EU novels that are out there. Evil Hat Chadra-Fans had two hearts and only needed to sleep about three hours a day. Look at the original source materials. Accompanying this email was a copy of a. …’Should Be Thrown Into the Death Star’s Trash Compactor.’. As long-time readers of the High Level Games blog will know, West End Games created and expanded much of the Star Wars expanded universe via their many supplements. I ran for instance, a serenity/tramp freighter sort of game in star wars, with the PCs playing a ragtag band of scum. (More importantly, the players know it, too, and they’re likely to prompt the GM for it if he forgets: “I’d like to make a Knowledge check to see what I know about this place.”), Finally, since this mechanic is in place, if you have an ubergeek player who starts to be nuisance, the GM can use this mechanic to put take him down a peg: “I’m sorry, but based on your Knowledge check result, it seems that your character doesn’t know anything about that. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. BrigadeCon Zweihander. She played as the Mechanic (lovingly and hilariously dubbed “Todd”) and fell effortlessly into the role. November 2016 Great post, though I too have to admit a certain shock at the headline. Star Wars Theory included that in a follow-up video about the interaction, which has more than 480,000 views. Interview August 2018 Hmm, let’s see. Starfinder Roleplaying Game: Starfinder Core Rulebook. It’s sad that we Star Wars fanboys have to put that qualifier in these days, but such is the times we live in. Not the ideal, but we had the most fun we could and got a story to tell for it. This pack drew from across the TTS community to feature objects reminiscent of the Star Wars … January 2017 When I put them in Star Wars, though, they all turn into right bastards interested in nothing but mercenary acts of greed and avarice. The heated traffic to this post is in itself an argument for Matthew’s point. It’s simply a great module, which I think that every Star Wars RPG fan would enjoy to play. Ask a buddy to nudge you every time you get too worked up over something no one else could care less about and the game will go better.  I promise it could be worse. Admiral Ackbar’s briefing in Return of the Jedi, or General Dodonna’s in A New Hope). However, be firm that even if you make a mistake, game time is NOT the time to tell you all about it, game time is for playing and having fun, and that means fun for everyone. But I don’t play in Star Wars RPGs*, simply because I can’t stand the fanbase. I’ve had the exact same problem with Star Wars rpgs. Came across this blog post in a search of your site and I feel I had to respond to it as I GM a Star Wars RPG. Lock all the Star Wars RPGs safely in the local libraries where people can read them if they really want … but they’ll just gather dust there. Fantasy Grounds After Collapse Japanese RPGs Click here to support our community for as a little as $1.00 for exclusive content, free downloadable stuff, and even discounts on role-playing game items. April 2019 I got back a lengthy “discussion” from one of my prospective players of how my setting was all wrong, based on the seemingly never-ending series of “clan books” I had chosen to overlook. Era: The Empowered This also includes fan made products in support of them. Since it’s all read-aloud text that can be fed to the players with very little prep work by the GM, the game tries to make it as quick as possible to get over that “background information” hurdle. Pire: The Masquerade 5th Edition Setting like Star Wars and Halo have jedi and spartans respectively. Indie … Shadowrun The Complete Game Master's Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions, The Art of Improvisation for Game Masters, The Complete Game Master's Guide to Campaign Management, The Complete Game Master's Guide to Session Prep, 1,000 Memorable NPCs for Any Roleplaying Game, 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters. You can always ignore what you don’t want to use. Sorry to come in and shit all over your post — again, I’m a big fan of Gnome Stew — but this just felt like a total slap in the face. We’ve seen the movies, but that’s it…. Star Wars is a great concept. And as with any other geek obsession, it can be constructive (helping less experienced players learn the game) or destructive (lording your superiority over them). ACK Amen! 5th Edition We at d20Radio are sad to announce that we have independently confirmed that, in the long term, Fantasy Flight Games will be discontinuing the production of its roleplaying game lines. BTW, I like the Saga rulebook; thank you for your blood, sweat, and tears. September 2017 I honestly don’t think the number of Expert Fanboys in Star Wars is as low as 20%… more like a third or even a half. Forgotten Realms I find having to play in the SW realm restricts my creativity. Dystopia Rising Me as a player missing obscure setting information in an RPG and having characters take the damage from that…. Game Lore There are ways to write stories so that they are accessible, problem is, you have been playing with fellows who simply don’t do this. February 2018 D20 Well, this seems like a classic case of unvoiced assumptions in a game, that the Star Wars ‘uberfan’ expects everyone else to share his or her obsession with the setting over the demands of a game. Even then, I don’t assume that they know very much about about the place in question, so I make a point to refresh everyone’s memory: “Bespin is the planet that has Cloud City, from The Empire Strikes Back.” If I want them to know anything else, I will show them myself. Volo Or anyone, for that matter. star wars rpg adventures IN THE NEXT ADVENTURE… At a junkyard run by a Herglic who would rather gamble than sell, PCs need ship parts but can't beat him without cheating. @Knight of Roses – Which is a great example of that sort of person working for the betterment of the group. Palladium 2nd Edition High Level Games It is the 3,000 year gap between the Knights of the Old Republic video games and the next “canon” spot in the timeline. I try to appease the canon-minded, including myself, by establishing a fork point. Our Star Wars Stories Returns, Celebrating Fans Across the Galaxy. Romance Of The Perilous Land I’d considered a lot of these points when I plotted out my own Star Wars campaign two years ago. We have feelings, too. Sure, there were a couple of bumps along the way, but overall the new player enjoyed the game and contributed to the group’s collective enjoyment. The One Ring If you play SW, more often than not someone will play a Luke clone, a Han Solo clone, a Leia clone, etc. If you use your powers for good it makes the game better. I would be remiss in my duties as a reviewer if I didn’t share some of my criticisms of the game. Mighty Narwhal This system began with the release of the beta Edge of the Empire rulebook in 2012, and it's since blossomed into full fantasticness with three core rulebooks, four beginner's boxes, and over a … You can take the Star Wars setting and make it your own. Matt, this brings up an interesting discussion. Monarchies Of Mau TSR Marvel Super Heroes That’s honestly a very small, very rabid percentage of the people entertained by this sort of thing. I tend to fall into the uberfan category, but I haven’t let it affect my gaming. Lasers And Feelings Everyone has Star Wars juice. Hero Builder Award Winning Perhaps the best feature of this game is its contemporary nature. I was so up on myself that no one else had fun. I’ve seen the same issues arrise in a Lord of the Rings game. 😉. Star wars Be a Jedi and start Star Wars Take on the Darth Vader army with the Rebels and Jedi Masters to save the galaxy from great tyranny. Honestly that’s a recipe for disaster in any game. Belly Of The Beast Detako Saga Since most of this battle is shown during the first several episodes of the Clone Wars “micro series” from Cartoon Network, I popped in the DVD and showed it to them. December 2017 Sad news via d20 Radio regarding Fantasy Flight Games and their Star Wars roleplaying game lines. So, having an ubergeek running the show in a rich and detailed setting can also make the game really GOOD. I’ve got friends in the 501st. I think you make very good points, but I chose to specifically cite StarWars, not because it’s a bad system or setting but because it’s an exceptionally classic example for the problem in question. We even caused lots of trouble at Nexus Station. World Of Darkness Communication is a key factor though. You tell the players from the start that you are starting the game after Revenge of the Sith and that anything can happen. Exodus Star Wars Roleplaying Board was … Historical Fantasy So, after putting that kind of blood and sweat into a project, and seeing people enjoy it and knowing that I will never bring that much happiness to that many people in the rest of my miserable (and probably short) life, it’s a real fucking punch in the face to read a title like that. Will just go away 3400+ assets new and old for Star Wars and... Pilot and his ship with a brain wired into it favorite game tools: a widescreen.... Fans, and I think it ’ s a recipe for disaster any! Seen this level of worship is Star Wars games, you briefly touch on other examples (.... By the all famous Blizzard chance to face Vader! ” and the rest of rings. Everybody knows about it and has feelings about Luke, Vader, the Metal Dice Winner,,... Was more than willing to loan me a box of his poorly written to... The best feature of this game is going what ’ s side of this coin they,. This on a Podcast - Explore Matt Graupmann 's board `` Starwars RPG characters '' on Pinterest to gamers. Your life on a + side, Ewoks have garnered much-needed street cred than thinking new. Moderator on the GM and help them correct problems Starwars normal guys vs Star Wars.... D20 Radio regarding Fantasy Flight games ' Star Wars fans will recognize the influence of the Jedi... Make every one a Jedi or spartan and you ’ re interested staying... He ’ ll add Star Trek, in Greyhawk games, fan made or not Daruda are. As rich as the other characters table of contents, so don ’ t despair above. Benefit from an alteration in the post-KOTOR period problem with Star Wars RPG being mistaken for.... T automatically make you the hugest jerk to walk the face of the Forbidden and... Can name them, but not offensively, what you do and don ’ t outrageously! Be changed to help new players and GMs get into the role playing game at all in... Myself, by establishing a fork point bit stupid/disappointing/weird proper gamer etiquette and being a huge Star Wars Roleplaying was. Trouble at Nexus Station game quickly anyone other than the PCs occur in setting... Jump star wars fan rpg the role playing games, Dragonlance games, that was it, newbie., very rabid percentage of the game quickly your right, the games star wars fan rpg like to dicks! That would make canon nazis scream themselves hoarse with our Crazy Pilot and his with... Can happen, just say so, I was so up on myself no... You raise are good points for any well established setting but, I! To stick stories week for a good 20 minute interview/debate/discussion/laugh fest the place. Background information with the issue more with white-wolf games the SW realm restricts my creativity ’! Soundtrack was the first thing I would do it have the players have seen anything but the only place ’. Ten years old when Star Wars RPG folks recommend your favorite versions of the rings.... Knew little outside the six movies and RPG books ), is there ’ s two types of players any. Eberron came out 2004 as D6 space, which used a generic space opera setting better than with! To many a session of Starwars normal guys vs Star Wars story one of the game more.! Wars as the other players is GMing, so don ’ t take much time. ): widescreen... Lots of trouble at Nexus Station Knights of the game better sensory imaging star wars fan rpg! sort. Everybody knows about it almost don ’ t interested in staying close to the source material to being of. To character knowledge from the comments, that I also laid on “ Experts in a Star! Find a universe everybit as rich as the almost-exclusive target of your ire getting! All key heroes & villains from the player ’ s not a forgone conclusion, so think!, sapient species, etc and detailed setting can be done in stories... + side, Ewoks have star wars fan rpg much-needed street cred you make must take into account these iconic types. I 'm getting paid $ 30.00 star wars fan rpg Star Wars Roleplaying game lines to helping gamers more! Right, the Force Unleashed, a video game that would make canon nazis tend to agree Matthew. Or general Dodonna ’ s briefing in Return of the old Republic RPGs, also! Made up needed a droid crime Lord, I almost don ’ t to..., at the headline it did Trek movie comes out in May gameplay was far more like Traveller even! Enjoyed in bombastic fashion and high style run into this in an unspecified.! Best feature of this massive setting to suffer the problem: it ’ s.! Especially Star Trek, in all star wars fan rpg permutations, as I know, that I also on!. ' Realms games, and since then we ’ ve had players like that with.... Ve had the most fun we could and got a story to tell for.! Game better s offensive about the universe and then let the game was! Agree, the game itself has built-in rules to share background information with the players take out Anakin, have... Rpgs published by West end games companion would be remiss in my duties as a Roleplaying game lines agree Matthew! To share background information with the issue by telling the obsessives to get bent articles on it or it... Boba copied him… ) gameplay was far more like Traveller or even Shadowrun its permutations, as posters. And combat, our newbie found it quite easy to jump into the death Star ’ s vast knowledge the... Especially Star Trek games you players accompany Conan into Zamora, are you going to save Neon in! Describe above the Real problem is dicks, not the ideal, I..., etc take into account these iconic character types s whims article, I think title! About Luke, Vader, the original product they can run the game flow smoothly during time! Why even play a great V & V game during that time, and especially Star Trek comes. ( especially since I knew little outside the six movies and RPG books ) one Jedi! Nobody likes a player, your options are more limited obscure setting information in an unspecified time..... I eventually star wars fan rpg the whole thing you are talking about here with some elements. Mechanic ( lovingly and hilariously dubbed “ Todd ” ) and fell effortlessly into the game Master in Rebellion. The family of Star Wars as the almost-exclusive target of your ire ’. Yes, I work on the ground floor, and tears are more.! Other problem that should be “ Experts in a new Hope ) in Greyhawk games, fan made or.... His advantage, Subscribe to this end, this edition would also benefit from an alteration in the.! By West end games enjoyed in bombastic fashion and high style timeline May or May not unfold the way did. ’ ll be safe friendly discussion about Fantasy Flight games and their Star Wars RPG fan would enjoy to in... A table pretending to be space pilots – Zoooooom dicks about Vader! ” and the rest of earth. Games like Star Wars RPG but a kind of fan who tries to GM from the character s... Master in the coming month ever owned, and especially Star Trek movie comes out in.... To helping gamers have more fun at the gaming table be remiss in my as. You 've played the old Bioware Knights of the Star star wars fan rpg prequels look like a fair and balanced.... Proportion of Starwars normal guys vs Star Wars characters, Star Trek comes... Had no problems believing that a handful of interrelated worlds could exist that ’... Play in a galaxy far, far away not only about SW RPG, Star Wars RPGs * Subscribe! Game many, many years ago ( late 80s ) we had the exact problem! Things Star Wars universe elements from Real earth cover, find places to stick stories think I would much play. Time, and we had a lightsaber in it isn ’ t stand the fanbase spent a year of life. The edge of the story personal in scale and people will have fun seeing where game., this is a bit of exception to this. ' share it? Â!!, Sexy, famous people love Gnome Stew and Individual authors the whole EU like the majority of problems a. Wars universe to have fun seeing where the GM ’ s whims being a decent human being one, writer! For hyper-powered combat the ass s all made up Force wielder that ’ s briefing in Return the... Played in exactly the same sort of authority can easily use that detail to his advantage the.... The place to come to read or write Star Wars, Star Wars isn ’ t forever out of time! From brown to gray, their eyes were always dark bit stupid/disappointing/weird, at the very least storywise the... Game during that time, and CSS coding hobbies can be done in tangency stories well. These points when I plotted out my own Star Wars fans will recognize the influence of the?... Particular game, you can name them, but a kind of fan who tries GM..., everybody knows about it end Darth Vader shows up, isn ’ cover... 'Ve published six system-neutral books for GMs, with star wars fan rpg 28,000 copies sold,... Essentially saying that the original movies ) of interrelated worlds could exist that they ’ d never heard of.... Was so up on myself that no one else had fun extent this from... Gold Star for this comment thread feb 21, 2020 - Explore Matt Graupmann board... Roses – which is a bit of exception to this. ' dedicated to helping gamers more!

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