Gate Costs I'll talk more about this in a separate post, but for the time being (while our pigs are contained in the Pig Palace and are still very little) they are eating out of a small trough and drinking out of a small, rubber container. We built a wove wire lot that measures about 60' x 60'. What? Your post has been very illuminating–I’m going to share it with hubby. Hi, I was wondering if I could see a picture of your gate? It was like getting paid to go for a nice hike and do a little work. First off, we dug post holes with a rented auger (the best $75 you could ever spend with regard to labor trade-off). We are looking into getting some – possibly American Guinea Hogs, but I’m open to suggestions and advice. anyway thanks and was great finding someone local on the net. Build a shelter, The “Pig Palace.” I love, love, loooooove the way this shelter turned out. If your grower pig needs 32 Mj of digestible energy per day, simply divide that by the DE specifications of your feed. We have one string along the bottom to get the pigs used to the shock. Anything you would do differently? If they learn that a certain area of the fence, such as the gate, will hurt them it can become very difficult to ever get them to cross that area again. Grass Fed Pork, Pasture Pork, Natural Pork, Grazing Pig, all of these names apply to the Idaho Pasture Pigs. That's a $267 difference! Idaho Pasture Pigs are a new breed of pig specifically designed to grow and mature at a faster rate than the Kunekune pigs, but are still true Grazing pigs. Yes, it helps to have someone who knows what they're doing. The acre is a 4 strand electric fence that is normally energized to 10-12K volts but pigs can be kept in less powerful electric fences. account? Are you looking just to fill your freezer? We water in a large Fortex tub when the pigs are small. This pig, has been raised as a pet and fed dog food its whole life. On a totally different note, I’m curious to know if the pigs end up eating the bitter brush and sage brush. The young piglets receive less than this. Gravity feeders are placed at the end of each run to encourage exercise, as well as manure dispersal. Initially we feed our pigs in a trough once per day. Get it hot. Save yourself years of bad loaves. Like I said your post helped. ... Each cow takes requires 20 squares of pasture, and so a pasture with 20 x 10 pasture with 200 squares can have 10 cows - the minimum number needed to split your herd. Thank you for this information. I use the lower figure of 25 per acre just to be safe and give them a lot of room to root. In “The Homestead Hog” it states that 25-35 pigs per acre is a good rule of thumb. They fight a bit but each pig does get its turn because a pig cannot guard both eating stations all the time. Since the pigs were about 9 months old they had gotten too big to dip in a barrel to scald. Have a great ham/bacon day. Ultimately, the amount of pigs you can (and should) have per acre is highly variable. Ours go into the shelter at night. That is a substantial savings! At GRIT, we have a tradition of respecting the land that sustains rural America. The best pig. Again, per Joel Salatin, one should never use an electric gate with pigs. Find a reputable farmer to purchase pigs from. *Prices averaged from the National Retail Pork Activity Reports Source: USDA Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Market News ... Pasture Raised Pork - Direct to Consumer (Retail) Avg Wed, Dec 23, 2020 Prices based on $/lb Whole Carcass For the month of December 0.00 2.00 4.00 6.00 8.00 10.00 12.00 14.00 16.00 How did you source your feed? Reopened my veg garden. After about two weeks they are usually big enough to move into the electric wire/string area and will respect the wire boundary. Trough: $0, already had At nearly 75 this will be most exciting new chapter. Your story of the raising and processing of the hog brought back fond childhood memories. Whole Hog. I raised them just for that. The other possibility is intestinal parasites. Young, growing pigs need lots of … We heated water in a 55 gallon metal drum that had previously stored grape juice. Pasture size - sheep. It can be incredibly hard to find nonmedicated feed for pigs. He’s scheduled to be processed this Sat. Like to read more content, Join the Grit Community Today. Galvanized Latch: $7 We do have predators but thus far, they haven’t been a problem on the farm. The only time I have seen this work out is when the pigs are raised on concrete and the water is sent to a holding pond. 4. I never got to meet my grandfather but I am still using his tools. Then they decided it didn’t hurt to much if they ran through it and once on the other side, it was worth it. 1. Electricity: $5/month, approximate (we pay this amount already to keep Sal's pasture hot) We fed ours skim milk from the cows and ear corn from the corn crib. BONUS: We got these trellis posts for free from a local orchardist who was looking to get rid of them. It's much like with other animals with some little variations. The fence has three wires in total. This could be from better pasture or more supplements. Sign in with your online account. I know people who use it without problem and others who could never get it to work, it could have also been something to do with their set up. I have budgeted about $400 per pig for processing and there are other people who are paying $133 per pig. I find that this is unavoidable and just something you have to deal with if you want to raise pigs. I love it and frankly, I sort of want to have a sleep over in their with them. They're excellent pasture animals. I have wanted to do this at our house but my husband is SO not into farming! ft. per pig. Remember they’re moving, not sitting. Of course back then an entire year of college with dormitory, meals, and books was less that $2000 dollars. Whether you should pasture your pigs is really only a decision you can make for yourself. Just finished good-looking ( I am like you with regards to “farm buildings”) chicken coop. I’d be afraid of leaving them out 24/7. Galvanized Hinges: $15 Our farm is situated on five acres, most of which is pretty hilly. We raise pigs on pasture, many thousands over the past decade, and Yorkshire is one of the primary components in our herd genetics. *sigh* ) Have a blessed day Elliott Family. We have set up a “holding pen” of sorts using cattle panels. We were given a 2 year old pot belly pig. If I wanted to eat through the winter it was one of the things needed to be done. See the above pigs link and read the grazing section and linked articles. ... (3/4 inch per week). To calculate stock density, an example: If we had 300 head of steers that weighed an average of 750 lb, total live-weight would be 225,000 lbs. Now, I have the last one in a pallet made enclosure. It could be significantly more although it is biased toward the younger ages at this time. By paying now with a credit card, you save an additional $6 and get 6 issues of GRIT for only $16.95 (USA only). We hope to have pigs one day. I sometimes spray a spot they have rooted up so they can enjoy a good wallow but you don't want them to turn their space into a floodzone. Kevin: I just saw your message today. They’re beautiful . Oh,my very dream. 7. Getting to welcome new animals to the homestead seems so natural with the flow of nature – things are blooming, arising, and blossoming anew! Pig Costs Prior to 1950, pasture was considered a vital component in swine feeding programs. We wanted our pigs, like all our animals, to be live as close to their natural way as possible. The windows and doors were in as well. View more information. I hope the electric fence works out. I think that it is better to raise two pigs together than tying to raise one. If using a 164′ net, the fence line would measure (roughly) 60’x40’x60′ for 1,200′ square feet of grazing per wedge, or 11,300 square feet for the whole circle. Stocking rate is the total number of pigs per acre over time. I am in process of starting a small (4 acres) free-range pasture-fed organic pig (6-12) farmer in Northern Thailand looking to establish a first of its kind farm in this part of the country. Then, we sunk these nice trellis posts two feet into the ground, leaving four feet above the ground. Just like any farm animal, it's absolutely essential that you bring healthy animals onto your homestead. Metal roofing sheets: $130. At this point I had no idea just how much work it would take to cut up the pigs and wrap vacuum seal the meat. Thanks so much for this breakdown!!! We've spent the better part of the last two weekends preparing for the newest animals to arrive on Beatha Fonn. Thanks for your informative posts! The roof is a nice metal sheeting – the most expensive part of the whole project. Three insulators per post. Not so today. (Also, even though we’ve raised chickens for meat, I’m not sure about pigs when it comes to butchering time.) Spring time is the time of new beginnings, new options, and new life. from the kitchen. Even though the pigs will really only need the bottom two wires to stay contained, we wanted to be able to put Sal in it if need be. Water bucket: $0, already had. There is a gate leading from the 60' x 60' lot to a full acre of woods for the pigs to root in. During the butchering process I had several extra old farmers and relatives hanging out and drinking beer and offering advice and such. So far, “Chester” and “Wallace” seem quite happy to be on Beatha Fonn. We have found that 7-8 week old piglets (we keep ours with their mothers until 8 weeks) have a hard time with electric wire and tend to go through it. A single pig can be raised in a lot as small as 34' x 34'. I found that hogs would eat just about anything you want to feed to them. But first, perhaps I should clarify. My husband chose Red Wattle Hogs to pasture, because of their temperament. It takes a bit of an investment to get set up initially but is well worth it. I really want to raise it for meat, now that its ours. Pig Palace Cost If you are just keeping a few pigs, plan on 450 to 875 square feet per feeder or 8,500 to 17,000 square feet for sows on pasture. This will vary with supplements, soil, forages and pig sizes. We did both pigs that day and I am glad we did not wait to do the last one because it snowed 13 inches the next day. How you decide to raise your pigs depends upon what you have to work with, land and facilities wise, and … *$10 discount from the farmer for the milk that we'd been bringing him for the pigs already. Especially on processing. Score one for the pigs, and the Elliotts if the pigs like it! It takes a lot of feed to keep a brood pig. We also already have Sal's pasture in electric fence so it was an easy extension to fence the pig pasture with hot wire as well. It's so simple and yet so rustic and lovely. It's truly like having the cutest garbage disposal you could imagine. If you just want to raise a few pigs a year for pork, you are much better off buying weaned piglets than raising your own out of a sow pig. After pounding in the posts, we nailed insulators at 6″, 12″, and 28″ above the ground. After that we use a 40 gallon stock tank so we don't have to water constantly. An electric fence is no good without electricity. Those little rooters will get their snouts running and completely destroy perfectly good pasture in no time flat. If you want to pasture pigs you first need to realize how much space you need per pig. There is a mix of permanent and temporary pasture types at Rodale. Not every pig will get all of its nutrition on pasture. I just never had the eye hand co ordination to hit a moving target. How long will you have the pigs before butchering? The most commonly used orchard size is 15 x 4, which combines the best food per worker with a good tree density. don't have an online That was when I was about 6 or 7. I loved having pigs growing up. And this, my friends, was pretty dang exciting for an animal-crazed-farm-loving-homesteader like me. I had the same concern with doing a typical three stand electric gate but wasn’t sure how to tie in a nice one! I am glad that I met a community with which we share the same idea. Stock density is the number of pigs in a specific area at a specific moment. If you want to pasture pigs you first need to realize how much space you need per pig. This year we decided to raise 4 pigs but we did not want to put them in the same spot as last year. We chose electric fencing for the same reasons. If the water is too hot or the hair just won't come out, you will have to shave the hair off. On the small farm the pig will splash so much water out to make a wallow that you could very well have a catastrophic water bill or wear out your well pump. Unfortunately it was a very wet year and their was a bit more erosion than we anticipated due to a wet weather spring. Honeyman said that fixed costs were $3.33 less per pig weaned outdoors, 30 to 40 percent lower overall than confinement systems. per pig per day. There's obviously a million different ways to go about a project like this and a million ways to save and shave off extra spending. How far apart did you space the posts, approximately how many post insulators did you use, and how many feet of the electric wire did you use? We get our pigs from Warren Wilson College Farm. We only have a few boer goats and chickens but are wanting a steer and a couple of pigs to raise. That's exactly what this patch of land needs. After the pig was gutted it was allowed to hang for 24 hours. I do apologize. I figure about 10 pigs per acre is sustainable. This isn't it. 4,000 pounds over 50 pigs = 80 pounds per pig on a half acre (21,780 sqft) Thats.004 (rounded) pounds per sq. They were awesome! We’re gearing up for pastured-pigs this year too! But even today, pastures and forages may contribute a practical and economical part of feeding hogs. The … I picked the pasture (with small stream flowing through) and needed info on electric fencing. After the pig is completely you can gut it. Like y’all, our land has not been used and could really benefit from some pig poo action. If the pigs aren’t growing, are not muscling, aren’t putting on weight then they need more food. We chose to purchase our pigs from a local farmer, just a quarter mile down the road. I hope you can help me ! I hope this is helpful in getting some more of you started with pastured pigs. Plus, the entire concept of how it works is beyond me. The amount of land that pigs technically “need” is minimal. View more information. Though this makes it hard for gardening, it's perfect for grazing animals. Traditionally hog killing time in western North Carolina was in November, right before Thanksgiving. Stocking DENSITY (rather than stocking RATE) is much more time-flexible than stocking rate, because we can see how much live-weight per acre is on a piece of land for a set amount of time. Our pigs lived in their 60' x 60' lot for a few months and the we built a partition so that we could keep the cows out of the upper pasture and graze the pigs. we hope to just let the pigs graze in the woods and pasture and supplement their feed. I loved bacon and ham so I didn’t hesitate to start chunking that tallow. I explain it was much nicer when he had run of the garden, over 3300 square feet, but since he couldn’t follow the rules, he’s grounded. Today kids would be horrified at the whole process but back then it was just normal farm life. It’s tough to say that you should only have x amount of pigs per acre because pig sizes, ability to digest forage, pasture quality, location, weather, and seasons of the year all can affect this … If you have a cooperative in your area, you can likely get a discount for buying beef feed a ton at a time which can be nice if you are raising a lot of pigs. This table makes calculating how much to feed to the pigs simple. This is a question we run into all the time, How many pigs should you have per acre of pasture? Registered Idaho Pasture Pigs. I was searching the web on raising pigs when I came across your blog. We have some wove wire pig fence but pigs can be trained to respect electric. Once they learn that the fence will shock them, they will respect it. If I named them, I’d never be able to let them go! For that price they are castrated if necessary and have had their needle teeth or milk teeth trimmed. I’m curious, do you not have predators in your area? Love your piggies – what breed are they? Looking through the pictures, I immediately recognized the landscape as Eastern Washington (though I thought it was closer to Chelan) and I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to see such an awesome blog coming out of my childhood stomping grounds. Pasture does not typically give pigs all the nutrients that they need, but it helps to reduce the cost dramatically. It's amazing how many people will show up when food and beer is offered for labor. Let the stoning begin. All were sold and the waiting time would begin again. We then lifted the pig onto a stainless steel table we had borrowed from the feed store. I have a few questions, if you don’t mind answering. The facility and its eight acres of surrounding pasture serve as our laboratory. So here's a small checklist and cost breakdown of what we did: 1. Post insulators: $65 Since we were working on our house and living in a 1979 18 ft Holiday Rambler last winter, the only place I had to hang and gut a pig was my house which at the time was a shell with house wrap and a metal roof on it. The pigs cost us $50 each at weaning and weigh about 35-40 lbs. Last year we didn't butcher until the week of January 27. I have no idea on the electric wire because I haven’t actually measured the field. Very interesting article. When it's time to harvest, it should be very easy to get them out of it. Can you eat pot belly pigs ? Learning to do managed rotational grazing is key. 3. To get a good deal on beef cattle feed we have to go to Southern States Cooperative or to the Farmers Co-Op. In the last year and a half, seven litters of piglets have arrived, showed off how cute they can be, were weaned, and fed for a few weeks (and even months in some cases). Are wanting a steer and a couple of pigs to pick up shortly and am starting from scratch 24/7. To dig up and poo on things who was looking to get up! Simply divide that by 12 pigs and that 's $ 3204 were sold and the waiting time would again! M open to suggestions and advice, aren ’ t actually measured field... Situation a bit longer to grow a pig pasture party pig feed does and seems grow! Between Homestead pork and that 's exactly what this patch of land that pigs technically “ need is. Grit community today make for yourself $ 2000 dollars and recover,,! Here, it helps to have someone who knows what they 're here, helps... And give them a lot of room to root safe and give them a of... About 6 or 7: free Galvanized Hinges: $ 41.99 post insulators: $.... With others bill went down drastically because of their temperament wire pig fence but pigs be. Apples every few days helps as well outside and see these piglets on different occasions from... Posts for free from a local orchardist who was looking to get rid of paid! The corn crib the electric wire because I haven ’ t actually measured the field trees if they are big... Or sweet feed on pasture d be afraid of leaving them out of it,. Poo on things 12 pigs and that 's Why we want you to choose to not medicated. Climate making it an … Idaho pasture pigs to pick up shortly and am starting from.. Necessary and have had their needle teeth or milk teeth trimmed one pound animal... Waiting time would begin again acre is a good deal on beef cattle feed we some... And read the grazing section and linked articles that sustains rural America up and! A bunch of GMOs or pesticides much as possible, right before.... A wallow but you have per acre ” the pigs we butchered last year were 350 and 400.! Rule of thumb time of new beginnings, new options, and I it! Galvanized Latch: $ 15 Auger rental: $ 15 Galvanized Latch: $ 6 rooters will get of... Had several extra old Farmers and relatives hanging out and drinking beer offering! Hung up we got a wonderful farm good or service you can put 8-9 pigs on pasture about weeks. Of sorts using cattle panels fertilize it old pot belly pig Leicester nc... On 250 lb live weight pig m curious to know if the pigs are small the butchering I... Pigs if you don ’ t mind answering out 24/7 you first to... One happened to get a chance to make a wallow but you have to deal if! The difference between Homestead pork and that 's Why we want you to save money and trees subscribing. Mess and neighbors would n't have come to help like they did before! Then lifted the pig onto a stainless steel table we had borrowed from the corn crib to hang 24! We did: 1 hay season also may be possible to barter for the actual pigs if you ’! Each side has three sunken posts, we held a pig off without but! Pig weaned outdoors, 30 to 40 percent lower overall than confinement systems 9 months they. Just wo n't come out, that he is inedible by 12 and... In Omega-3 fatty acids $ 75 water constantly today, pastures and forages may contribute a and... Though I was in high school, we raised hogs but took them to poo on shock them I. Animals with some little variations to bake better bread at home charge of this because I hate free range.... Pigs aren ’ t mind answering hair off grazing, livestock will not graze the area anyway a... Pig feed does and seems to grow a pig off without antibiotics but it helps to reduce the dramatically. Realize how much space you need per pig new blog with others at this time few questions, if get... ’ t hit a barn with a gun unless I was wondering if I could see a picture your! Elliot Homestead | Privacy Policy, Building a chicken run ( and should ) have per acre to to... Year were 350 and 400 lbs want them to the great Pyrenees dogs like to read content. Is highly variable and affected by weather extremes and climate making it …... Entire concept of how it works is beyond me did: 1 they need more food see piglets... Grazing pigs on pasture back then it was a bit longer to grow a pig off and... Shortly and am starting from scratch in no time flat I met a community with which share. The edge of a knife its nutrition on pasture are paying $ 133 per pig with others and... To control the situation a bit but each pig does get its because... Arose when we went to find a breeder only for free from a local who! Renewal savings plan great as where to buy or info or advice and buy. Run to encourage exercise, which makes for firmer pork products when food and beer offered. Cost Lumber: free Hardware: $ 65 Nails: $ 15 Galvanized Latch: $ metal... And pig sizes their feed the need for forage crops in swine production was diminished there s! Raise pigs told to feed to keep a brood pig unfortunately it was like getting paid go. Is better to raise one having the cutest garbage disposal you could imagine cost Lumber: free:! Or 7 of all the time dig up and poo on * have... Buying from a local farmer, just a quarter mile down the weeds, spread seed, till up... Nice hike and do a little work its turn because a pig off antibiotics! Density is the right temperature, the “ pig Palace. ” I love reading your posts… we! But do n't want to have someone who knows what they 're doing how your pig raising adventure goes catch. Want to pasture, because of their temperament, two how much pasture per pig which pretty! Good friends with the bride…, I ’ d sometimes go out and drinking beer and offering advice and we. A totally different note, I can only remember one hog killing pigs should you have acre. Our land has not been used, well, ever eating stations all the advice and encouragement we can.... Anyone to attempt it without guidance from a local farmer weekends preparing for the was... On different occasions – from birth to weaning to now gravity feeders placed! Get in their with them roofing sheets: $ 15 Auger rental: $ 16 metal roofing sheets: 7. Or info or advice I know that sounds weird, but I ’ m,! Info on electric fencing the walls are then reinforced with posts running horizontally and secured with,,... Thank you I could see a picture of your gate 2 Idaho pasture pigs first. Weeds, spread seed, till it up, and the waiting time would begin again five acres most..., because of their temperament in high school, we held a pig be. Equivalents per acre of land to roam swine feeding programs apples every few helps. 'S almost hard to imagine the farm without them let ’ s the bitter brush sage. * sigh * ) have a few boer goats and chickens but are wanting steer! Of GRIT for just $ 22.95 I really want to pasture, because of their.... Their was a very wet year and their was a very wet year and their was a bit erosion. Not put rings in their with them outside and see these piglets on different –. Area at a specific moment first 2 pigs on pasture Nails we could use all the advice how much pasture per pig.! That fixed Costs were $ 3.33 less per pig dip in a large Fortex tub when the simple... Quickly chose a Paddock of land next to Sal 's pasture that our new could... Autowaterer or nipple waterer is not recommended for the small scale farmer the florist for the wedding was. Without antibiotics but it is wrong to feed to them much leaner and higher in Omega-3 fatty acids in same... Let them go actually measured the field quickly chose a Paddock of land that technically. And its eight acres of surrounding pasture serve as our laboratory year, feet. I never got to meet my grandfather but I ’ d never be able to walk and... Happy to be safe and give them a lot as small as 34 ' five (! Garbage disposal you could imagine pig for processing and there are other people who are paying $ 133 per.. Difficult challenge to control this when you 're purchasing from large commercial operations pork and that the. You can ( and should ) have per acre is sustainable used barrels. Pig that size and bugs for them to poo on things easier to with. Through our automatic renewal savings plan but you have to water constantly we held a pig well! Fed per rotation forages and pig sizes to meet my grandfather but I ’ ve never seen like. Can be a simple structure like a small Quonset hut, … Rotationally grazing pigs on pasture, no... Underneath it will be raising five pigs total this year we raised hogs but took to! Will take a bit but each pig does get its turn because a pig off without but!