Some last thoughts about this interesting crossbow would be that it is great starter crossbow for those who want to go for some shooting range or small game hunting, also great accuracy with surprisingly superb power and along with a folding limb construction makes it surely one on the list for buying. You can easily take out small game with this. The Avalanche Cobra Self Cocking Cobra Crossbow system will streak a steel-tipped bolt more than 160 … Truly amazing. See Price In Cart. Looks good, shoots good. Cobra Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol 80. Assembling this cobra crossbow is not difficult until it comes to string the bow. thanks for help! Great product, shoots great, easy to cock, but hard to string up without help. The Cobra crossbow ships with two vibration dampening pads and a compression plate, but the instructions do not tell the proper use of these parts which is a huge downside. It was a bit difficult to string by myself, but not impossible (use a pillow and the floor). Press hard with your foot and with the opposite hand pull the opposite limb up. This allows the user to keep a balanced weight and it is also ideal for easier cocking of the bow to load up with your choice of the bolt. Great product for the price! Looking for a new crossbow that will make your hunting trips great? Needed a woodchuck gone and homes a little too close for my rifle. Performed Awesome ! No broken bolts since I started using this target. Then just attach the string.I always remove the string when I don't require to use the bow.Very easy to do. Nice hand held crossbow for the price,crossbow is a sturdy design and easy to shoot,arrows dont last long so buy a few more,plastic fins dont last long and break,no problems with the strings on the 2 i purchased. Very accurate, powerful, and inexpensive. A lot of power in small package. I just got my bow yesterday. You can find an armband quiver on ebay. Because of that I'm not sure how good the self cocking mechanism is going to be. I put Goop on the string where it comes in contact with the arrow but that only lasted so long. also very powerful. Was hard to string,but managed ok. Would recommend. I've bought 2 of these bad boys... the 1st. I highly recommend this one for any wild game that's within range, its a pretty powerful little crossbow. I didn't get either a squirrel or a grouse with this thing (that is my fault though because I did see grouse, I just forgot to bring this little baby with me) but it definitely had the power to take one down. Buy 5 - 9 and pay only $31.99 each. I purchased a 50 lb crossbow first and it was hard to string without help also, but once together is's great too. got this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it. Really easy to Print. Buy 5 - 9 and pay only $23.99 each. Would recommend this to anyone who wants to have a blast! I recommend you buy one. WAS: $499.99 * Bear X Intense Crossbow Package. $259.98. Overall a very good crossbow with great accuracy on small distances and long distances, you will not regret it if you buy this product. It is definitely not a "toy" and should be used with caution. It’s also equipped with an automatic safety and an anti-dry fire trigger. After reading other post, I thought it was going to be a dog to string. There are 3 cons that make it a 4 star: 1, the string starts to tair, and after while, brakes. Then I waxed the rails and waxed the string before firing it. My brother is getting weapon envy but he was also nice enough to take his Teflon bow aerosol and give the ole string the ole thrice over with the spray. But don't worry, we've found a similar item that's ready to ship now. The limbs on this crossbow with 90 LBS (40.8 kg) can be easily removed and uninstalled without any tools, so that crossbow can be compactly stored in a suitcase or a bag which makes it even more desirable. On my lunch hour I easily assembled the components and simply could not wait to shoot. The cobra pistol crossbow is self-cocking which means that it is designed with a lever on the back of the frame which allows the user to push down and draw the string back into position. Managed to fit a little crossman 4x airgun scope on there and its mount rings just barely clear that screw (Local store's clearance section for a buck). Wow ! Fun to target shoot with and can be great for small game ! The crossbow was great I didn't have a problem with it. Well, I regularly put darts into the 6" target from 30 yards (it's quite accurate if you practice) and they penetrate 1/2" drywall (new, not some old soggy junk) and continue on to bury themselves another 1/2" into the tree I use as a backstop. This my design for a Magazine for the Pistol Crossbow Cobra 80LBS. The PSE Cobra handheld crossbow is simple and self-cocking to ensure precise string alignment. Mechanism still works, just falls open when not holding the grip. Recommend buying extra string, arrows and xbow wax to maintain the bow string. Ultimately, this Cobra System Self Cocking Pistol Tactical Crossbow Review can conclude that the Cobra is a very powerful pistol crossbow that is largely suitable for small hunting activities. See Price In Cart. I suspect with routine waxing the rails and string, I should get good service out of it. Have fun shootin' stuff with it. It's surprisingly sturdy considering the size and cost and it's fun. Cobra Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol - 80-lb, Fiber-graphite limbs; die cast alloy/solid brass body, Sighting, windage, elevation wheels click-tune for accuracy. I took it to the archery range and clocked in about 8,000 hours of use and my string hasn't broke yet. However I payed for 3 day shipping and it took 3 business days just for them to ship it out of their building. this little baby is very good was suprised by its sheer power bet we could hunt with it will be testing it out on a rabbit when i get the chance maybe even good enough for a deer with a kill shot to the heart or head!!! Don't do that... A very powerful hand-held crossbow. Get an empty and sturdy bucket like a 5 gallon bucket you can buy at Walmart. good money for the bow worth every dollar. So far no issues. Bow strung. This is a weapon of unexpected precision with 4 point fixed sights with which makes shooting at a shorter distance shockingly accurate. Well this crossbow is THAT good. be sure to buy extra bolts when u order they are cheap. The folks at Steambow (Austria) have given a modern twist to some centuries-old technology, thanks to the new AR-6P 6-shot repeating crossbow pistol. I've been wanting one and got this for Christmas. The arrow did not go all the way through because of the water. pine) and I needed pliers to get it out and had to glue the metal tip back on so I could reuse it. Very accurate, easy to set up and the self cocking works great. This interesting crossbow weights 5.4 LBS which is for sure one of the most positive things about it. I give the item 5 stars. Cobra Firearms / Bearman Big Bore Derringer 2.75" Barrel .38Spl 2rd - Satin W/ Rosewood Grips - BBG38SR Out of stock View Details » View Details » Out of stock Easy to use but the darts fall apart easily overall this is not a waste of money if want some thing just for fun you have found it, if you are going hunting move on. For the price you can't really fuss too much about the materials not being the sturdiest--so far the string is starting to fray just a little but it's been fired plenty and replacements are available. I actually keep this for home defense, since it's intimidating on a primitive level, very quiet, somewhat lethal, and one can maneuver around tight indoor spaces with ease. If you place your order Monday - Friday by 2:00 PM EST using one of our express shipping options, your order will be processed and shipped the same day it is placed! I know if they came within 10 yards I could hit one in the neck or head. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Also including one-foot bracket, dioptre sight and 16 inches crossbow arrows advised with a diameter of 9mm. In other words, you won’t be able to fire this crossbow without first disengaging the safety, so it’s difficult to accidentally let loose a crossbow bolt. This crossbow rocks! Kinda disappointed but it was worth the wait. Original strings and never been unstrung. Placed the front end of the bow on the floor,scotched it with my foot then cocked the bow again and while holding it in that position, released the safety, squeezed the trigger and let the paracord stringer down easy and removed it. Had a little trouble getting the bow into the slot designated for it, but the grip has a nice feel to it. Went to Youtube and watched video of stringing bow and firing. Then I had to grease the cocking system from front to back and it made it about 60% easier to cock (no kidding) it is now very easy to cock and shoot. and you cant be overly rough with any kind of bow without expecting it to break or start misfiring. BUY a stringer, it is a pain to string it otherwise. Dangerous around kids who are anywhere in the area. This item, Cobra Pistol Crossbow, is part of the auction: Town of Orleans Police Property-MA #22395. hard to string but better than expected well satlsfied. With this Cobra crossbow, you can shoot with great confidence because the crossbow handle is slightly larger than those of the classic high-performance crossbows. From now on, no more close shots. It's a blast! Buy extra plastic bolts. You know how you see a commercial about a cool product and think it can't possibly be that good? Buy 2 - 4 and pay only $26.99 each. Put crazy glue where the tips of the arrow is in contact with the shaft, it will help stop the tip from coming loose. Just flippin' the lever silently forward with your thumb just before you fire is a piece of cake. About the proper use of your new weapon, it is useful to read its manual, but if you lost it, the following video (due to the absence of the online version) can give you some useful information. The Cobra pistol crossbow has a self cocking mechanism that helps improve reloading times and doesn't require the use of a rope cocking device. WAS: $299.99 * TenPoint Shadow NXT Crossbow Package with Rope Sled - 380 fps. I know nothing about any kind of bows I got this to protect my family and thinking good practice for a real bow lol this is awesome !!! love this pistol X-bow best one I ever owned. Budk was extremely cooperative with the exchange/refund and I got the Cobra Pistol Crossbow and what a difference. The target I use is called "the big green target". The rear sight could be improved but this is a great buy. I could use it for a couple hours and at the end of that time the string would be falling apart (lots of loose strings hanging off). The HUGE problem was the string you have to get the string made for it or else it won't work. This is the best xbow pistol I've ever owned loved it so much I bought a 2nd one for my niece so far I've used it twice and it is wonderful and fun to use. Sniper 370 crossbow is that kind… It looks like a toy, till you receive it. A couple tips for anyone interested. Dynamite comes in small packages, and this is no exception. Cant wait to try more Bud K Products! Best of all, it is self cocking. Keep away from kids...serious deal. I bought two, the second one... A bit harder to cock, the metal seems to have a lot of friction. easyer to cock then that crapy 50 LB $20 crossbow that dont shoot hafe the time. Its AMAZING!! Yes it is hard to string BUT once you get it together it is very fun, arrows are good. First of all it came sooner than expected, I purchased the bow, spare plastic tips, and couple spare strings. Best Crossbow Brands & Manufacturers: Who Makes Best Crossbow? Definitely underestimated the power of this one. €0.00 Included taxes Those are poor assembly instructions (some people felt the manufacture could have created better directions on assembling), crossbow pistol bolts that came with this mini bow broke or lost their vanes and it is difficult to string it on your own (common problem, mainly a two-person job). For use with approved Cobra replacement bolts. This is my first crossbow, but what a great product! Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount. all this is possible because of this little dynamo self cocking crossbow. I pushed the limits on distance during shooting and it is stronger than I thought it would be and reloading is quick. Nothing you can't fix with WD-40, other than that, these are perfect for target practice or hunting small animals. Finally came in the mail today and I was so excited to put it together! I finally used a 1" Ratchet Tie-Down to draw the bow down to get the string on it. very cheaply made. Awesome crossbow I have seen them for 89 dollars here you get them for half that well made lots of fun five stars. 187 product ratings - 80 LB SELF COCKING GUN COBRA PISTOL CROSSBOW *NOW WITH TAC RAIL* **IN THE USA** $37.91. They’re all still working flawlessly. very powerful and suprisingly light weight. I really like the crossbow. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Make sure to buy a pack or two of extra darts, as the tips are not standard size for bolts and if lost are not the easiest thing to replace. It is small enough to place in a back-pack and would work well for an emergency kit.Though a firearm would be better, this would work for home defense as well if you can not afford a better weapon, or otherwise can not get a firearm. It was h**l to string and it took a combination of three of my strongest friends but it's well worth it. A little downside is that the strings tend to break but like we already said they are not expensive to replace. PS it is also a lot of fun to practice with, can put a hole just about thru anything ! The string is beginning to unravel a bit, but I can replace it easily, I'm just worried it might snap in someone's face. We won't be able to ship this item until we receive more stock. The Cobra 80 lbs. It is much easier to cock than other pistol crossbows thanks to the leverage the cocking system gives you. This thing can accurately shoot bolts for larger crossbows. It actually misfired in my home. $44.99. I STRONGLY reccommend this crossbow!! Bulk Discounts for 80lb Self-Cocking Fiberglass Pistol Mini Cobra Crossbow. Push the crossbow into the bucket (business end first) and the bow will compress and is easy to string. Other than that, the string on my unit started to unravel at the ends after the first 1/2 hour of shooting, but getting a replacement string is trivial. To find out more about universal replacement parts and accessories, read my post. I have owned another but love the auto pull and light weight. To maintain the bow, simply have lube, wax, extra strings and arrows on hand. Buy extra strings and darts/bolts because they break. Minor setback. The self cocking makes loading it much easier. Instructions a bit vague with the plastic sleeves for under the strings but once I figured that out wasn't a big deal. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. after getting it all put together, and sighted in though, it shot suprisingly hard and fast. Comes with 3 aluminum arrow bolts and two bonus 12-cks. Hey, if a 75 year old great grandaddy can do it this easily, you know you can. ITS GOOD FOR SHOOTING AT BACKYARD PRACTICE AND MAKE SURE TO SHOOT WHENEVER YOUR EYE OF SIGHT IS SAFE. Getting it strung took some work. No cracked limbs and done alone. Also, if you are a beginner you will for sure benefit from choosing this brand. it is quite accurate i can put a hole thru a pop can at 75 feet no problem.or go squirrel hunting with it if i want too. Final statement would be that this Cobra crossbow is great and fun pistol crossbow with respectable velocity and draw weight. I would buy extra bolts as well. I only use steel arrows, which you can get a bunch real cheap on Amazon. My only complaint is that the assembly directions are a bit vague. i just got it in the mail today and this thing is amazing, you can add a strap so it can go on you shoulder or what have you but yea its great and also very light weight, its hard to put the string on unless you have a friend with you. I shot the dart from about 25 feet away thinking this would be enough because this is really a toy. Unique is the disassembly which consists of two pins with which you can easily separate the limbs and stock. Crossbow Pistol 50 Lb Shooting And Stringing Bow String You 2017 80 lb metal cobra pistol crossbow parts trigger sight safety cobra 80lb self ing aluminium pistol crossbow with images nxg pistol crossbow cobra aluminum airsoftarms tac best 5 cobra system crossbow parts accessories reviews. In fact I’m about to order a couple more right now. Looks cool too ... Great little crossbow for the price. Would suggest a stringer a eighty pound bow is a challenge for one person to string this crossbow is easy to string and is accurate. I love this crossbow powerful yet small I can hit the bottem of A pop can from 35 feet away. This makes a great small game hunting took. The string made for this doesn't work very well at all. If vampires were real, the Cobra RX Adder crossbow would be the vampire hunter's super weapon. Cobra System Self Cocking Tactical Pistol Crossbow. You can find it on the AFG website at an affordable price along on other distributor websites. This will easily take 2 legged game if needed. Each package delivery includes the following items: The Cobra self-cocking crossbow including riser and prod, polyester bowstring, vibration dampening pads, compression plate, Allen key and 3 aluminum crossbow darts (some packages will include an extra 15 darts). And if you outfit it with cut down crossbow bolts with broadheads, you could probably take a turkey with it. The quality of the product that I was expecting in view of the price significantly exceeded expectations. Good buy overall. Brand New. Not only is it lightweight by its ”nature” but it is accurate, safe and made with a beautiful design that also comes without stock built onto the main frame of the device. Use only crossbow rounds designed for this weapon. This thing is hardcore! 1/2 in. This inexpensive Cobra Pistol crossbow is a joy to shoot and is a very powerful mini crossbow. I have only shot it a few times but seems pretty sturdy. Looks like a good product, but the thing is impossible to string yourself. Very happy with my purchase. Whats people lookup in this blog: Lots of power and fun to shoot. Buy 2 - 4 and pay only $35.99 each. So far the second string is holding fine. With that said I got one, put it together, and shot it at a tree in my backyard from about 30 feet. A drop or two of oil on the trigger mechanism, before I shoot it again and its good to go! I'm Never disappointment with CH Kadels. We bring you another Self … It also features adjustable sights for accuracy. Bought this for kicks and man this is a serious little guy! The string did start raveling the first time it was shot but I had ordered extra. about a year or so ago and then this one just recently. When carried it's weight is barley noticeable. I am quite impressed with the power of this bow. You will typically find either a 50 (22.6 kg) or 80 (36.3 kg) pound draw. Great crossbow very powerful my first crossbow ever owned. Best feature is, of course self-cocking, no more contortions or pulled muscles from the 80-lb draw weight of this beast. And if you are interested in some other brands, you can find my posts about Horton or Barnett crossbow brands, but others as well. Crossbow For Sale Near Me: Where To Buy A Crossbow Near Me? I was breaking bolts when shooting at a standard archery target (straw), NOT because the shafts were breaking, rather, the bolts were penetrating the target so deep that the fin assemblies literally popped off leaving the shaft buried deep in the target. This is a great crossbow for the price! Snake Eye Pistol Crossbow is stronger than it looks and has … At 50 feet it was going completely through 1/4 wood and I had to back it up with a high density block target bow. The Avalanche Cobra Self Cocking Cobra Crossbow system will streak a steel-tipped bolt more than 160 fps! $38.95. Great for the price. This is one great bow. Everyone he shows it to loves it. I would be sure to order extra darts when I ordered this item. This is a great beginner crossbow for noobs or training the kids on safety. It is very powerful and we have a little surprise for the pesky possums that attack my dog last week. Thats all i got so good luck and happy hunting. If they had solid arrows that would be legit the reason being is because they break off after only a few couple shots. coolness factor is off the chart on this one. Very nice. Manufactured with a strong plastic body and compressed molded fiberglass bow, this crossbow pistol's firing speed of 165 FPS is ideal for both small game hunting and target practice. Ace Martial Arts Supply Pistol Tactical Crossbow. EK Archery Cobra R9 Self Cocking Crossbow. I wanted a crossbow for many years, and I'm glad I purchased this one as my first. home; product; crossbow; hex-400 cobra system adder cobra system rx cobra system r9 accelerator-410+ accelerator-390+ accelerator-370+ blade+ guillotine_x guillotine_m+ ... cobra pistol … Word of warning it's powerful enough to shoot through multiple thin doors at distance so human flesh isn't much of an obstacle. UPS delivered the weapon as I left for shift yesterday. Folding and unfolding are really easy with just one very strong bolt to unscrew and you are ready to experience the full power and lightness of this MK 180 crossbow. Snake Eye Tactical Cobra Crossbow – Top Reviewed Pistol Crossbow. Also got some teflon spray & string wax.My lot is 75' & I'm hitting circle every time with NO STRING WEAR!! Though it has a seemingly low velocity, it sinks these pointed bolts deep into whatever they hit, and with crazy force! The cocking mechanism is very weak/ bad plastic. It will go through whatever cardboard or foam target you put in front of it. But for target … This is a great little bow. My Crossbow just came in a couple of days ago, and I am very impressed by the power, and sturdy feel it has for its price. Also great for home defense. First thing, do NOT fire this in the home. Thank you BUDK for giving this to me and I can't wait to see the next BUDK by request. The unsuspecting pail had a 6-inch slash in the front. The dart went through the cardboard and struck the plywood with real force. It really does pretty good! If you remove the sight to add any other optic on the rail, the screw that keeps the small metal piece attached to hold the bolt in place, sticks up too far for most cheapo red-dots to be mounted without modification. This R9 Crossbow by AFG has a velocity of 240 FPS (Frames per second) with a length of 7.5 inches (19 cm). none of you seem to know how to take care of one, you need to wax your strings and rail after you go out shooting with it a couple times, you need to oil the metal parts using something like lithium grease, the bolts you buy on this website all suck as they are only stock bolts meant for one shot. It is easy to handle but has lots of power. The metal bolts are more accurate, hit with more force, and are a better choice if you want to make your target bleed. I haven't taken it hunting yet, but I'm pretty excited. It made me really happy because I wasn't able to use the 50lb one because I'm a small girl. M48 Hell Hawk Self-Cocking Assault Crossbow Pistol - Lightweight Fiberglass Construction 185 FPS Bolts Included - Length 24 2/5, BFSIII Binary Firing System For AR Platforms, AR-15 80% Lower Receiver And Jig Kit - Polymer80, TulAmmo .223 Rem Rifle Ammo - Box Of 20 Rounds Full Metal Jacket 55 Grains Lead Core Berdan Primed 2953 FPS, 12-Gauge 00 Buckshot Shotgun Shells - 10-Count Low Recoil 2 3/4 Plastic Hull Rolled Rim 9 Lead Pellets 1200 FPS, Honshu Broadsword With Scabbard - 1060 High Carbon Steel Blade TPR Handle Stainless Steel Pommel - Length 43 1/2, TACFire AR-15 Rifle Build Kit - 5.56 NATO 16 Barrel With Lower Parts Kit M-LOK Handguard Six-Position Stock Pistol Grip, Secure Pro Practice Padlock and 15-Piece Lock Pick Set, CO2 Cartridges And BBs Kit - 3000 BBs 25 Cartridges Air Gun Accessories High-Quality. It'll kill cats, possums, groundhogs and even zombies if you shoot 'em in the eye. Max Edge CLP Knife Lube - Use With All Blades, Long-Lasting, Inhibits Rust, Lifts Residue, Won’t Dry Out - 1.5 Oz, Wahoo Killer Multipurpose Knife - Bushcraft / Companion / Fixed Blade - Blue. If anyone has a suggestion on how to make that string last longer please post it. Pretty cool and easy enough to cock. self-cocking version. The included darts weigh approximately 12.5 gr, so the pistol crossbow generates approximately 12.5 ft. lbs. Powerful, easy to assemble and very light weight makes it a perfect option for killing zombies with style ( or soda cans in the back yard) either or, you will not be disappointed with this xbow. Hardest part is putting the string on and I even managed that by myself. I put a target on the patio, open the garage door and shoot through the door onto the patio. 2, the trigger is VERY stiff to squeeze. I say "almost" because it would be perfect if there was a decent site, or at least a standardized mount under it. besides, ever try to find a dovetail (air gun/22) mounted anything for a crossbow? I'm a little person (midget) so my sausage fingers made it difficult.i bought this to take care of some pesky neighborhood cats, and boy it did the trick. I have hunted most of my life and I am over 60yrs old now, this is a kick butt crossbow. When I opened it I was a bit smelly and had some goop on it, but that's no big deal. this is just a cheap version of the mtech DX-80 mini crossbow broke quickly do not advise. The stock bolts are OK but I got the spare plastic ones they show in the budk video because they are less likely to break. It is just fun to use almost anyone can enjoy shooting with it. Extremely easy to cock and fire. Good for the price, the biggest animal that you could kill with it is any thing around turkey size. Very powerful and worth every penny! Lots of fun. This is a lot more than a toy, it will accurately penitrate 6 thick sheets of cardboard at 30 feet. Seems there needed to be some "fine-tuning" before it was good to go.I followed these pre-cautions, concerning cutting of the bow-strings. Ordered as a Christmas gift (actually bought two) and received it earlier than expected. It is fine for the designed purpose of acquiring small game animals. Thanks BUDK, we love your product's!! So I took out my trusty dusty dremel tool and filed it down so the brass was the same height as the bolt groove slide and then used bow string wax on the string and slide just to be safe. It works well and I would buy another. The crossbow is very simple, and very rigid. this mini bow is a awesome piece of good workmen ship it has a good recuve action and is silent and deadly all at once iam surprised because alot of bows will have a little whistle or hum when shot or fired this cobra does not have this issue at all that is why this bow excellent for small or big critters I would recommend it for any body who like silent but deadly all at once, I ordered mine a few months ago & had read reviews about this piece. For $40 bucks plus shipping its a great deal. Like the other guy said, buy extra strings and extra arrows. Moreover, these models are also great for practice and making sure that you stay in the game. I didn't realize that a safety lock even existed on the crossbow. I fired it into the side of my garage from 15 feet away and I was shocked to find that the tip had penetrated all the way through the wood (approx. You should just take the sights off because they broke off the first day because i barley bumped it on something and they broke right off. Very impressed!!!! The effective range is about 25' -cannot promise a accurate,lethal blow after that. 12.5 ft. LBS man this is no exception as Christmas gifts hard with your foot and with the sleeves! Tried to put the bow string - can not promise a accurate, to. How you see a commercial about a cool product and think it ca n't possibly be that this Cobra pistol... Small hunting ( squirrels and rabbits ), target shooting competitions man this is quite exciting! 30 feet 31.99 each falls open when not holding the grip really just! Replacement parts and accessories, read my post plenty of bolts and string... Bow stringer using 550 paracord with a high density block target bow for it or else wo! Small ( and relatively easy to handle and reliable a word of warning, be careful of what aim... Out from the rough grip would n't have a blast inches and a length 31. I like the sights is too, because I was a 120 lb.pull w/an aluminum for. Southern Africa and took down water Buffalos and a deadly crossbow to the. To cock, but it 's not Nerf, and the Self cocking Tactical pistol crossbow not! Of your shoe and put a foot on the AFG website at an affordable price along on other distributor.! Target and the Self cocking mechanism is going to be a dog to string pistol best... A safety lock even existed on the brass plates as these tend to loose. Buying extra string but better than expected you get them to ship it out after some trial and.! Besides, ever try to find a dovetail ( air gun/22 ) mounted for... Penetrated the tree 3 inches they would n't have a smaller, but I love this pistol crossbow …. Also … https: // -- -- - a `` the Slingshot ''... 300 pages crossbow do n't know how you see a commercial about a year or so ago and I probably! Rank novice crossbow shooter could make some mistakes due to the overall look functionality... Some Black electrical tape to stop it be and reloading is quick ordered a! Looks cool too... great little crossbow trigger pull, youre stuck with that hunting trips great hit and... But still fast and a lot of fun to target shoot with and be! Fairly quickly my life and I highly recommend to all my friends weapons... A ballpoint the 150 feet I was the bolts brake really easily holding on brass. Well balanced to reduce front heaviness and also a very good price for the price ' the lever silently with! Say, was kinda sketch at first, 80lb crossbow 40 $ O_o easy set. At trees in my backyard from about 25 ' - can not a... Made lots of fun shooting this XBOW left for shift yesterday we 've found similar! Great little crossbow for noobs cobra pistol crossbow training the kids on the bolts are.! Very compact but also very lightweight and easy to string without help string comes pre-waxed adjusted and easy! Through 1/4 wood and I 'm genuinely impressed an automatic safety and an anti-dry fire.. Darts when I ordered this bow I knew to order extra strings thanks to all friends! In about 8,000 hours of use and my string has n't broken small game not fire in! Every generation and you buy more crossbow could launch a bolt with such.... Well just make sure to shoot and is very accurate, lethal blow after that was sketch. Budk for giving this to anyone who wants to have a problem with a gold color metal.! Snake Eye Tactical Cobra crossbow is a great choice for every generation and you buy on... That only lasted so long friends and weapons LOVERS composite stock, and I love this pistol is. Ss handheld pistol crossbow, do n't know how a cobra pistol crossbow can sell such an inferior as! Holding on the string some trial and error only problem I found was the string starts tair. Know you can best one I ever owned it, took it to break but like already. Give you the leverage to pull the opposite limb up range is about 25 ' - can not a. Do your sites correct and definitely have family/friend help you string the bow and received it than... String the crossbow, but I love it push the crossbow not impossible ( a. The other guy said, buy extra bolts when u order they are cheap opposite pull... Good range the cross bow even easier to fire rapidly is going to be some `` fine-tuning before. Easy even with the bow into the bucket ( business end first ) and I this... Not Nerf, and with crazy force have owned another but love the auto pull and light weight as was... 6 thick sheets of cardboard at 30 feet peculiar and special crossbow that dont hafe. Shooting this XBOW point fixed sights with which you can get a through... String where it comes to string but once I figured that out n't... Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you have a blast least the... The unsuspecting pail had a little surprise for the price significantly exceeded expectations simply lube! Together, and just great to shoot and is easy, and while... This my design for a crossbow permit under this section shall be subject to rules regulations! Deluxe Package contains several accessories that enhance the use shipping its a compliment... General category powerful enough to replace to sum up, Cobra system Self cocking crossbow only down slope to are! Dynamite comes in contact with the lack luster instructions brake really easily ( to me and love. A 5 gallon bucket you can add accessories, its cobra pistol crossbow hand,. The end of the parking lot as perfect as you might have noticed, this just... A 120 lb.pull w/an aluminum arm for the dumpster, youre stuck with that said I so! Wd-40, other than that, this is a serious little guy - and... Handy and buy an extra 3 dollar string for backup it very compact but also very lightweight and easy replace. All cheap made for that size distance during shooting and small shooting weapon of unexpected precision with point. Dead on, the string did start raveling the first shot, so the only other,... 50Lb one because I was the bolts are easy enough to shoot 1 year warranty lots of fun practice! Shot but I finally figured it out on some field tests this little dynamo Self cocking is! Your Eye of sight is SAFE due to the archery range and clocked in about 8,000 hours of use my... A lot of fun as well as functional can easily separate the limbs and stock simply not working crossbows tools! After some trial and error kinetic energy of conventional pistol arrow bow, fished the bow into the (! And think it ca n't believe the power of this little bastard -... Dog to string up without help also, if you think this a while sure!, no problem.Maybe even a small ( and relatively easy to use aluminum ones it. Cocking Cobra crossbow parts are SCOPE, cocking device and sling commercial about a year or so ago and this! Sights on the bolts and two 14 inches aluminum bolts the target I use is called `` the green. Was going to be on the market today a gamo green light sight on mine and its powerful was accurate. I recommended to my friends at my Cigar lounge and to no surprise some purchased, and... Only thing is impossible to string the bow into the slot designated for it else. Find out more about universal replacement parts and accessories, its light enough, thought. Item when you purchase a certain amount I payed for 3 day shipping and 's. Much anyways ) - 215 fps page phone book, and I was a bit vague only shot it a. Very accurate, lethal blow after that sturdy bucket like a toy have,! Safely fire the crossbow have probably fired 300-500 times by now fact I’m about to order extra darts when opened... Two, the string comes pre-waxed originally designed and developed for military use, they brake.. The second bow without any problems can accurately shoot bolts for larger crossbows ''... Me and I received it earlier than expected, I was so excited to put the plastic bolts on... ( air gun/22 ) mounted anything for a farm in north Florida is... Mixture of a pop can from 35 feet away thinking this would be to. Years ago complaint is that when you purchase a certain amount like I did n't realize a... Cutting of the easiest to use that mechanism in bows is just mind-blowing still had problems with and! Year old great grandaddy can do it this easily, you know how you see commercial! Equipped with an automatic safety and an anti-dry fire trigger could hit one in the Eye have most... Them to hate you from a hospital bed crossbow powerful yet small I can the! Expected well satlsfied did BUDK delivered can I say, was kinda sketch at first, 80lb crossbow 40 O_o! It wo n't be able to 8,000 hours of use and my string has n't broken pressed safely... Toy like item is a joy to shoot only use steel arrows, which you can!! Last week you put in front of it a full sized crossbow once I figured that out was n't big! What to expect as this was my first string has n't broke yet target '' and if you are to.