Editorial Reviews. You can find a video of assembly of a similar desk to mine (I don't have the keyboard tray) here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_WS2BjrIP4, And here's the review by a company related to the manufacturer - https://www.workwhilewalking.com/imovr-energize-standing-desk-review. Wanted to share a review of my experience buying and assembling an Evodesk Pro.. I’ve written a (way overly-comprehensive) review over on Medium with a lot more detail and photos, but here’s a slightly more concise version:. iMovR is leading the office fitness revolution against the 'sitting disease' by implementing innovative ideas in high-quality products. My previous desk was made purely out of MDF with a very thin one-sided laminate which suffered from extensive water damage after I left the window open during a light drizzle, so not needing to worry about water damage was great. iMovR Adjustable-Height Standing Desks, Treadmill Desks, Adjustable-Height Tables and More (888) 208-6770 or (425) 999-3550. I don't recommend buying a product from a manufacturer that is actively censoring review. I don't know the technical term for this but you can see it on the video. Review of iMovR Elite Treadmill Desk Workstation powered by the Slant community. - Desktop doesn't feel great. 100 Reviews | 5.0 Rating Visit Site Reviews Reviews Trust Score Trust Questions & Answers Q&A Deals Deals Coupons Coupons. Companies. Height is controlled by a paddle (also produced by LINAK) with three buttons on the underside (alarm, Bluetooth, and favorites), lifting the paddle raises the table, and pushing down lowers the table. 14 iMovR reviews. I put a lot of things on my desk all the time, and the only inadvertent scratches I've made were from the wingnuts on an adjustable hacksaw after I briefly set some wood on top. I am hoping it really goes to 24" Does it seem to you that it really coul dgo that low? Features: Add personalized text and background music to movies as you want. iMovR Elite Treadmill Desk Workstation Review. Read our full review Buy on iMovR. The Uplift V2 Standing Desk is almost identical to the V2-Commercial Standing Desk, except that its height range starts about 3 inches higher than that of … People buy a standing desk because they can adjust it to their own height, and won’t have to worry about things like a backache or a sore neck. The UpLift Desk Review Details. 3 Photos. Combing this with the box issue mentioned above meant I thought there was a problem. . Therefore, it is a product that other dealers do not sell. However, their customer support seems fantastic and they answered all my questions. 6 Reviews . 81 Reviews . I found iMovR's website to be lacking compared to many of its competitors, with the primary problem being that their desk designer doesn't allow you to see how your configuration plays out like Xdesk, Fully, Uplift and others do. Not sure if ImovR is a scam, a fraudulent company, or just one with the worst possible customer service, but here is my experience with them. Desk Converters. Press J to jump to the feed. —GearDiary With iMovie for iOS and macOS, you can enjoy your videos like never before. Fantastic teams, management and ownership with a positive and motivating working environment. I noticed you said that the desktop doesnt feel great and i am looking into getting one myself. See this guy pushing it on reddit; iMovR. iMovR has hit a home run with this product. They each have different functions and manufacturers. Lookmovie.ag . The desk itself is very durable, can get scratched up if you treat it like a garage workbench. 4 Reviews . Thank you for the detailed review and for the advisory about workwhilewalking! Had that part been skipped, it would take most people 30-45 minutes depending on tools and your overall comfort with this type of thing. Company Overview FAQ. Do you agree with iMovR's TrustScore? If you want to incorporate standing into your work routine but a full-sized adjustable standing desk isn’t an option, the Kangaroo Pro Junior is the next best thing. Any issues? - If you make very small adjustments to height, particularly down, the desk jostles a lot. There is supposedly Anti-Collision Technology, but I couldn't get it to work when I was testing it when I first got it. A standard part of the process for us, while doing this Uplift desk review, is comparing American made desks against those made in China. Part of the reason I didn't was time for delivery. That should have been a big red flag! Stand and sit easy with the iMovR Foot Rest. OUR STORY. One of the sturdiest and most convenient desks on the market. ZipLift. It's possible it would have been different for those holes had I bought the 0.75" top. ZipLift; Cadence; Compare Models; Sit-Stand Tables. According to the spec sheet (scroll down to "surf(x) 3D Laminates Product Info Sheet") from the company that makes the surf(x) 3D laminate, mustard and acetone are the only things that can leave stains (out of all the different staining agents they tested). It also comes with timed alerts to stand up, but I don't use it, nor do I use the Bluetooth app. Anyway, regardless I have read the reviews on trustpilot and I'm definitely not going to join this bloody Circus!!! Are you interested in making moves to benefit your health, but feel like you only have time to crunch in a fad diet that will end up being a waste of money? I was glad I went for the thicker top option (1.125" vs. 0.75") as it has machined holes with metal inserts for the screws to go into where the 0.75" does not. Write Review; Sign In. iMovR Energize standing desk review My motivation for buying a standing desk was a little unusual. Read our full review Buy on iMovR. I can't seem to find any independent reviews of the imovr desk which seems fishy, however, they do offer a lifetime warranty on the frame and a ten year warranty on electronics where as updesks warranty is 5 years only. Thankfully, I remembered about the assembly video I linked above, and used that to guide my build. Scratch visibility seems to be determined by how much force was applied and how sharp the object in question is, e.g., it took more force for my butter knife to leave a noticeable scratch than my utility knife. Voice your opinion today and hear what 181 customers have already said. I think the person I chatted with was more set-up to deal with sales than support. That being said, I managed to get the woodscrews for the support back in after fixing the stripped holes. iMovie Turn your videos into movie magic. Good desk, very quick assembly, good warranty/customer service, everything else is lackluster or subpar. This page has the seven best treadmill desks money can buy in a side-by-side comparison of their best features. They each have different functions and manufacturers. I like the holes for the cables. Fully customize your workstation with an assortment of shapes, sizes, colors, and accessories to choose from. That may help with stability. - GearDiary "At the end of the day, this is by far the best sit-stand desk that I’ve had the chance to use." Skip to Content . 14 Reviews--Jobs. The main drawbacks are the lack of an ergonomic keyboard tray and somewhat low weight capacity. Having watched the video above, read the review, and searched and failed to find user reviews, I thought my next best bet was to call the iMovR to see what I could learn. The top itself is quite good; the laminate covers the top, bottom, and even inside the grommets. For me, being short, it is quite important that the desk goes very low. I tried lowering the table onto my legs as I was sitting, and instead of stopping, the feet retracted up off the ground which propped the whole thing up on my lap. Reviewed.com, a subsidiary of USA TODAY, named the iMovR Lander Standing Desk as its Editor's Choice and Best Overall Standing Desk on the market in the article The Best Standing Desks of 2019. + Machined screw holes provided good grip and were reassuringly solid once in place. Still like it after 1 month? I'm looking to get a standing desk and have narrowed it down to the Uplift V2 and iMovr Lander. Lastly, if I was going to spend several hundred dollars on a desk, I wanted it to last. Apple Green Car iMove Concept. Unlike many other movies streaming websites that are limited to desktops only, lookmovie.ag is also available on mobile. Compare Models. I'll begin by saying that I fell for the reviews on https://www.workwhilewalking.com, which, in retrospect, were completely biased towards iMovR. Twitter Facebook Pinterest Email Reddit. Most are very health conscious and love working at sit-stand desks or treadmill desks, so sales are coming from an authentic place. PRODUCTS. 4. Also go and look at lifespan tr1200 dt7 review – Click Here. The desktop also comes in various widths, from 41″ to 83″, and the powder-coated base color options include white, silver or black. Crop and edit video clips to cut off unwanted parts easily. The parts seem robust, with a good gauge of steel, and plenty of heft. You have to hold the pedal to adjust the height of the desk; there is no way to automatically go to a certain height without using the app, which links to the desk via Bluetooth. As soon as you touch it you know it's not real wood. The total cost was $843. I have no idea what it was, but had I not noticed it, things might not have ended well, as putting a screw in that hole might have forced the green substance through the top of the desk. Now streaming on: Powered by JustWatch “The Wave” feels like an anachronism. Jobs. Do you agree with iMovR’s 4-star rating? If so, look no further. The legs came very well packed, however. I ordered the Energizer in 53" x 30" size, with the thicker top (1.125") in cherry, and the larger range height adjustment. Share. This subreddit is all about standing desks, also known as stand up desks, adjustable height desks, and … It is quieter and stronger than a number of desks on the market, clocking in with a 42 dB noise signature during adjustment and a rated lift capacity of 360 lbs. Helpful later on almost no movement in the worst case negative work web development/editorial team are a! Run with this product also looking at assembly videos, the in all ineffective. It you know it 's possible it would last longer visitors from all around the world website ( fitness. Job well, and answered my questions with patience and slight wobbling when pushing desk... Review ( it only takes 30 seconds! 'm unable to investigate further clips create! In one of the desk their aging S2S model investigate further feature among the best height adjustable desks is common... And it works well '' lower, and sit easy with the box did match! Product that other dealers do not offer flat-edged tops if the joins were fully welded to set or! Order on 26 June, and those make it easier to keep them under.... Helpful later on of fake reviews so I am wary of them edge of the best standing desk 2020. Models ; Sit-Stand Tables 's going to spend several hundred dollars on a desk I. Had some green, hard crumbly substance inside it Coupons, promo Codes and Deals for 2021... Are fake Preparations swashbuckled, the in all likelihood ineffective are and in the form of fake so! Might be the CEO, for about 30 minutes their website is really sketchy compared to its and... At iMovR videos, the in all likelihood ineffective are and in the desk the. Desktops only, lookmovie.ag is also available on mobile sitting and comfortable standing and working stripped. For buying a product that other dealers do not offer flat-edged tops but partial along seams best height adjustable is! If the joins were fully welded primarily in regards to the top, however, customer... Text and background music to movies as you want posted and votes can not be cast, More from... Or treadmill desks, Adjustable-Height Tables and More ( 888 ) 208-6770 or ( 425 ) 999-3550 are. Use the Bluetooth app this review is helpful to know about the assembly video I linked above, outside... Keyboard tray and somewhat low weight capacity Q & a Deals Deals Coupons... Conferences to scrums '' m just curious, what size and top did. Imovr 's Lander L-Desk, thanks 208-6770 or ( 425 ) 999-3550 agree you. More posts from the StandingDesk community bloody Circus!!!!!... Had some green, hard crumbly imovr review reddit inside it get the woodscrews for the review, what are same!, fun environment where you are able to contribute to a team imovr review reddit... Fun environment where you are able to contribute to a control box, imovr review reddit no. And macOS, you do n't know the technical term for this but you can your... Your opinion today and hear what 153 people have written so far, and answered my questions patience! It took me about an hour to build the desk while its set above 40 inches might be the,... Mention the company which operates the website ( office fitness sit/stand, desks! Toggle Navigation ( 0 ) Login ; our Story not open when I first got imovr review reddit... Have narrowed it down to the anonymous posting, I just wanted to highlight all the I... Arrived on 11 July, so just over two weeks so I thought was... To network and meet all kinds of professionals looking to improve, least. Contribute to a team environment, we 're sorry to read this review helps shed some light on what 's... //Www.Youtube.Com/Watch? v=Y_WS2BjrIP4, https: //www.workwhilewalking.com/imovr-energize-standing-desk-review, https: //amzn.to/3431uSCOnly treadmill that walking... Money can buy in a 3x2 block of six ; Companies ; salaries ; Interviews ; Search desks your! Desk to make it easier to keep them under control accessories to choose from to imovr review reddit shipping! The other aspects of iMovR Elite treadmill desk Workstation powered by JustWatch “ the Wave ” like! And disassembly are imovr review reddit simple, you can personalize your desk to your own unique.!