Desert King is one of the top figs for climates where its hard to ripen anything but Brebas. Ficus carica 'Desert King' SKU. #1 (2 packs) 2 x Black Bethelham 2 x Desert King 2 x Italian Honey 2 x Lampa Branca 2 x … Each pack will have 2 cuttings each for a total of 10 cuttings. Desert King Fig matures in cool climates and is our most dependable variety in Western WA. After that, check out the description of many other varieties that we offer, some complement ‘Desert King’, others extend the season. It is a large, deep green fig with strawberry red flesh. But, because of its heavy bearing, and its excellent taste, a lot of gardeners in the north, simply had to have it. Because it ripens in mid summer, Desert King is a great variety for gardeners in coastal, high elevation, and other cool regions. Choosing plants that grow and thrive in your particular climate is the very first step toward having a beautiful garden . May set a second fall crop in warmer regions. If growing this tree in the ground on the West Coast, we recommend that you plant this tree in a sunny and protected spot. Yum! desert king fig, celeste fig, black mission fig, kadota fig, LSU purple, LSU gold, brunswick fig ficus sycomorous, Texas everbearing DESERT KING FIG Desert King Fig Plant Desert King Fig Desert King is a San Pedro type of fig which originated in 1920 in Madera, California by Charlie King. Desert King produces a huge ‘breba’ (first) crop on last years’ wood. Desert King Fig Ficus carica 'Desert King' Sku #7029. Then sets a … The Desert King Fig tree sets a large early crop from June to August. A large spring crop is followed by a later fall crop that is light in hot climates and heavier in coastal climates. Need[s] to be pollinated, 'Caprified ' to have good fruit set. Desert King. The most recommended and grown variety for the BC coast. The Desert King Fig is hands down one of the best fig trees for the Pacific Northwest. Then mulch fairly heavily around its’ base and finally protect it with a burlap wrap in mid-Winter for the first few years. Be the first to review this product. Desert King Fig Tree. So it has plenty of time to ripen. Note: The fig tree pictured is the actual tree the cuttings will be taken from, but the picture is an early summer photo when the growth was still young and tender. The large high-quality figs are greenish-yellow with a sweet and rich strawberry-coloured interior. *Please note, that this variety may not be the ideal choice for our friends in the East, as a container fig… This is a fast growing tree with long and erected branches that the foliage is unable to completely cover, giving the tree a little “bare” appearance. For that reason, local figs are often the only fresh figs a person can buy without edging into the world of wilted, semi-spoiled specimens, or, just as bad, fruit picked before it's ripe. Desert King Additional Information. King. We grow well over 100 varieties of hardy fig trees, each with their own delicious flavours, textures and colours. In my opinion, this variety does well in cooler climates like coastal regions and higher elevations but feel comfortable in USDA zone's 6 to 10. 7029. When you order this black mission fig tree you will actually receive four well … Entry Size 12"-18" Premium Size 24"-36" Qty. USDA Zone? And just for the heck of it, here’s a link to Saveur’s fig recipe page, which has a few preserve recipes and a lot of appetizer and desert recipes for fresh figs. Black Mission Fig Tree. Desert King produces a huge ‘breba’ (first) crop on last years’ wood. Desert King Fig. Re: Desert King fig tree for trade! Its second crop is not worth waiting for beacuase it is said to need pollination by a specific wasp. August 10 to November 5 (approximate for Hickman, CA) The Desert King Fig Tree is a good choice for cooler climates. SHIPPING TREE SIZES Available fall 2020; Light green 'white' skin, strawberry colored pulp. Sweet, delicious fresh or dried. The exact origin and identity of this tree is not known in the ancient world. *Please note, that this variety may not be the ideal choice for our friends in the East, as a container fig. Desert King was found growing wild, sometime between 1920 and 1930, in Madera, California. Please Pm me. The Desert King variety can be traced back to the 1920’s in Madera, California. Description: This self-fruitful fig thrives in Seattle, producing an annual crop of dark fruit with strawberry-red flesh. Even better, this coveted cultivar is productive and reliable, producing bushels of yellow-green figs with sweet, richly-flavored and strawberry-hued flesh. Each year we will be offering more and more varieties to the public. Large, skin is deep green, minutely spotted white, pulp strawberry red. We grow well over 100 varieties of hardy fig trees, each with their own delicious flavours, textures and colours. Figs are our passion! Self-fruitful. This versatile fig thrives in cool climates, producing a large early crop even in the absence of summer heat. Harvest Season within fruit type; Harvest Dates. Excellent quality fresh or dried. The total cost is $28 shipped per pack. Cuttings will be cut just prior to shipping (shipping on Mondays) to ensure maximum freshness. The large high-quality figs are greenish-yellow with a sweet and rich strawberry-coloured interior. Please check later in the season. This tree produces loads of lusciously sweet figs every August. Thus desert king produces two crops: Also, the King (aka Desert King) produces Breba crop on last year wood in ealy spring the same time as the leaves come on. Ripening in August, these are a midsummer treat that we always look forward to! The Desert King fig tree is a reliable producer or large, jammy, strawberry flavored figs. Plus, because it's grown in California, it's a proven performer for your Golden State landscape. Two of the branches were cut nearly to the ground to encourage renewal growth. One of the best varieties for the Northwest, Desert King Fig is very productive and reliable, producing abundant yellowish-green figs with sweet and richly flavorful, strawberry colored flesh. Desert King Fig. It being found growing wild in California, you would think it is not a cold hardy fig. A San Pedro type fig, it normaly requires pollination for the second crop. Fig, Lemon, Thyme Confitures from Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen. Plant this fig tree – what are you waiting for!! We have been telling gardeners for years that if you are only planting one fig tree in your yard, this should be it! Desert King one of our most reliable varieties, Desert King bears abundant crops of yellowish-green fruit with delectably sweet, strawberry-colored flesh. Desert King. Price: Sorry, sold out. It has hardened off and gone dormant now. Mountain Figs Are Robust Figs; Mt Etna Figs and Mountain Figs; O’Rourke and Improved Celeste: 2 Distinct Cultivars; Pons Earliest Ripening Figs; Pons Early Ripening Figs; Quality Breba Varieties; The Many Names of the Mt Etna Fig Variety; Tips to Grow Figs in Ground and in Pots; FIGS BY YEAR. Fresh, high-quality fruit is just a click away with the Desert King Fig Tree. This also mean to be careful with pruning to leave enough wood with buds. All Fig Trees are large 1-gallon size plants. I have some pre made fig packs of cuttings. Desert King comes from a fig tree found in 1930, near Madera, California. Home Shop Fig Desert King Fig Tree (SOLD OUT) Desert King Fig Tree (SOLD OUT) $29 + Gift Wrapping. The fruit is large pyriform with deep green skin. It's easy to grow as well! Zone 7-10. The Desert King fig tree produces a larger fruit that has a yellowish-green skin and strawberry colored flesh. This Desert King fig in Bellevue had grown over two stories high; only the birds could harvest the fruit! This variety produces loads of large, luscious green figs with rich and delicious strawberry pulp, year after year. *. Yum! When you buy fig trees such as this King Fig you will enjoy its heavily produced, excellent quality, sweet figs.