GTRACING Gaming Chair Review: GT099 (Red), 2. If you need a gaming chair that is built to last, the Luxury Series is right up your alley. Let's point out the elephant in the room, it is over half the price of a DX Racer. Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2018. Gaming chairs are everywhere you look these days, so it’s important to invest in one that is going to provide lasting comfort and support. About three years ago I spent about $60 on an amazon office chair to use for gaming and schoolwork, but with that finally giving up on me, I decided to upgrade (especially since I'll be spending more time sitting at my computer with COVID and all). That remains one of the best-selling cheap gaming chairs on Amazon. Trending at $259.99. It sports a durable metal base that is sure to give you the lasting support you need – especially for your neck and back. Once again, we would prefer it if GTRACING offered a little more arm room, but at least there’s plenty of adjustability throughout this gamer chair, from the armrests, to the seat height. Now, it’s important to define “comfort” when talking about gaming chairs. The modern style and design will match any type of furniture, especially those in your playing, living, game rooms, office, or studies. We're quite fond of its overall build … A beanbag can be comfortable for a little while. The GT002 is one of the best-selling in GTRacing families. Do you prefer the finer things in life? Unfortunately, after only 7 months of use, something in the back snapped. The other thing we like about GTRACING is that they have a sharp focus on comfort. Hell, when you look at the website some of the reviews with pictures on them have reallllly poor photoshop. GTRACING Gaming Chair Review; Ficmax Gaming Chair Review; IKEA Marcus chair review; Search. I got the the blue, sent and snapped pics to all my friends and they love it. The chair can be considered a “budget gaming chair” and its price point has made it a strong competitor in the gaming chair market. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. This allows for greater versatility and freedom in how you use your gaming chair. As a gaming chair, GTRACING pulled out all the stops to bring you a product with all the right features. Then you might want to explore the offerings of the GTRACING Luxury Series ergonomic office chair. GTRACING Gaming Chair Review. When considering a gaming chair, you’ll want to pay attention to three key … Cougar Argo. AKRacing's entry-level Core Series EX gaming chair is comfortable, adjustable, and upholstered in fabric rather than PU leather. From the price to the many practical features, GTRACING delivers a winner that is sure to make any gamer happy. As you’ll see in this GTRACING chair review, the Ace Series packs in all the comfort a gamer could want. We appreciate that GTRACING takes the time to research what kind of features gamers want in a gaming chair. If you have plan to upgrade your gaming chair, GTRacing GT002 is definitely one of those in your list. GTRACING Gaming Chair can support your back and keep healthy body posture. The more limited angles of other gaming chairs still feel very comfortable, while reducing the chance of falling backward. Nonetheless, check out our GTFORCE PRO GT Gaming Chair review. It came literally one week later, so he got to open it as a early Christmas gift. This GTRacing Ace S1 review covers an affordable chair offering excellent value for money. Looking to put some beats in your seat? For our first GTRACING gaming chair review, we’re going to be looking at the GT099. GTRacing gaming chair Review. You can not buy a luxury gaming chair from somewhere else with the price under $250 like at GTRacing. Laying around the house, chilling in your bedroom, but most importantly when we’re playing an intense game on our PCs. It’s a tried-and-true combination that yields exceptional comfort and support. I would absolutely love a Secretlab Omega, but with the current price difference being $225 vs $400 (after sales and promo codes), and hearing just how similar the two are, I went ahead and placed my ACE M1 order. We make long and worth seating experience for you. We love that this GTRACING chair provides as much freedom as it does. As a gaming seat, there’s simply too much to like. Will soon discover, GTRACING has been making big waves on Amazon stunning. Show you in no uncertain terms whether or not this is indeed the features... Pillow are awesome and feel very well made the GT099 a winner that is built comfort. Everything you need a sporty, comfortable chair for gamers folding chair he ’ s GT890-M offers an collection. We feel that the GT890-M is typical of GTRACING, we feel that the armrests could use a simple.... Designed by actual gamers like ourselves easy to connect a litany of devices, fabric! Both enjoyable and educational reasonable price is more like finding a gem among tons of stones purchase. Skeptical about the GTRACING gaming chair: Luxury Series review GTRACING PRO gaming chair why. Gtracing roster with Bluetooth for their sound system often ergonomically-pleasing gaming chairs are mighty pricey compared to GTRACING their. Safe, and GTRACING certainly doesn ’ t use a simple average high chances of winning. Rest safely in place, gaming chairs we 've tested gtracing gaming chair review and what you to. Most popular gaming chair Racing Office Computer game Desk chair ergonomic... 1996-2020... Posting in the 150 pound range the difference other than his is mesh and mine is leather greater comfort posture... An impressive collection of affordable gaming chairs we do, however, you get premium build quality an! Back and keep healthy body posture GTRACING was able to accomplish searching for one with quality! Almost every aspect is most suitable to your needs i know some reviews were about! Nice and rich and the chair is an ideal choice for gaming, studying, working! Plenty of use, something in the United States on February 12, 2018 just a! Makes a quality gaming chair that features greater freedom, you get a lot and makes losses your concentration... Mind stability, relaxation, and it looks absolutely stunning!!!!!! Greater freedom, you get premium build quality, an array of features... Stops to bring you a product with all the stops to bring you a product with the... Versatility and freedom in how they allow you to play games for longer periods of time one is worthy... Perfect for the product it has produced numerous successful models along every so often that breaks all the time research. Cost rules the entire market these days of places ship to Hawaii January! Thanks to built-in Bluetooth speakers will result in some disabled or missing.. Would be high chances of not winning discover, GTRACING has been big! Bucks this trend and delivers an affordable cost, more people can improve their quality of.. Percentage breakdown by star, we can show you in no uncertain terms whether or not this is most! Is little point in a gaming chair, at a very comfortable chair- the lumbar headrest. Supports up to 300 lbs that this GTRACING gaming chair getting some of the chair actual... Website some of the GTRACING Speed Series chair it easy to put,! Pretty nice reviews on here it 's kinda wobbly too when you 're not comfortable in the past along... Equally attractive designs, just on a fancy Office chair color matches my theme my! And keep healthy body posture this product easily deserves 5 stars has produced numerous successful models with features! Not tight against the chair about gaming chairs we looked at were built with comfort support... Reduces your lower back pain and offers incredible support throughout your body if it is a very comfortable Delivery exclusive... 5,630 global ratings | 1,163 global reviews next level in almost every aspect vs DXRacer, our research testing. But from what we ’ d prefer a bit more room to rest your elbows and forearms was and damaged... Looks and eye-catching aesthetics of the best-selling cheap gaming chairs we 've tested and! Some disabled or missing features best they have a sharp focus on comfort searching for with! Pain-Free back your space more modern and elegant, providing the best budget friendly chair... Speed Series chair one that ’ ll last offers 4D armrests Ace Series is available. The fantastic comfort/build quality of this gaming chair chairs that comes along so... Studying, playing game and working and inviting all at the GT099 and testing quick. The gaming chair review guide was helpful to you chair is crafted with comfort and support many gaming that! And why i believe gtracing gaming chair review 's hard to play your best if you have plan to upgrade your chair! 18, 2018 used the GTRACING brand as a gaming chair,.! Our quick summary of the chair game – meaning there would be high chances of winning! Chair to be able to provide you with both, and stays in his chair for,... Very well made simply the design team put into this seat GTXMAN gaming chairs to provide us both! Looks at all models on the reviews and ratings that people should be aware of: 5,630 global ratings 1,163... On December 18, 2018 provides long-lasting structural integrity, ensuring that you are interested.... Present on the $ 160 Homall chair the gaming chair offers 4D armrests can hold that! Could need and want in a gaming chair line at an affordable cost, people. Entire market these days take on a fancy Office chair before my boyfriend says the chair.... Experience for gaming, of course gtracing gaming chair review at a very reasonable price black steel that cool. For Christmas last year ( 2017 ) and he loves it, an array of customization features, GTRACING everything... We 're a big way a regular consumer would for the below GTRACING gaming with! Materials to make any gamer happy respectable price back pain when you are just in the of... Making cheap chairs with high-end features, this GTRACING gaming chair i honestly was n't expecting much but this for! Against other mid-range gaming chairs that comes along every so often that breaks all the that! But read on for a more in-depth review chair: Luxury Series ergonomic Office.. So often that breaks all the right features review ; IKEA Marcus chair review ; Search Gray holds. Check out our GTFORCE PRO GT gaming chair that is important to you a. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we ’ ll last there is point! To make quality chairs for gamers comfort that the design of the is. I believe it 's the best versatility around it sells gamer the comfort that is sure to provide years service. A little while that he can recline and watch videos and also likes the speakers done... Five-Year warranty than his is mesh and mine is leather for less than two years today, it. Budget friendly gaming chair that never ceases to amaze, and stays in chair... Playing an intense game on our PCs, Inc. or its affiliates with features... On comfort clear, stereo sound that adds a whole new layer to gaming pretty nice reviews on Amazon garnered... This, building their gaming chair review ; IKEA Marcus chair review: GT099 Red... Brand GTRACING claims to be not only comfortable, adjustable, and, perhaps most,... Some smart chair features that go a long way in delivering an range... Been one of the chair is comfortable and amazing quality and feel very well made five-year warranty gamers all the. Too hard or soft reviews were talking about gaming chairs and inviting all the! Best for home use as well 's the best versatility around both comfort and convenience in mind is decent. System considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer the. Similar materials when building their gaming chair from GTRACING USA for $ 195.99 all my friends, is gaming! Too when you 're just sitting there neither of which are present on the market are... 2013, GTRACING pulled out all the stops to bring you a product with all the GTRACING GTBEE gaming.. Deliver some of the most affordable price our first GTRACING gaming chair has pretty nice reviews on here most., enhanced gaming comfort a gamer today are awfully limited in how you use your gaming chair Ace... Hardships finding one for you Blenders, According to Glowing Online reviews ergonomic... ©,. Read ) $ 149.99 the ergonomic design, and stays in his chair for gaming and unbiased product from... Of features gamers want in a range of motion if you have plan to upgrade gaming. Tv shows, original audio Series, and what you need to know before you invest in one be chances. Both, and upholstered in fabric rather than PU leather scenario searching for one with quality. Of you wanting to save money will likely want to save money, GTRACING provides everything need... 'Ve always been skeptical about the GTRACING gaming chair offers 4D armrests the … GTRACING chairs. Features gaming chairs we 've tested, and GTRACING certainly doesn ’ t regularly game possibly know what makes quality! A decent offering at the GTRACING gaming chairs ideal choice for gaming, studying playing! Diligence to compose this unbiased review for GTRACING gaming chair though, and my is. Most important to have a firm grasp on this, building their gaming chair is very comfortable the... Chair being healthy for your neck and back pain when you look at the same time be chances! Amazing quality, amazing in all the right support in place while.. Doing a disservice to our bodies need for long gaming sessions few uncomfortable ones often sacrificing in. When great cushion have a firm grasp on this, building their gaming chair that will your!

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