As with the other products we have listed so far, the Vari Prodesk 60 has a programmable headset. The second stability issue with the Autonomous Desk is the use of poor fitting glides. In saying that, manual standing desks are quieter since they don’t require a motor, they are usually cheaper if you are looking to save a few dollars, and they don’t require power (saving electricity costs in the long run). A good standing desk will almost always have a large range of standing and seated positions. Our criteria for these desks is looking specifically at full standing desks. If you can, please link your review, I'd love to see it! Learn how your comment data is processed. It is the only desk on the market to offer this. Do you agree with iMovR’s 4-star rating? This subreddit is all about standing desks, also known as stand up desks, adjustable height desks, and … Last time we checked, this model was under half the price of any other product on our list making it the cheapest standing desk which is still good enough to be in our top 8. We want to make sure that you as the reader and possible buyer of a standing desk are fully informed before making your decision. We are committed to create the best standing and walking desk experience for all users. This same crossbar, however, creates other issues. I've found these 3 that are priced ok and have enough height. Does anyone have an opinion one way or the other? Remember, the lifting capacity is of the frame itself and doesn’t include the weight of the tabletop, so you must factor in the size of your tabletop before adding more weight. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Uplift V2 vs. IMovr Lander Been searching for a bit for a standing desk, and have narrowed it down to these two. The Jarvis and the Uplift both have 7-years all-inclusive, meaning the frame, desktop, and motors all have the same warranty period. Home » Office Equipment » Standing Desks » The Best Standing Desk for Home Office 2020. We must mention that there have been a few complaints about the top-level stability of this unit. 60-DAY RETURN POLICY MojoDesk delivers a 60-day NO RISK guarantee and free return shipping; the iMovR Lander charges you a 20% restocking fee and charges return shipping as high as $200 and more. The Jarvis is just a single platform tabletop that doesn’t offer any form of an ergonomic keyboard. It comes in two basic shapes, the regular rectangle in 7 size options or a contoured cutout version in 3 sizes. For us, the Uplift sits in a similar realm to the Jarvis desk and we think that they are both amazing desks. The Uplift is another great electric height adjustable desk that is customizable, ergonomic, and has a very impressive adjustable range. The Varidesk Pro may have started the desk converter revolution, but the ZipLift+ takes things to the next level. Honestly, if they hadn't told me it would be three weeks before I got a desk (that was the lead time ~ two weeks ago), I would have gone with them. Fully combines design, functionality, and a reasonable price to boot. Seems odd that there are no imovr products in this list or anywhere on your site. Close. Free returns with return shipment payment. This doesn’t come standard with the desk and instead is a paid addition. Like the Vari, it is not a customizable product so there is just one set price, which we believe is great value for money. Therefore, it is a product that other dealers do not sell. Honestly they have the best CS exp I've had between all the companies. The ApexDesk electric height adjustable desk is a well-built and sturdy product, that gets its place on our list for its affordability more than anything. Jarvis vs. Uplift Standard Specs/Features While the Jarvis and Uplift bases have similar specifications, they aren’t quite the same base. IMO the larger (outer) portion of the legs should be on the bottom when raised for best stability. Visit Selecting the Right iMovR Desk … You chat to a real person and they actually know what they are talking about. The huge factor which sets the iMovR Lander apart is the zero-tools assembly. You can do all these by downloading the VertDesk iOS App, which allows you to make up to 4 preset heights that can be activated via voice commands. No need to do all that mind-numbing research yourself, just take a look below. The other winning factor is the lifetime warranty on the frame. See the pinned post for helpful resources and more information. Hey what's up. UpLift V2: Pros: Can extend the warranty to 12 years - $650. The desk is offered in a 60″ model for those looking for a smaller and cheaper desk, but apart from that what you see is what you get. This is where we come in – you can skip the queue and go straight to the front of the line. Some desks like the iMovR Lander offer a lifetime warranty on its frame, whereas there are others which have no more than a year. Treadmill Desks. What I don’t like about the standard Uplifts are the inverted legs. For us, the Uplift sits in a similar realm to the Jarvis desk and we think that they are both amazing desks. The Lander came with a host of improvements from their previous products, one of which is the new app. The lift controller is the most intuitive of all the standing desks because you can easily pull it up and down to change the height of the desk. If you're not worried about price, definitely check out our best overall pick, the iMovR Lander Desk. But I saw some reviews on Reddit saying the UPLIFT can wobble, and also some criticism of its Chinese-made mechanical items, and some people who bought some DOA desks. Great stability? Although this takes away from the overall height, we do believe it adds to the stability of the unit overall. The primary accessory that the Lander has which few other desks have is the built-in SteadyType keyboard tray. source for IMovr 20% restocking fee:, source for Uplift completely free returns: As we look further into its specs, the Xdesk Terra Pro truly has a lot of impressive features to offer: fast lifting speed, smooth transition, sturdy build, and plenty of add-on products. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. From compact desks for small offices, to the largest and highest-lifting desks in the market, we have a desk option for every application, décor, and budget. I got a call back from my email within 10 minutes. The motion that is most noticeable is … This, however, comes at the cost of customizability which we will talk about later. We research each and every one of the products we write about to see what its users have to say. The trick is deciding what are the most important features for you! Of all the adjustable desks on this list, the ApexDesk has the smallest adjustable range. Uplift V2 (Now) vs. iMovr Lander Lite Desk (in 3 weeks) Conundrum. Thanks! Vari electric standing desk. As you can see, there are some pretty common traits that the best standing desks all have. The range is very similar to the Jarvis, which is considered one of the best standing desks for tall people. If so, how is the stability when fully raised? Phone app connectivity. Now, the Apex Elite 71″ is not the cheapest standing desk available on the market, but for what you get it is the cheapest on our list. Stopping at nothing when it comes to improvements, V3 makes sure that all these high-end features are protected by a solid base. These points may seem minor, but it's pretty much my decision points for buying either at this point lol. Also, its adjustable buttons don’t come with any memory presets, and it only gives you access to a limited adjustable range. Thanks for the reply! For one, its weight capacity is slightly below other mid-range desks like Jarvis and Uplift V2, so you might want to check on the weight of your equipment before buying this brand. I'm one of those guys that needs special size everything. IMovr has a 20% restocking fee! Uplift E7 Electric Standing Desk Converter Best electric standing desk converter. Just wondering what your thoughts were. As it is, I might get my Uplift tomorrow but it might be delayed until Tuesday (FedEx is telling me different things), so it's all a wash. Uplift has had great support too -- even changing some of my order stuff around at the last minute -- but I was very impressed with the iMovr people. Thanks! Having a hard time reminding yourself when to move around? Posted by : Greg Knighton. The Jarvis and UPLIFT desks use the same base: it’s made by Jiecang, a Chinese manufacturer. EC1 makes sure you get all that and more, thanks to its smart motoring system. A sturdy work surface, precision height adjustment, and a tilting keyboard tray keep you standing healthfully and productively. The main things that seem to matter are the stability of the desk, and the reliability of the motors. We love the look of bamboo, so we give it top marks for style and design. For a desk that is 71″ x 33″, made with a strong laminate desktop and sturdy steel frame, we think that it is a pretty good deal. iMovR vs VariDesk. We use this word a lot in our articles about standing desks and standing desk converters, but the fact is this remains one of the most important factors for these desks. We like the fact that the pricing is transparent. We actually compared these two products side-by-side so you can really see in which areas they excel and where they fall a little short. iMovR has also kept the traditional up-down controller on the desk too in case you don’t want to use the app. I have the iMovR Lander frame (with my own DIY top) and can confirm the crossbar is fastened directly to the underside of the desktop. A common feature among the best height adjustable desks is their customizability. Explore a complete treadmill desk system from iMovR. The Fully Jarvis is one of the most customizable standing desks available in terms of desk size. In this list of our favorite height-adjustable desks, all of them are electric. The UpLift 900 mid-range stand-up, electric stand up desk that is exclusively sold by UpLiftDesk (or Human Solution), an ergonomic products retailer based in Austin, Texas. This is exactly why we tried to find desks that had all the core features that a standing desk must-have, but that all have slight differences that can suit different people. Check out what 182 people have written so far, and share your own experience. A fantastic feature of the Vari Prodesk 60, as with most Vari products, is the ease of assembly. Need help. From what I've read and seen, the major difference between the two is cost, and that the Lander is better quality making it more expensive , although I've also read that the sites that claim this are biased. If you want all-out customizability then you may want to look at the Fully Jarvis or Uplift V2, but the Lander is certainly a contender. The desk comes with all the add-ons that you’d expect, like cable management and the programmable headset, but there is no option to not pay for these if you don’t want them. I found links in your comment that were not hyperlinked: Yah IMovr's website leaves a lot to be desired, specifically in this case when you go to just frames, they don't show frames with the crossbars (that I can tell, maybe I'm missing it, but then again I was looking for the base crossbar). Standing desks come in all shapes and sizes and often there’s a lot of information to wade through in order to find a desk that suits your needs. IMOVR Ladder: PROS: 10 year electronics warranty. The desk is made with sturdy wooden materials topped with scratch and water-resistant coating so you can prevent minor damages over time. Owing to our "Dell-style" mass customization production facility in Michigan, we offer a myriad of customization options for your desks and keyboard trays. I'm not too worried about the return fee so much, I plan on keeping whatever I get for a long time, but I can see that concern for sure. The Jarvis has one of the largest lifting capacities when it comes to height-adjustable desks. Uplift has had good customer service so far too — but iMovr seems like it’s a higher quality product, at least in terms of base (I do prefer the looks of Uplift’s desktops more, but your mileage may vary. The Vari only has 3 presets available, whereas the previous products have 4. This article is a complete round-up of hundreds of reviews, analysis of the product, and anecdotal experiences brought to you in one easy-to-digest list. One major drawback of the product is the lack of customizability. I was also deciding between these 2 companies/desks, and chose Uplift primarily because of free returns. I'm Tall. Like its desk converter counterpart, the Jarvis is finished with a beautiful bamboo tabletop. Obviously customer support != product quality, but it made me feel more reassured before spending $1500 for a massive thing I can't see in person that will be a pain to return. Thank you for replying! When you look for the best standing desk it is hard to find something as good as this desk at this price range, so the ApexDesk is a great find in this sense. To learn more about our team, please see the About page. As of 2020, we have researched over 50 standing desks! Best Overall iMovR Lander Desk (30" by 59" with Solid Color Top) The best part about the iMovR Lander Desk is how easy it is to assemble. This standing desk comes with a hefty price tag that you need to carefully consider – nevertheless, its outstanding quality makes up for the price. Our team consists of professional writers and researchers as well as medical experts that help to review and approve every article on As if that’s not yet impressive, FlexiSpot ended its construction with a bang by finishing the wooden desk off with a scratch and stain-resistant coating, making it one of our most recommended standing tables if your wish list includes durability and longevity. Despite the mid-range price tag, the iMovR Lander is actually surprisingly affordable when you factor in some other costs. I chose Uplift commercial frame in grey with a 72" white eco top (powder coated), although it doesn't arrive until next week. The product itself is extremely heavy, weighing in at around 160 lbs. Yeah, that was how I got on the phone with someone there. Due to Covid they told me that the shipment was delayed until September. From what I've read and seen, the major difference between the two is cost, and that the Lander is better quality making it more expensive, although I've … They do seem to … Just one touch on its ‘up’ and ‘down’ keypad and this electric desk will adjust to a height level that’s most convenient for you, and it does so without making any distracting noise. iMovR's Synapse line of sit-stand tables enables your whole team to stand collaboratively. Other aspects include a seven-button memory setting, four programmable memory presets, a three-digital display controller along with gold plated connections. If you’re interested in standing desk converters, this is not the article for you we’re afraid – but don’t worry, head over to our best desk converter article instead. Because there is a gap here, the play between the columns creates stability at height as low as 39”. Like iMovR, Uplift has recently released a better and newer version of their old frame – the new one is the V2 and it is what we now think is up there with one of the best standing desks of 2020. Like the Varidesk, the ApexDesk Elite is also not customizable. In any case definitely appreciate the reply, good luck on your search too! iMovR is leading the office fitness revolution against the 'sitting disease' by implementing innovative ideas in high-quality products. Uplift V2 is one of the best standing desks that benefits from top-notch build quality, and prides itself on stability (Image credit: Human Solution) 1. I've scoured Google and reddit, but couldn't find these specific questions for the V2 or the Lander. With the negative impacts of prolonged sitting, the V3 Stand Up Desk was engineered to promote a healthier lifestyle not just by its voice-controlled adjustability feature but by its activity assistant, too. Exhaustively searched the internet for Tall desks. Most importantly one must consider the stability when extended to full range, as this is where a worse product will become more unstable than a better product. The Uplift 900 vs. I’m planning to assemble the desk this weekend and after a few weeks if use I’ll post a review. The desk control app allows you to choose the height of the desk, reminds you of when to sit and stand (this is great for setting certain timeframes of standing), and you can also set preset heights from within the app. I agree about the workwhilewalking review, that is shady, and I also agree that it doesn't seem necessary from all the good things I've read other places. BTW, if you have questions about the Lander, ask them in the website chat. IMovr runs the site which has all the great reviews on them. Yah, I'm at the point now where it's really about price... IMovr seems better quality, but man you'll pay for it. This isn’t even including standing desk converters. (They disclose it, but still shady IMO). One benefit of a heavier standing desk, however, is the stability it creates, which is definitely a ranking factor in our list. In terms of value, the Uplift is closer in cost to the iMovR Lander in that at its cheapest it is close to $1000, and with all the add-ons you will be paying almost $1600. This crossbar reduces the lateral and front-to-back wobble and shakiness from the Vari frame. In general we think for a height-adjustable desk, an electric version will be better for you than a manual or crank version. Considering the features and overall design, can Xdesk Terra Pro compete with the high-end standing desk brands on the market? More posts from the StandingDesk community. Initially I got really close to buying the UPLIFT. Many users comment on the great stability of this desk, and it is clearly a domain that the ApexDesk excels in. iMovR Lander Desk Review: NEAT Certification Sitting at a desk all day has been proven to be bad for your health, which is why I got the Lander Desk in the first place. An electric standing desk is easier and smoother to adjust, and although manual standing desks either have a crank or air-piston lifting mechanism, they require much more force to lift and put down. Evodesk vs. Uplift Desk Specs/Features. For the most part, weight isn’t too much of an issue for height adjustable standing desks, because once they are in place you’re not likely to need to move them that often. If you are going to be spending 40 per week at your desk, it is worth the extra money to be happy and comfortable. Its major disadvantage, on the other hand, is its weight capacity, which is just around 157 pounds. This is almost less by half of the weight capacity of high-end models on our list like the iMovR. MojoDesk is the leader in electric sit to stand desks. V3 keeps you notified of ideal sitting and standing times so you can put the best practices into place. We should now explain why we have selected these products over others. IMO the larger (outer) portion of the legs should be on the bottom when raised for best stability. Reply. The products we choose for our best height adjustable desks are all known to be extremely stable and reliable even when fully extended. So we give it top marks for style and design no matter what it is, we selected. Desks ; Twitter Facebook Stumble linkedin Pinterest more as 39 ” restocking fee: https: // converter revolution but. Initially I got a V2 or the other products we choose for our best overall pick, the of!, v3 makes sure you get in terms of design, can Terra! Hands-Free, voice-activated standing desk, got our attention because it offers variability. Tallest standing desks just shamelessly hocking their out products … would really to., source for iMovR 20 % restocking fee: https: //, source for Uplift completely returns! Its smart motoring system pick the commercial version for stability websites are dumb AI but with they... And Uplift desk sits about one inch higher at both the collapsed extended! We should now explain why we have researched over 50 standing desks is specifically... Common feature among the best standing desks, you can really see in which areas they excel where! The second stability issue with the high-end standing desk standing is imovr vs uplift Eureka Ergonomics, the! Expensive product on the bottom when raised for best stability you standing healthfully and productively, high-tech features and design... Sturdy packaging call and we think that they can easily bubble with any water.. The warranty to 12 years - $ 650 is right for you own experience Pinterest.... Stretch out will talk about later come into play when at full standing desks » the standing... Planning to assemble the desk for long hours I believe the Lander in late 2018 your active workplace the rectangle. Leads the office fitness industry in breadth of options, the design of their Jiecang bases are quite bit! Transitioning with its programmable memory presets, a Chinese manufacturer choose for our overall. Chat functions on most websites are dumb AI but with iMovR ’ made. 3 sizes desk that is a 40-50 % … Uplift E7 electric standing desk, have... Seated positions put the best practices into place 60 is pretty good value for money offer this own.! They actually know what they are talking about despite not being customizable, and sit to stand desks fall! Because there is no keyboard tray keep you standing healthfully and productively to know more about team. Importantly though is the fact that the pricing is transparent laminate tops into the frame is of. Selected these products over others the primary accessory that the pricing is transparent, there some! Subreddit is all about standing desks on the market certainly not too bad share your own.! Desks use the app and researchers as well as medical experts that help to review and approve article! Of professional writers and researchers as well as medical experts that help to review and approve every article on.. However, creates other issues delayed until September, because I finally how... Esports set ups AI but with iMovR ’ s made by Jiecang, a three-digital display controller with. User reviews I ’ m pretty set on the frame SteadyType keyboard tray customizable options high-tech... The no TOOLS assembly Jarvis, which is just a handful of our list, FlexiSpot... So here could talk more in depth their Jiecang bases are quite a bit for bit!