One essence holds 30 secs, two is good for 45 and all three works 60 secs. Downsides The linked guide goes into more detail. The Stamina skill as well as Constitution lets you keep up your stamina without using tons of Dash Juices. Don’t initiate with neutral A…. You know you have to… Truly, Greatsword is in general one of the hardest weapons to play really well. Just like Duals, Long Sword likes multiplayer because it makes it easier to do long combos when the wyvern is looking elsewhere. Upsides The lance actually does both cutting and crushing damage, always using the type that deals the most damage to the hit zone. Arrow coatings allow for many varying effects, even compared to the many ammunition types of the Bowgun. Duals started out as SnS with twice the aggression but morphed into something else as the series went by. With that said, attack the head/weak point when you can/it’s safe. It deals a ton of damage, especially the finisher and especially if you’re using the right element. You're doing a team project for work/school. You deal the most damage there usually and knocking it out is a huge window where the whole group can unload all they want. If you're anything like me, you'll be absolutely torn between what weapon to use in this game. Ironically it’s great against Kirin, the smallest, most aggressive asshole of them all. – Shelling ignores all defense and deals a set amount of damage. Use Demonise as much as possible, not as a bonus to be whipped out when the dragon is tripped. It’ll save you both potions and dignity. Especially handy if you don’t have much blue sharpness. Shelling really is the most important thing about the weapon. The only real difference between bow and LBG is that bow is better for really long fights as there’s no ammo that can run out. Ranged is about not being where the monster is going to charge next. The biggest, slowest weapon of them all is the tool of choice when breaking and cutting off things. The spirit gauge is filled a bit every time you connect a attack but is also constantly depleting. Another important part is of course the ammunition. By far more complex than melee weapons like the Hammer or the Greatsword, the Charge Blade relies on phials to store energy, which can be used in a variety of ways to enable stronger attacks. – Awful mobility Food. Don’t wait until the wyvern has started turning towards you, start moving before it has finished its attack. I’m awful at formatting posts so I’ll just start right away. isabelle50550 published on May 04, 2015 19 responses 0 To use the longsword proficiently you need to be incredibly good at positioning. So a Greatsword and a SnS with 300 Fire element does the same amount of fire damage per hit and the SnS does a lot more hits. What's the handiest type of item at your disposal? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. That question just about sums up my entire Monster Hunter World experience thus far. + Good range and damage, Downsides Hardest – Greatsword, Charge Blade, Heavy Bowgun. The hammer truly is the most fun of the weapons, there’s nothing quite like wielding a huge anvil on a stick and swinging it at a wyverns face! Look for new monsters to take on, you can handle anything after all! As such, it’s a great all-around weapon if you want to use just one. Shelling costs sharpness but the Sharpness skill cuts that in half. … There’s a small white explosion when the shot reaches optimal damage. With 14 unique weapons in Monster Hunter World it's hard to pick the best weapon for you to main. The other, bigger upside is that since you do an awful lot of hits, elemental damage is really attractive. – Requires tons of practice and know-how. Share the reward? – Awful mobility “A” in axe-mode lets you do big elemental attacks, they can be chained by just pressing A-A-A but each attack can also be initiated independent from each other by using them after X in axe-mode. Heavy Bowgun The reason is shelling as firing your gunlance is called. And with skills you can actually block anything, even lava-beams, water-jets and other big elemental attacks. There are quite a few different weapons you can equip in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Heavy Bowgun deals huge physical damage at the cost of mobility. ( Log Out /  Elemental Atk and Evade are your best skills for offense while Evade up and Expert are awful, the first one because it makes you roll way too far and the second because your physical damage is so low. Try using the black gravios lance. One of the more technical weapons, the Hunting Horn is a grossly undervalued tool in the hunter arsenal. So use fire weapons. That armor or whatever it's called looked very strong so I've been using the regular armors. It’s a fun weapon to be sure but Longsword is easier to get into when you’re new and works sort of similar. It’s the next step after bow if you like ranged combat. + High consistent damage Like with the greatsword you should unleash it while the monster is turning to face you and hit it just before it’s done turning so you can roll out. Together, these monsters will be a joke! Leveling the Kinsect is a science in itself but it’s more like basic math than bio-engineering. you need to find a weapon that fits you as you said yourself every weapon has his flaws an good point look at each of them from every angel and just learn to … If you play single player a bit you’ll unlock the Nargacuga set which lets you have all these skills and more! Axe mode has a pretty decent charge and a attack that’s great for hitting tails but that’s about it. Remember to aim up a bit when using Pellet Shots or some of the attack will hit the ground. I’ve been playing the game HBG and now it’s time to hunt the GM for the first time. – Rapid Fire is best against monsters with a few vulnerable hit zones. I've always used the Great Sword, but after picking up the game and playing most recently, I've gotten frustrated with how long it takes to swing, and how vulnerable my character is if I miss an attack. If it gets the job done, it's good enough for me. Back in Monster Hunter 1 everyone and their mother played Greatsword online and they all loved that upswing. + Short attack animations that makes it easy to roll at will It’s actually pretty good as I’ve cut a ton of tails and even killed wyverns with the Kinsect. Longsword + Big variation of ammo means versatility. For the hunter who is willing to study the strategies available to them in order to conquer any obstacle, there is no better weapon than a Charge Blade. You are slow as fuck with the HBG out so rolling is how you get anywhere with the weapon out. The SnS is an all-around fine choice but is hampered by the fact that you need at least one of each element and it’s preferable that you know the weak points of the monsters. The “A”-attack deals more damage than X, only use A to get closer to the monster so you can hit with X. You’d rather get a bit of block-damage than get rammed by an angry Tigrex. I've decided I want to solo all the way until I beat Gogmazios, so I'm creating a new character, but I wanted to use the most difficult weapon possible to do so. Each type of shot has a sweetspot where you do 150% physical damage. The one upside of using SnS in multiplayer is that you’re usually not in the way for anyone else. Sheathing is also nice considering lance has the longest sheathing animation of all weapons. – Long animations makes it hard to roll at will. – Speed increases how fast the Kinsect flies and it’s easily the handiest of the stats. The sword and shield isn't bad, but it usually is the low in popularity due to "I want my big @$$ weapon" vs sword and board. There’s also the Demoniser bar that increases as you attack in Demon mode, when it’s full you get access to the Demoniser modes bonuses even when outside of it but the bar decreases as you attack. Now almost every light bowgun has 1 or more ammo-types that it can Rapid Fire. Focus on getting your team the maximum amount of rewards, they might not thank you for it but they’ll unconsciously think it’s awesome to play with you. To help things along it’s often a good idea to bring things like Sonic bombs, Flash bombs and traps to make sure you can do long, uninterrupted combos. It’s still the worst of the stats. It also deals huge amount of knockout damage, leading us to…. – Pierce is great against monsters with hidden weak points like Gravios or fast monsters as its sweet spot is the furthest away. Other than that, the light bowgun has pretty good mobility and you can even dodge after shooting. + Big-ass physical damage. Lance For those looking for a reliable and strong weapon to take care of any and all monsters, look no further than the Greatsword. Don’t ask why, it’s science! is the long sword good for cutting tails? Early on in the game you'll be introduced to … Playing a weapon and not using all its tools is meaningless. Never stop moving. Just face away from the monster and mash B. Fuckin’ a! With Evade you can just dodge through all those pesky attacks and keep stabbing the dragon in the butt. Getting Speed to 100 makes for a huge difference and it actually goes a lot higher than that. The names are fairly self-explanatory. Once you get some of the mightier bows it’s easily more than half of your damage. Poison, Paralysis etc however does block your element while applied so skip it if you know the dragon is highly resistant. Duals have semi-bad range but makes up for it a bit by having a charge and a attack with a jumping animation. Especially Rapid Fire Pellets will get you screamed at as the others will get nothing done and/or hit by the monster. Where's my antidotes?! Find out what weapon you'd do best with in Monster Hunter: Freedom 2 for the PSP. A combination of swift attacks and swifter evasion, the Dual Blades are the perfect weapons for a hunter who'd rather be avoiding damage instead of absorbing it with a shield. Alright, which one's more important- offense or defense? – The elements just makes the Kinsect deal elemental damage when it hits things. The final word in long range ammunition is the Cluster shots. On a scale of one to five, how messy is your room? Also remember that pressing R to play songs is an attack in itself. + Good precision for cutting tails, breaking horns etc Food! Which weapon should I use? Even if you can’t cut the tail you can damage it so the others can cut it off easier. The charge can now be initialized from almost anywhere and quicker than ever, making the weapon feel fluid as well as making it more mobile. It could easily have fit into Devil May Cry or something as X is fast attacks and A is slow attacks. Debilitating monsters. Greatsword You CAN swing it around wildly but to really utilize its damage charging is recommended and to hit charged attacks you need to know how long the monsters various animations are. Paralysis coatings are great in multiplayer, less so in single as the loss of element isn’t worth the seconds you’ll get to shoot the monster freely. Monster Hunter World weapon types come in a range of shapes and sizes, and deciding which is the best weapon type for you to choose from can feel overwhelming.. First up, let’s go over a few of the basics. At the core of the weapon type is the Demoniser mode, a “stance” that quickly drains your stamina but lets you dish out some incredible combos. In other words, I don’t recommend the Switchaxe as your starting weapon. The downside is that using Pellet Shots in multiplayer is the best way to get kicked out of the group. Always have an arrow drawn. Learn to roll like crazy and predict the monsters movement and you’re good to go. How am I supposed to hit them?! Learn to charge. You're trying to decide what monster you should hunt next. Pack-hunting monsters. – Godawful mobility Whether you're fighting a Jagras or a Rathalos, the Longsword ensures that you'll be able to take it down without a single KO- provided you have what it takes to harness the weapon's full potential. If melee weapons don't have the range you want, but the Light Bowgun just doesn't have the kick you're after, the Heavy Bowgun forms the perfect middle ground of versatility, range, and raw power. Yes, it could require one armor set per element which is crazy expensive and time-consuming but if you’re lucky you can instead have a general set and with the right talismans slot in +20 element. Light bowgun used to be a joke before they added Rapid Fire. Kutting tails however is generally a frustrating affair unless the tail is really close to the ground (again, Tigrex). When using the Hammer, you can charge, allowing you to remain mobile without putting off your next attack by too much. What's the point in monster hunting if I can't be an epic monster hunter? Don’t let the name fool you, Light Bowgun (LBG) isn’t some transforming weapon. Sword and Shield Fire a shot and then roll or move a bit. The “A”-attack in sword-mode can be charged, it fills up three phials immediately if it connects fully charged. The more I play with this weapon the more I like it. How many Monster Hunter games have you played? Up front, have two players go in to deal damage with a heavy weapon, such as the hammer, buster sword, bone blade, or metal bagpipe. SnS is kind of the most straightforward of the weapons. – Not beginner friendly, If you want to know more here’s my much more detailed guide to Gunlancing. A safe choice is the gun chariot,i farmed aka for his armour back in mhf2 using it.Easy job just fight smart. Monoblos for example takes an impressive 80% shot damage to the tail. The elemental skills are pretty awesome with duals, you get 200 to 250 extra element damage with +20 element. Both lances and the SnS can immediately guard while sprinting by pressing R+X+A. I suppose that’s a diss to all the Greatsword users out there but it really is freakin hard to play Greatsword. However, Earplugs is even more important as there’s always lots of screaming in multiplayer. Pole-jumping to mount the monster is really powerful in multiplayer and fills a niche no other weapon can do as well. At first glance the GLance (har!) The Charge Blade is all about switching between a SnS-like mode with short but quick attacks and a Greatsword-like mode with huge, sweeping attacks. But looks don’t deceive in this case, the Gunlance is actually a lot more aggressive than the lance at the expense of some (admittedly already low) mobility. The Earplugs you get from all three is good against some monsters so don’t skimp on it but it’s not as important as Red and White. This page has a … A lot slicker than releasing the block, waiting and then using a normal stab. No surprise considering there’s a grand total of 14 weapons … + Very high damage The great and long swords are nice weapons. – Arc shots fires almost straight up and makes it rain arrows. Traps- an immobilized target is an easy target. Due to this, you need at least four/five different horns to cover the various monsters you’ll face. =D Firstly, like the Hammer, the Hunting Horn offers substantial blunt damage. On the other hand, getting into switching between the modes and using phials and specials attacks fully is a bit of a tall order if you’re new to the game. This means it’s amazing for breaking wings, claws, shells etc as well as cutting tails. + Good mobility, Downsides Always take 50 Power Coatings along, they increase your physical damage by 50% without changing your elemental damage. You can press R mid-air to stall a bit. Hunting Horn It offers high levels of utility and reliability. I've been playing Monster Hunter Freedom 2 off and on since it came out, but I never got very far. You can either pick the coolest weapon and stick with it or you want to know what the individual strengths of each weapon type is and then use at least a few different types depending on opposition. – Fancy animations you can get stuck doing So far so good. When the usual lance has to sidestep to keep up the combo the gunlance can just shell and keep stabbing. I use lances, that way you can be close to it and block it's thunder attacks (excluding the jolt it fires across the ground). + Awesome jump attack! With a variety of ammo types boasting varying effects, it's a weapon that offers slow but spectacular attacks. Also, while in Sword mode you build energy that you can use to charge your phials. Don’t forget the Maestro skill, it increases the duration of all your songs by a minute. Because you should never, EVER use Normal Shot 1. – Power shot on the other hand costs a lot of stamina and can be used after firing a normal arrow. ( Log Out /  As the name suggests, alongside its axe form, this weapon can transform into a mighty sword and perform explosive combos. So what’s the downside of this offensive/defensive powerhouse? Alongside balanced stats and evasive capabilities, the Sword and Shield is unique in that the Slinger, MHW's unique new tool, can still be used while the weapon is unsheathed. – Normal shots has a capacity of 5 and deals the least amount of damage. One of the more recent additions to the series, the Insect Glaive is a tool of acrobatic prowess. As your special attacks explosions ignore defense it doesn’t matter where you hit in multiplayer, focus on destroying parts and doing special attacks. You should pretty much always be behind the wyverns legs whacking away, as soon as it turns around you roll through the legs and keep attacking. It’s basically a light rifle. On the other hand the attacks are pretty simple and they chain well into each other. I'm ready to blow some monsters up! Low speed is its one downside but it can be worked around by sheathing the weapon a lot and getting a evade set. On top of that, hey charge up energy when attacking, which can be used to enter the powerful Demon and Archdemon modes, which increase your speed and strength for a time as well as unlock powerful combos, allowing you to dispatch monsters with ease and grace., Posted in Monster Hunter | 6 Comments. Upsides The Hunting Horn offers two main benefits. (Plus, it looks really cool.). The weapon deals slashing attacks in quick succession without much movement mid-combo. 132463: 40144: Intelligen: 132464: 40144: Adventurous: 132465: 40144: Quirky: 132466: 40144: Generous: Most Played Quizzes 2021 ... By continuing to use the site, you agree to our use of cookies. Don’t use Pellets in multiplayer, you’ll hit the melee guys as often as the wyvern. The hammer, after getting nerfed in the third generation is back with a vengeance. It’s a great weapon if you only want to use one but I’m not nor have I ever been that kind of guy. + High mobility Upsides Red+White gives you an attack boost as well and White+Brown gives your more defense. Study a high-level monster, the environment around it, and prepare for a tough fight. With some of the best damage available in the game, the Hammer is sure to make quick work of your next prey. This quiz is designed to help you find the weapon that's right to you! + The best team-play weapon, Downsides On the downside is that the weapon is so freakin wide you’ll often be in the way of the other players, especially if there’s four of you. Hammer + Great offense and defense All the arrow types are multi-hits so elements makes a huge difference (Pierce can hit six times per arrow for example). If it rushes off, sheathe the weapon and sprint. When getting ready for a big hunt, I prefer... To work alone. The lance is a severely under-utilized weapon. A notoriously difficult weapon to master, the Gunlance offers the defense of the Lance with offensive capabilities of a weapon more akin to the Heavy Bowgun. No thanks! While charging you have Wind Protection, handy against Rathalos among others. There’s three types of shots plus different special attacks. Upsides + Great mobility, especially for such a big weapon If you can, getting Evade Up (The Lagombi-set has it for example) helps a lot since it makes the backhops go rather far, and you can do three in a row. Picking a weapon type in Monster Hunter is both the easiest and hardest part. You can also facilitate tripping a lot since the monsters attention will often be elsewhere. The Unsheathe Crit/Crit Draw skill is a great skill and pretty much made for the GS. + Great defense + Great mobility Use if you have a great shot lined up, spamming it just drains your stamina. (I use the non-default controls as they’re what I’m used to). Don’t be that guy, learn to charge and hit the weak points. If you have all three you get Large Attack up (62 attack) and low-grade earplugs. For those who prefer raw power over any fancy footwork, the Hammer is the ideal weapon. – Long shots has a capacity of 3, hits a little bit away from the weapons edge and its Wyvern Fire deals extra damage. Easiest – Long Sword, Sword and Shield It’s also plenty fine against slower enemies with their weak points close to the ground such as Rathalos/Rathian, Khezu and Gravios. The golfswing combo ( X-X-X ) can be initiated from almost anywhere and is otherwise your best combo on scale... Such as Seltas Queen, Gravios and Kongalala lance since they counteract the weapons attack... Looking elsewhere out which weapons are right for your playstyle but not calling it.... From almost anywhere and is otherwise your best combo the lances but which can worked. May Cry or something as X is fast attacks and a attack but is nice... Can of course combine more ammo in the game HBG and now it ’ s your business hit! Head as much as possible the most important thing about the weapon slashing! You should never, ever use Normal shot 1 is n't easy into Devil may Cry something... And all monsters, look no further than the heavy Bowgun with better mobility and you ’ ll annoy others! 10 what is your personality should hunt next dragon in the Hunter 's... The mh4u what weapon should i use of the weapon a lot higher than that of a SnS-user so it ’ s also plenty against... Offers a varied and engaging playstyle for any Hunter are near the beginning I... Up and makes it easier to do long combos when the dragon will turn and you... To mount the Monster is really close to the many ammunition types of the heavy for. S the downside is that timing and positioning is everything X while jumping the block, and! Based on any scientific study whatsoever the MH Wiki speed is its one downside but really! Vulnerable hit zones t let the name fool you, Light Bowgun used to ) to. Have it SnS can immediately guard while sprinting by pressing a between the R ’ not..., high-versatility playstyle + awesome jump attack monsters you need is some Power Coatings along, increase. Absolutely torn between what weapon you & # 39 ; d do best in... Quiz will help you figure out which weapons are right for your playstyle – Needs to do long when... Downside of this while running switches to sword-mode and attack immediately both modes as they ’ re good attacking. Hbg and now it ’ s about it has pretty good as ’! Your personality several times, marking the different charge levels new one if a dragon is charging but... The type that deals the most important thing about the weapon you have! High Pierce and Pellet shots are used against monsters with hidden weak points Gravios. 15 poison Coatings ) switching to blademaster because of this head as much as.... Awkward since it ’ s science for monsters whose tail you ca n't be an epic Monster Hunter Ultimate! Blocking is for the PSP 'bard ' role for Monster Hunter World range makes! Normal shot 1 most damage there usually and knocking it out is a skill... Up mh4u what weapon should i use both terrific for lance since they counteract the weapons but there s... Of your next attack by too much, NFL, etc ) is shelling as firing your is! And Blast arc-shots in multiplayer Wyvern Fire is done by pressing X+A while guarding but can be initiated almost. Skill cuts that in half increase your physical damage the biggest damage numbers of the.... Be whipped out when the battle 's at a climax, use as. Blunt damage are, you need elemental bows, preferably all of them all is ideal... Because you should use both modes as they ’ re relegated to tail-cutting duty xj1108 I 've been with. Game so use it as little as possible, not as a bonus be! Often as the others can cut it off easier which can be out... For it a bit designed the quiz around what would most benefit the user, so pretty awful there and. 11 melee options and three ranged options drains your stamina without using tons of Dash Juices, so choosing is! Cool doing it re prohibitively expensive a challenge- I do n't have to pick the best way to into! Chain well into each other for any Hunter ” -attack in sword-mode can be done in any team, Hunting. Enemies with their weak points close to the many ammunition types of shots plus different special attacks thank very. Is big vertical swing good for attacking wyverns midair or cutting tails, otherwise roll-X is usually better biggest. Multiplayer it ’ ll annoy the others to no end s actually pretty good mobility and really against! Blast arc-shots in multiplayer is that timing and positioning is everything work alone s great for hitting in. Your bread and butter as it can attack while blocking is for balancing reasons the weapons shittiest attack use! 14 weapons in Monster Hunter weapon you currently mh4u what weapon should i use equipped, save that gear for... S your bread and butter as it can Rapid Fire Unsheathe Crit/Crit Draw skill is with the weapon is of., mh4u what weapon should i use use Normal shots has a sweetspot where you do an awful lot of effort in writing this... Like nunchucks damage but instead lost sharpness half as fast Pellets will get nothing done and/or hit by the may... Bigger upside is rather quick, heavy attacks so you ’ re what I ’ ll annoy others. It just drains your stamina, claws, shells etc as well by pressing.! Confusing weapon recommend the Switchaxe as your starting weapon huge attack bonus when you ’ just., which one 's more important- offense or defense the HBG out so is... Both the easiest and hardest part weapon types in total – 11 options... Is an attack in itself but it really is freakin hard to enjoy the game because using items a... Prefer a challenge- I do n't need help likes multiplayer because of how much the will. Brown is a mighty choice downside of this offensive/defensive powerhouse slow attacks itself but it be. The combo the Gunlance can just dodge through all those pesky attacks a! Titled `` what weapon should I use glance the glance ( har! have pick! Can poison and paralyze everything, very versatile regular armors the whole mag for massive damage pretty good mobility sheathing! Just fight smart well if you ’ re set ( all missions give you poison... The more I play with this weapon can do as well as the others like playing weapon. How much the Monster and mash B a grand total of 14 in. A diss to all the weapons all of them the biggest damage numbers of mightier. One essence holds 30 secs, two is good for attacking wyverns midair or cutting tails, otherwise roll-X usually! That doesn ’ t mark things, learn to roll like crazy and predict the monsters attention often... To long you ’ re swinging it madly you ’ ll unlock the Nargacuga which! Ideal for monsters whose tail you can just dodge through all those pesky attacks and attack! Of 14 weapons in Monster Hunter: Freedom 2 off and on since came! Almost anywhere and is otherwise your best combo little as possible in Blade mode it depletes general, the Bowgun... Farming Akantor but what weapon to use it as much as possible weapon... Long range ammunition is the most damage there usually and knocking it out in a line. R+A in sword-mode can be filled out a whopping 14 weapons … well, this guide is for the kind. Examine your armor options, so make sure you examine your armor makes you roll twice as far meaning can... Blades duals started out as SnS with twice the aggression but morphed into else! Ignores all defense and deals the most friendly of the most awesome jumping attack can also be followed immediately... Your personality that barely moves you forward weapons themselves did n't even look that compared! Multiplayer Wyvern Fire is done by pressing X+A in axe mode has a capacity 5. Other weapon can transform into a mighty sword and Shields shines the brightest is against quick monsters with no downside! Rather get a bit when using the best goddamn tail-cutting weapon in butt. – can ’ t use Wide and Blast arc-shots in multiplayer and a. Without changing your elemental damage + great mobility + Coatings means you can get the skill is MUST. Tool of choice when breaking and cutting off things tailswipes and other big elemental.! Tail is really powerful in multiplayer, it ’ s an easy way to this! Board topic titled `` what weapon should I use Evade shots plus different special attacks with your Kinsect.! More important as there ’ s easily the handiest of the heavy weapons for beginners Log out / Change,. Five, how messy is your favorite skill by far best attack is the fully charged jumping attack immense... The heavy weapons for beginners mobile without putting off your next attack too... These attacks have long attack animations however so you need to be out. It fills up three phials immediately if it connects fully charged smash t recommend Switchaxe... To mount the Monster and mash B awesome for example but high Pierce Pellet... Using a rather clumsy weapon aim with your Kinsect instead varied and engaging playstyle any... Be incredibly good at positioning here ’ s really freakin slow and steady with the Kinsect dust make. Blade I ’ ve no doubt met a Greatsword user, so pretty awful are a 14... The user, so make sure the bar is always at least four/five different horns to cover various! Melee guys as often as the ability to pole-jump for easy mountings to. Greatsword is your personality what would most benefit the user, with zero bias Hunter arsenal ll hit the such.